Erza's breathed hitched as her back hit the cold tile walls of the shower, her eyes were filled with lust as her hands ran through pink locks, her legs wrapped around Fairy Tail's Fire Dragon slayers waist as he continually thrust up into her, his speed or power not having lessoned since the moment they had started. Her naked breasts dripped with a mixture of sweat and water as they pushed into Natsu's chest. She moaned louder then she had as she hit another orgasm, she had lost count on how many Natsu had given her. Surprised at her own vocal activity she blushed but Natsu didn't seem to notice as he didn't stop his thrusts into her.

"Slow down Natsu!" Erza moaned into his ear. "I'm sensitive." The words went unheeded as Natsu gripped her waist, his thrusts becoming more erratic making her words of protests turn into pleasurable moans, she knew she had to be quiet unless the whole guild figured out what the two were up to. They were of course in the Fairy Tail guild halls shower room. She was glad she had remembered to lock the door. Erza's breathing turned into pants as she stared into Natsu's lust filled eyes, she gripped his face with both her hands making his eyes widened as she forced him to bring his lips to her own.

As their open mouths locked with one another Erza's tongue thrust into the dragon slayers mouth, her eyes shot wide open as Natsu's grip tightened on her waist and he drove his hips into hers and she moaned as she felt him release inside of her. She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck as she felt his warm seed flood into her, her legs still tightly wrapped around his waist as Natsu pushed Erza further into the wall to stabilise the both of them.

The two pulled back from the heated kiss and Natsu rested his forehead on the tile wall next to Erza's head, her legs still wrapped firmly around his waist. Erza's breathing was heavy as she felt Natsu pulse inside of her the last of his orgasm subsiding, still as hard as when the two had first began. She turned her head to the side to see Natsu glancing out of the corner of his eye at her, the stupid grin he always had on his face showed and he chuckled lightly.

"I see you're still up for round three." Erza smirked. "Care to try and beat me again?" She asked huskily. "That's twice in a row I've one now."

"I've got to say Erza, this is a weird game. But it sure is fun." Natsu told her. "But this time I'll win for sure." Erza's moans filled the Fairy Tail's shower room as their 'game' continued. Erza knew it was wrong to call it a game, but that was how it had started. Natsu and Grey were bothering everyone in the guild hall with their usual banter before Natsu was thrown across the guild hall and smashed into Erza's table. She would have simply scoffed, disciplined the two and go about the rest of her day, satisfied that she had beat some sense into the two again but two major factors had been at play when Natsu had hit her table.

The first was that the night before she had been reading one of her secret smut novels she liked to read so much. When she had started to read it she thought she would get through a chapter or two, fall asleep and dream about being the main female protagonist in the book and wake up like always. However once she had started to read the book, she couldn't put it down. She had gone through the entire night, hot and bothered as she continued to read the book, when she had finally closed the last page it was already way passed dawn.

Seeing that she had skipped the entire night to read, she headed for the guild, hiding the fact that she was still hot and bothered. She had planned to get some strawberry cheesecake and head back to Fairy hills and sleep the rest of the day.

The second factor was that just before Natsu had hit her table two plates of strawberry cheesecake had arrived at her table thanks to Mirajane, she had been idly toying with her first as she remembered all the scenes in the book and couldn't help but blush as she imagined herself in some of those same scenes. When Natsu had come crashing into her table his face had landed straight into her first cheesecake smearing it all over his face.

The second plate had gone airborne and landed atop of Erza's head, and to make matters worse Mirajane had placed strawberry sauce over the one that had landed in Erza's hair making pink sauce run over her face.

When Natsu looked up, his face was striken with horror as Erza glared at him, pieces of cake falling from her hair. She had simply picked him up by the scarf and practically dragged him kicking and screaming into the shower room of Fairy Tail. Erza had been pissed at him when she threw him into the shower but as soon as both of them were naked and under the running water she couldn't help but remember the certain shower scene in the book she had been reading and before she knew it she was looking Natsu over, the way his body was practically made her drool at the mere sight of him like he was a certain type of cake.

The next thing she remembered was she was begging Natsu for more.


Erza walked into the guild hall, it was a two and a half weeks after her time spent with Natsu in the shower room. She had demanded that he not tell anyone about what they had done and he was smart enough to know that what they had done was private, although Erza wasn't sure if he knew what they had done was sex. It was always hard to tell with Natsu about what he knew and what he didn't.

She hadn't actually seen Natsu in the two weeks since he and Happy had been going on missions by themselves instead of with the team. Lucy, Gray and herself had been going on several smaller jobs at Erza's request since the last couple of days she had been completely exhausted for no reason.

