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Chapter 6:

L couldn't believe his eyes. He watched the screen as his suspect sobbed to himself, cradling his body in a crouched position on the bed.

"That was intense," Matsuda said. He wiped his sweaty face with a wet cloth. Everyone nodded.

". . . I think I'll get his dinner now," Yagami-san said, getting up from the couch and out the door. L could tell that he couldn't stand to watch his son anymore.

L sat with his legs closed together and knees up to his chest. He had developed a hard on from watching the show. He cursed himself.


"Yes, Ryuuzaki?"

"Go home." The young detective gasped and was about to object but instead obeyed L's orders. L sighed to himself and proceeded to go into the bathroom to take care of himself. Once he finished his business, he remembered that he wasn't alone. He went in the living room to look at the screen again. Light had calmed down a bit and had laid down on the bed, snuggling a pillow. L watched and looked towards the door of the suite. "Yagami-san won't be back in about a half hour . . . So . . ." L thought on.

He walked towards Light's door and stopped himself from knocking. "Should I really go in there?" L asked himself. He looked back at the screen: Light wasn't in the room anymore. L looked at the other screen where the boy was in the bathroom, using it. L had the screens set up as to when in the bathroom, no sound would be heard and the vision would be blurry, as to keep the boy's privacy for once.

L sat back down on the couch and drank a sip of his tea. "Maybe . . . I should wait . . . to make my move on him . . ." L said quietly.

Watari entered the room. "Would you like for me to prepare anything for you?" he asked. L shook his head.

"No. I'm tired. For once in my life, Watari . . . I'm actually tired." He gets up and walked to his own room for the day. Before he goes to rest, he says, "Make sure Yagami-san gives Light his dinner and then have him 'chat.'" Watari nodded and began to clean up the remains of the desserts he had made for L.

Once Soichiro arrived back at the hotel suite, he entered the main room for it was dimly lit. Watari appeared, shocking the NPA chief suddenly and then gave his orders from L: "Ryuuzaki has given orders to feed your son first before you chat with him." Soichiro nodded. Before he entered Light's room, Watari asked, "Is there anything that you will need?" Soichiro replied, "No, but thanks for your help."

Soichiro entered his son's room and looked around for Light. He was lying in bed, napping. He shook his son lightly.

"Light, wake up. I brought you your dinner," his father said gently.

Light awoke with a damp feeling over his face from his tears. He wiped his face with the back of his hand.

As Soichiro served Light his dinner, made from his mother, Sachiko, he watched his son with worry. He knew not to ask, "Are you alright?" for it was an obvious question that he's not.

"So, Light . . . how're you feeling?" Soichiro cursed himself. That wasn't the right question. Light continued to eat and didn't answer. Soichiro sighed. It was now hard for him to have a conversation with his son, after all he's done to him. "I'm sorry Light. For having strangers examine your body," Soichiro told Light. He stroked his son's hair softly. After a while, Light slapped his father's hand away.

"Don't . . . Don't touch me," Light said through gritted teeth. His father nodded and moved a couple of spaces away from Light where he sat on the bed.

Ryuk watched Light. The kid looked so . . . broken. It bothered Ryuk. To be honest . . . Ryuk felt . . . bored.

"Light. Entertain me," Ryuk said. Light's eyes rose wide. He heard the solemnness in Ryuk's voice. He's getting tired of Light. Light knows that if Ryuk ever got bored of him, he would write Light's name in his Death Note. Light felt sore. He didn't want to bore Ryuk. He looked from both sides and tried to think of something to do but knew that he couldn't do anything. He groaned and rubbed at his temples.

"Dad . . . can you leave? Please?" Light spoke finally. His father nodded and left.

Before Soichiro left, he shut off all the screens to give Light some privacy to sleep peacefully.

Light had a feeling or two about the surveillance being shut off. Light crawled to the end of the bed and lay down under Ryuk.

"Do . . . whatever you want," he breathed. It was really hot in his room.

Ryuk grinned devilishly and chuckled. "Hyuk. Hyuk. You've kept me waiting." Ryuk ran his claws roughly down Light's chest. Light yelped quietly, arching himself into Ryuk's touch.

"N-Not too rough, Ryuk," Light whispered through his deep breaths. Ryuk dug his claws hard into Light's hips, making the boy crouch in pain and cry silently.

"You told me to do whatever I wanted," Ryuk growled at Light.

Light took a deep breath and faced Ryuk again. He reached down with shaky hands and took off the rest of his clothes. He lay there naked in front of Ryuk. Ryuk whistled at the sight.

"Hyuk. I don't think you're ready for this," Ryuk said, touching Light's growing erection. Light jerked his body from Ryuk's cold touch. He blushed brightly. "Either way . . . I'm still gonna do it." Ryuk spread Light's legs wide, hurting the boy from the deep stretch.

Light took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down once he saw Ryuk unclothe himself and take out his own inhumanly large member. "W-What is that?" the boy cried out. His eyes were wide in terror.

"This," Ryuk said, mentioning down to his own wondrous member, he stuck it at the entrance of Light's hole, "will be inside of you." With that, he slowly, but quickly, entered himself inside of Light's tight heat.

Light instantly felt pain and bit into his arm with such force he began bleeding. "T-Too big," he cried silently. Ryuk shushed him and held himself inside Light without moving until he saw the boy get at least a little bit comfortable in the situation.

Light nodded his head. Ryuk bent down and kissed Light roughly, the light brunette moaned into the kiss. His lip was bleeding a bit from the rough kiss he was given.

Ryuk began to move at a slow pace, bringing himself all out of Light and then shoving his member all the way back into Light's hole.

"A-Ah!" Light let out cries of pleasure. He tightly wrapped himself around Ryuk's body, his legs tightly around Ryuk's waist, his arms over the shinigami's neck. "R-Ryuk!" His shinigami had fastened his pace in thrusting into Light. He bent down to kiss the boy again and ran his long tongue against the boy's neck to his collarbone.

"I will be the first to take you, Light," Ryuk groaned into Light's ear.

Light still felt pain but it wasn't just that. Ryuk was making him feel good—great! Light had never felt this way before, such an amazing appendage inside of him. Light leaned forward and kissed Ryuk himself. Ryuk had sat Light up on his lap and continued to fuck the living daylights out of him.

"Ryuk! More!" Light moaned desperately as Ryuk finally hit his prostate with such force and exact point that Light came all in all over his and Ryuk's chest. Ryuk came inside of Light right after the boy's explosion. His load filled up the boy's hole entirely, leaving him too full to do anything else.

Ryuk lay Light's tired and used body on the bed.

"Ryuk . . ." Light whispered breathlessly. Ryuk chuckled.

"You're fine . . . that wasn't boring at all. Just a little . . . unexpected. Hyuk."

Light lay there naked and tired. He tried to clean himself up but he fell limp and weak. Ryuk wiped Light with a wash cloth. He put the boy's clothes back on him and let him sleep. Ryuk shut off the lights and rested next to Light. Since he couldn't sleep due to his shinigami-ness, he watched Light sleep soundly through the night.

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