Four Months Pregnant

Erza laid with her head on the bar staring at Cana who was laughing her ass off, holding her sides, barely able to stay seated atop the bar stall. Mira had once again screwed Erza over to humiliate her some more. If she was allowed, she'd chug Cana's entire barrel of alcohol that was sitting beside her just to make herself pass out and hopefully forget the entire evening, but alas she was pregnant and couldn't risk doing that.

Erza couldn't leave because Mira would stop her or Cana would try to help along with numerous others who enjoyed Erza's suffering, Natsu probably included... maybe that's an idea? Get Natsu all pumped up for a fight then make him turn that pent up aggression into full blown lust and take him home for the rest of the day and she'd get what she wanted. Knowing Natsu's spirit for fighting, she didn't doubt they'd go long into the night and it was barely midday now. Yeah that's exactly right four months into her pregnancy and Natsu hadn't given her the... ya know. She was getting frustrated more and more by the day.

"Alright ya little pervert, what are you thinking now?" Erza's head leaped from the bar top and looked up to see Mira staring at her with a smirk. "You were drooling on the bar, eyes were blank with nothing but lust and I swear that you hand has been up your skirt for at least three minutes now." Erza blushed before pulling her hand from the confines of her skirt, no one even noticing apart from the white haired barmaid.

"Why are you going back to your old ways Mira, can't you let me enjoy being pregnant like a normal woman?" The scarlet knight questioned.

"But Erza, silly girl." Mira smiled. "I'm your best friend and family, I'm meant to embarrass you. But don't worry, I'm sure you'll get a laugh out of this too."

"No one but Natsu needs to see this, cause frankly he's the only one, along with you and the doctors that are going to be in the birthing room, not the whole freaking guild." She told the white haired woman.

"Let me have my fun." Mira pouted at her, she had been planning this for a while, ever since Erza told her that she wanted her in the birthing room. "Now come along, everything is set up." Erza whimpered as she was pulled form the barstool through the mass of the guild patrons to where she was in the front row of the visual lacrima that Mira had been setting up for the last twenty minutes or so. Natsu was standing beside her, Mira having told him that if he could watch the entire screening every meal for the next year from the guild would be free so here he was sitting patiently along with Happy who was also included in said bet after hearing it from Mira.

"Alright everyone!" Mira clapped her hands gaining the guilds attention so it was on her atop of the stage. "This video is going to help Erza and Natsu in the future. It's the birthing process." There were some 'awws' from the girls of the guild. However there was one 'oh shit' from both Macao and Wakaba. Mira watched with a slight smirk as both men slipped from the crowd. Natsu tilted his head as the lights dimmed and the screen lit up to show a doctors office. A woman lay in the bed a man standing next to her with several nurses moving about within.

-Short Time Later-

Fifteen minutes in and the woman on the lacrima screen was screaming in pain, however most of it was drowned out by the mass panic of the guild's male occupants. Natsu in all his splendour had fainted right next to Erza as soon as the doctor had told the woman to push. The lacrima was very uncensored, where Mira had got it from no one knew. Gray had run for the hills after Juvia had tried to give him the puppy dog eyes clearly wanting to be impregnated by the ice user. The other males of the guild were all in a mass panic and fighting one another as they tried to run for the guild door wanting to escape the horror that was being shown on the lacrima. Mira was laughing so much she was hunched over holding her sides. Her change of attitude was so familiar to how she once was when she was younger.

Erza was shaking her head at her friends antics, one hand on her slightly swollen stomach that could just be seen beneath her white shirt. Why hadn't she expected something like this would happen? It was Mira's idea of course it would turn into mass chaos especially how she had been over the last couple of months. Sighing she turned to Mira and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Mira, turn it off. We've seen enough." Mira had to put her laughter under control as she rose back to her full height, fixing her dress she nodded before turning the lacrima off. The guild instantly calmed down as Erza crouched down beside Natsu and shook him by the shoulder. "Natsu, wake up... it's over." Natsu groaned as his eyes cracked open to see Erza crouched down beside him.

"Erza... I had the weirdest dream. People were screaming and then there was people saying to push... I don't remember much after that." He told her. "It was a horrible dream." Erza simply smiled and shook her head, at least he didn't have to worry about it for another couple of months. She could train him up to it, maybe ease him into the birthing process and not do what Mira just did.

"Come on Natsu, I think it's time we head home for the day." Erza smiled at him, the Dragon Slayer nodding as Erza helped him stand up. "Mira, thank you for... actually no, this is all your fault." Mira simply laughed in response as the guild was still in a mass panic. "I'm taking Natsu home."

"For some one on one time?" Erza's eyebrow twitched. "I can see about a potion if you'd like..." Mira teased making Erza's eyes widened before shaking her head getting the thoughts of seducing Natsu with magic out of her mind, she could do it on her own. "You were about to say yes weren't you?!" She laughed before she turned to Natsu who was still looking slightly pale. "Natsu."

"Hmm?" He glanced at her.

"I want you to take Erza home and sex her like she's never been sexed before, can you do that?" Erza's jaw dropped as she stared at Mira with wide eyes.


"The deal about the food for the rest of the year will still hold if you do~" She chimed making Natsu's eyes widen as a grin formed on his face.

"DEAL!" He laughed gripping the stunned Erza by the hand and racing out of the guild hall making Mira giggle, Erza would thank her later and totally forget about the whole teasing thing for the day, until she started up tomorrow.