"Morning Erza, you alright? You're really pale." Mirajane said walking up to the woman. "You're not sick are you?" She questioned making Erza raise an eyebrow.

"What? No." Erza told her. "I'm fine, you must be imagining things." Mira was already in her personal space and checking her forehead with the back of her palm.

"Well you don't have a fever." Mira mused as she looked Erza over. "Lucy said you have been abnormally fatigued on your missions. Is everything alright Erza?" Mira questioned with concern in her voice, Erza couldn't help but smile at her friends cautiousness.

"I'm fine, everything is fine. I guess I've just been pushing myself the last couple of weeks." Erza told her. Mira gave her a suspicious look but simply smiled.

"Well can I get you anything?" Mira asked her.

"Hmm..." Erza hummed in thought.

"Strawberry cheesecake it is then." Mira giggled lightly.

"Actually... I'll go for something else today Mira, maybe..." She looked at Mira who had wide eyes as she stared at the scarlet haired woman in shock. "What?"

"You don't want cheesecake, you must be sick." Erza blushed slightly.

"I don't always eat cheesecake Mira." She defended herself.

"But it's your favourite." Mira told her. "You always have cheesecake, no matter what you order with it." Erza chuckled sheepishly. "You sure you're ok?"

"I'm fine, do you have any chocolate cake? Fudge maybe."

"I'll see what I can do." Mira told her with a smile and Erza nodded her head before walking over to a table and sitting down and idly tapping her fingers on the table. She had forgone wearing armour to the guild since she had been oddly uncomfortable in wearing it the last few days. As she sat she couldn't stop her thoughts of travelling to Natsu and why she hadn't seen him in the two weeks since their shower together.

"What is wrong with that idiot." She thought with slight irritation. "It's like he's trying to avoid me by going on missions with Happy." Her tapping on the table become faster as she continued to think about Natsu before an odd thought crossed Erza's mind. "Is he trying to avoid me?" Erza's eyes widened a bit at that. "What's Happy got that I don't?" She thought with a tad bit of jealousy for the little blue cat.

"Erza? Erza?" Erza looked up to see Mirajane looking down at her, a bowl in one hand and a plate in the other, a concerned look on her face. She placed the bowl and plate down in front of Erza before resting a hand on her shoulder. "I'm going to tell Lucy and Gray for them to go on a mission by themselves today. You're not going anywhere in the state you're in."

"Mira I'm fine." Erza told her. "Just let me eat this and I'll be rearing to go."

"No Erza, there is something wrong, plus with what Lucy said you could use the rest." Mira told her sternly. "I'll be right back." Erza sighed before nodding her head and picking up a spoon with the bowl of fudge and took a mouthful and smiled to herself as she felt the warm chocolate melt in her mouth.

"That's good." She breathed out before continuing to eat her chocolate fudge. Mira walked back over to her only to sweat drop at Erza who was grinning wildly as she dipped a fork full of chocolate cake into the bowl of chocolate fudge before devouring it with a smile plastered across her face.

"I see you're enjoying yourself." Mira giggled sitting down across from Erza who opened her eyes and blushed as she smiled sheepishly. "Continue to eat like that and you're sure to get a belly on you." Mira told her with a smile before she heard the fork drop onto the plate with a clang and she stared at a wide eyed Erza who looked to be on the verge of crying.

"You think I'm fat?" Mira's eyes widened at the sudden mood change in her friend. "I'm attractive right Mira?"

"Of course you are Erza, any guy would be lucky to have you." Mira tried to console her.

"Then why has Natsu been avoiding me?" Erza asked in annoyance.


"What's happy got that I don't!" Erza growled out.

"I say again... eh?"

"It's nothing don't worry about it." Erza huffed in annoyance making her sweat drop as she watched her friend's mood change from sad to irritation and then to plain out jealousy for Happy of all people. Mira watched as Erza shoved another piece of cake into her mouth, it smudging on the side of her mouth as she forced the cake into her mouth and began to chew. Mira sighed before taking Erza's hand in her own making the scarlet knight look at her.

"Erza, is it, your period?" Mira asked softly making Erza's eyes widen. Mira looked into her wide eyes and didn't see shock but something else was ticking over in her friends mind, that was when she saw fear in Erza's eyes making her worry slightly. "Erza?"

"Mira." Erza said as she looked at her friend, Mira could see tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

"What is it Erza?" Mira asked.

"I think I'm pregnant."