A/N: I"m SO sorry that it took this long for me to update! Yes, I'm doing a second chapter. I think that is obvious since there is the second chapter right beneath this author's note. Anyway, I had a lot of trouble with this chapter so I hope everyone likes it. I wrote two versions and ended up piecing them together. :) For those of you who liked the first chapter as a oneshot, more power to you and feel free to ignore this chapter. :) Everyone else, enjoy!

Shizuo kept walking with a silly grin on his face. He almost laughed at the flea's ranting behind him. "Serves him right after sending all those gangs after me. Though I do want to kiss him but how am I going to do it? And when? Since I just blew him off he's probably not going to come around for a while." Shizuo kept walking as he tried to think of a good time to kiss the flea.

Izaya calmed down a little as he watched Shizuo walking away. "Does this mean he likes me too?" He wondered aloud. "Stupid protozoan, saying something like that." Izaya put his hand up to his bright red face in embarrassment. Sighing, he turned towards home and started walking.

~time skip~

Two days later, Shizuo was fed up with all of the gangs that had attacked him in the past two days. Tom was too. He had told Shizuo to either fix the problem or stop coming to work until the gangs got smart and went away. Shizuo growled as he sat on a park bench.

"That damn flea. I win one time and he throws a temper tantrum! Who does he think he is! A teenage girl!" He snarled as he got up off the bench. "He is going to pay," Shizuo snarled.

Izaya was in his apartment working on an assignment for a client. In between working on that he was constantly calling up different gang members and sending them to attack Shizuo. "Stupid protozoan, how dare he not kiss me," he snapped. "I am a god, he should be begging on his knees to kiss me!"

A second later there was a knock on the front door. Izaya saved his work and walked to the door. He was so aggravated that he didn't look through the peephole and see who it was. When he opened the door he was thrown back into his apartment by an angry looking Shizuo. "Hello flea. How has your day been? Mine has been shit."

"Oh crap." Izaya managed to say before Shizuo slammed him up against the wall and pulled his fist back about to punch him.

"Any last words flea before I end your miserable life?" Shizuo said as he got ready to punch him.

Izaya looked around the room in a panic. His jacket with his switchblade was on his chair and there was nothing around to grab. He was stuck. Shizuo saw him searching and laughed. "Is the great Orihara Izaya out of ideas? Good. It makes killing you so much easier." Inside, Shizuo cringed. Why did he always have to say he was going to kill Izaya? He liked Izaya. He didn't want to hurt him! As Shizuo was thinking his grasp loosened around Izaya's throat and Izaya slipped free. He didn't make it far before Shizuo noticed and lunged for him. The two men ended up sprawled on the floor glaring at each other.

"Dammit flea stop running away!" Shizuo yelled.

"Wouldn't you run if someone said they were going to kill you!" Izaya shouted back.

"You are so impossible," Shizuo raged, "I don't want to kill you so just shut up." His eyes widened as he realized what he just said.

"You don't want to kill me? But why? Don't you hate me?" Izaya questioned. Then his eyes widened as he remembered what Shizuo said two days ago. "So you really do like me Shizu-chan.~" Izaya looked up at Shizu-chan with surprise and hope.

"Flea, if I hated you why would I have told you that I would kiss you?" Shizuo replied as he sat up, pulling Izaya up as well.

Shizuo looked down at his lap in frustration as he tried to figure out what to do. He wanted to kiss Izaya and he wanted to tell him how he felt but he didn't know how. "If only this wasn't so frustrating," Shizuo mumbled to himself. Sighing, "I guess I'll just have to do something."

Izaya watched Shizuo as he struggled to think through something. He wanted to kiss him so badly but didn't want to scare Shizu-chan away or start another fight. As he was about to speak Shizuo's head snapped up and he faced Izaya.

"Flea, do you remember what I said the last time we spoke?"

"Yes," Izaya muttered hesitantly.

"Well I've decided to do something about it know."

"What do you mean do someth-"

Shizuo's lips crashed onto his and his eyes widened in shock. A few seconds later though he relaxed and started to kiss back. Soon both had to come up for air.

"Shizu-chan, do you like me?" Izaya asked, sort of scared of the answer.

"Of course I do Izaya, I don't kiss people I don't like." Shizuo smiled.

Izaya smiled in return.

"Told you that I would kiss you when I felt like it flea." Shizuo laughed as Izaya smirked.

"Yeah, I guess you did," Izaya answered.