"Erza!" The red head's eyes refocused as she saw Mirajane staring at her with an amused expression on her face. Looking around she saw Natsu still unconscious on the ground along with the lacrima vision still playing on the screen, the guild still in chaos and groaned as she hung her head, realising what had happened. "Something wrong?"

"Nothing." Erza sighed. "Just day dreaming."

"About a certain Dragon Slayer?" Mira questioned, tug of a smile at her lips making Erza glare at her. "You know I heard that there were certain potions to increase libido in males, I could probably whip it up for you." She suggested.

"Why do you even have an idea how to make something like that Mira?" Erza questioned.

"What? I read." Mira pouted at her. "Just an idea, you have been saying that you've been having... problems."

"Just turn it off Mira, can't you see you're causing problems for everyone?" Erza questioned making Mira sigh but nod her head and switch the lacrima vision off. Following her daydream she crouched down beside Natsu and shook him awake, he groaned before sitting up and rubbed at his eyes.

"You lost the bet Natsu, no free meals." Natsu whined at Mira's statement.

"It's alright Natsu, let's go home and relax for the day. We'll enjoy one another's company." She told him with a smile making Natsu grin at her.

"You two have fun now." Mira told them. "Oh Erza, can I have a quick word?" She questioned, Erza turned to Natsu and smiled before walking away with the bartender as Natsu went to talk with Lucy and Gray. Erza followed Erza to a secluded part of the guild making Erza raise an eyebrow as she looked around. "Alright, I've figured it out."

"Figured what out?" The scarlet knight questioned.

"Figured out how to seduce Natsu!" She smiled making Erza glare at her. "Not me!" She smiled. "You silly, although if I did it, it'd probably work too." Erza slapped Mira in the forehead making her whine. "What was that for." She pouted holding her hand to her head.

"Natsu's mine!" She growled.

"Alright, calm your jets Erza." Mira smiled. "I was just teasing, but hey, maybe prop the idea of the three of us one night to Natsu, see what he says. Maybe as an early wedding present?" She winked making Erza growl before an image passed through her head of both Mira and Erza being dominated by Natsu and it sent a shiver down her spine.


"You're a dirty girl Erza." Mira chuckled as she saw the familiar dazed look on her friends face. "But here's what you gotta do..." She said before leaning in and whispering into Erza's ear, her eyes went wide then her face went red and finally her jaw dropped as she pulled back from Mira and looked at her with wide eyes. "It'll get him in the mood, plus I'd say you're pretty desperate and before long you're going to end up bursting at one point so why not make Natsu burst instead?" She teased.

"I... I have to go." Erza stuttered out.

"Have fun, tell me all the details!" Mira called out after her only to make Erza turn and glare over her shoulder as she quickly pulled Natsu away from Lucy and Gray who laughed as Natsu called out his goodbyes as Erza pulled him from the guild Mira's idea flooding her mind as they made their way back to Natsu's and presently her own little cottage in the woods. Natsu opened the door, stretching his arms out wide before slumping down on the couch both he and Erza had brought, spreading his arms out wide over the ends of the couch as he closed his eyes.

Erza bit her lip as she walked into Natsu's kitchen and began to make herself a warm drink before stopping and biting her lip once more before setting her resolve to follow Mira's idea, there was no harm in it truly and to be honest she had been curious and this may very well be the way to make Natsu and herself pursue the more intimacy of their relationship with one another instead of the idle holding hands and the gentle kiss goodnight when they fell asleep and when they woke up. Plus... being direct with Natsu instead of dancing around the major subject seemed to work with the Dragon Slayer.

Walking back to the main room of the cottage where the Dragon Slayer who was grinning as his eyes were closed was still sitting on the couch. Looking around the house nervously just to make sure they were indeed alone and Happy wasn't going to pop in any time soon, by locking the door. She walked over to the Dragon Slayer who hadn't seemed to notice her movement around him she crouched down sliding in between Natsu's open legs making sure not to touch him so he was still unaware of her current presence. She was blushing up a storm as she realised what she was about to do.

"Damn it! I'm here I can do this!" She assured herself within her thoughts before taking a deep breath while closing her eyes, she let out an eep when she opened her eyes as Natsu was looking down at her with a confused look on her face.

"Uh... Erza... what are you doing?" Natsu questioned.

"Natsu, shut up." Erza told him making him go to open his mouth making her narrow her eyes at him making the Dragon slayer instantly close his open maw. "Do you know hard it's been for me these past couple of months?"

"Ah..." Natsu started.

"I said for you to be quiet."

"Buy you asked me a ques-." Natsu instantly snapped his mouth shut as he saw the evil glare coming from the woman between his legs.

"Natsu, quite frankly for the past couple of months that I've been living with you, I've been horny as hell, all my hormones have been out of whack and I've been very close to forcing myself upon you but have been able to hold myself back." Erza told him throwing away all tactics to dance around the idea of easing into the situation. "I've tried numerous times to seduce you and you've barely batted an eyelid at me." She growled at him making Natsu pale. "So right now, I'm taking matters into my own hands."

"Your own hands?" Natsu questioned before Erza raised her hands up and pulled Natsu's pants down making his eyes widen in surprise.

"Yes." She said to the Dragon Slayer who was now simply in his boxes. She rose her hand to Natsu's groin smirking up at the Dragon Slayer as she felt the object of her desire begin to react to her touch as it began to grow beneath her hand. "So... I'm going to show you what you've been missing out on since you've been ignoring my advances." She told him making Natsu's eyes widen as she pulled down his boxes, the last thing he recalled before his mind filled with intense pleasure was Erza's warm wet mouth wrapping around his shaft.