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Chapter 7:

Light awoke in his bed, the sheets all felt messy. He looked at the time: 5:44 a.m. He rubbed at his eyes and looked beside him and almost scared himself.

"R-Ryuk . . ." he whispered, his voice suddenly sounded deeper. Ryuk chuckled.

"You really need to look in the mirror," Ryuk said, laughing some more. Light scrunched his nose and wiped at his face again. He felt like a hot mess. He removed the sheets and was glad that he was wearing clothes. He sighed heavily in relief.

"Thank the lord," he muttered. He chuckled to himself quietly. "I used to be God . . . I miss my Death Note," he thought.

Light brought the sheets up to his nose and sniffed. He shook his head. "It smells like cum . . ." he whispered quietly. Ryuk heard him and chuckled. Light fumbled in gathering the sheets off his bed and almost broke down, completely losing balance in his limbs.

"Shit . . ." he cursed. His back was in pain, his hips hurt, and even more, his ass stung like a bitch.

He tried standing again, wobbling, and took the sheets and stuffed them in the laundry basket in the bathroom. He stopped to wash his face and brush his teeth, but then he looked in the mirror. His hair looked as if it got sucked by a vacuum. He wetted it with the water and patted it down flat over his face. He eyed his hair in the mirror and approved that it being wet was better than it being messy. That's when he took a good look at his body.

"Tomorrow, I'll be back to inspect you again," he remembered Aihara-san's words from the night before.

"Dammit!" he yelled. He popped his head from the bathroom looking at the door to his bedroom to make sure no one tried to enter. He turned back to the mirror and ran his hands through his hair. "I can't hide this!" he whispered frantically. He looked back into the other room and gave a death glare to the alarm clock, which said it was now 6:15 a.m. He glared at the door.

". . . I don't think anyone's awake yet . . . so . . ." he grabbed his shirt and sweatpants he had worn the first time he got there and put them on. He tiptoed over to the door and looked back at Ryuk for his input. Ryuk still sat there on the bed watching Light, saying nothing but giving low chuckles. "Aren't you gonna come with me?" Light asked him quietly.

"I've been in there so many times," Ryuk said. He grinned at Light and nodded. "Hyuk. It's your ass that'll get in trouble."

"Heh, you're the one that invaded." *

Light took a deep breath and turned the knob slowly, unlocking the door. All of a sudden, he had a thought: "Am I like a captured princess? Why the hell am I still locked in this room? Oh right, Daddy's orders."

He opened the door slowly and looked in the room through the crack of the door. It looked like a normal room for a large suite . . . except for the large amount of mini TV's by the couches. What the hell? Light looked at the striped couches and yelped. He shut the door instantly.

"Who? What the fuck was that!" he asked quietly, freaking out on Ryuk. Light kept pointing at the door as if it was invisible. "He was just staring. Those eyes!"

There was a knock on his door. It was pushed open, revealing a slightly taller man who slumped back as he stood. He had pale skin, spikey, probably unwashed, black hair. Matching black eyes and bags under his eyelids. He wore a long sleeved white shirt and baggy blue jeans.

"Good morning, Light," the man said. Light just stood there, shocked, staring the man up and down continuously.

"Who are you? How do you know my name?" he asked. He noticed the man take out a lollipop, unwrap it, and suck on it.

"I'm Ryuuzaki," the man answered. The name sounded familiar to Light. "I work with your father," Ryuuzaki said. The man looked at Light with dead eyes. "I see you've disobeyed your father's orders."

Light stopped himself from being snobby and rolling his eyes. "I got bored."

"It's only 6:30 in the morning. Shouldn't you be sleeping?" the lollipop sucker asked. Light scoffed at him.

"Shouldn't you?" he pointed towards the man's baggy eyes. The man didn't say anything.

"Well . . . since you're up," he glanced over Light's body, holding his breath slightly, "need any company?"

"Sure . . ." Light answered hesitantly. He resisted in answering: "I've got plenty of company." Ryuk wasn't plenty . . . but enough for his satisfaction.

Ryuuzaki entered Light's room shutting the door behind him. He sucked on his lollipop once more before letting out a huge sigh. He saw that Light continued to stare at him.

"How old are you?" the teen asked.

Ryuuzaki took his lollipop out and looked at it before putting it back in his mouth. "I'm old enough," he answered with no emotion.** Light snickered at him, already annoyed by the man's attitude.

"Aren't you going to ask how old I am?" Light asked. He had a feeling it was a stupid question.

"I already know how old you are," the man answered.

Stupid question indeed. Light was going to ask another dumb question.

"What's with all the mini TV's?" he asked.



"Sorry," Ryuuzaki removed his lollipop from his mouth, "I meant to say none of your business." Ryuuzaki smirked as he saw Light giving him a death glare. "Raised a little to 2 ½ %, no, 3 %," he muttered quietly to himself.

"Percentages?" Light asked. "For what?"

"Of you being Kira."

"Since when?" Light asked another obvious question.

"Since the so-called 'Kira" happened. The killings, strangely, have stopped for the past month since you've been here."

"Isn't this classified information?" Light asked.

"Yes. But you seem to know of all this either way."

Light shook his head. "I haven't been in front of a TV in weeks."

"You don't have to. You have enough knowledge," Ryuuzaki said.

"Who the hell are you anyways?" Light asked. He marched up to Ryuuzaki and glared at him. He was pissed for some reason. Was it the cramps from hardcore sex?

Ryuuzaki closed in on Light's ear. He sniffed Light before exhaling as if he was tasting the smell of the boy. "I'm L," he whispered in his ear. Ryuuzaki backed away from Light, retrieved another new lollipop and walked out of the room locking the door.

"W-What?" Light stood there dumbfounded. "What did he just say?" he asked.

"Hyuk. Hyuk. Completion," Ryuk sang. Light strained himself from slapping his shinigami.

"Competition? How so?" he asked quietly.

"Heh . . . you'll soon find out. It'll be fun, Light," Ryuk said, leaving the room. Light wondered if he was going to retrieve apples.

The 17-year-old decided to sleep off his stress in the empty bed. It was already 7:00 when he went back to bed. He wouldn't be woken up by his father until it was at least 10.

L bit his bottom lip as he reluctantly sat back on the couch. "I was this close . . ." he sucked on his lollipop as he stared at the screen, watching Light fall back asleep. "He smelled good though . . . well, he was really sweaty."

L waited an hour, busying himself with game apps before the Chief finally showed up with Aizawa and Matsuda, all looking refreshed.

"Yagami-san," L started.

"Good morning, Ryuuzaki," the Chief said. The others greeted L. Watari began to serve them a western styled breakfast. He left an extra plate in front of the Chief.

"For your son," Watari told him. The Chief nodded his thanks.

"Yagami-san," L said, getting everyone's attention. "There was an incident with your son early this morning."

"What? What kind of incident?" Yagami-san asked, sitting on the couch next to Matsuda and Aizawa.

"He opened his door and peaked throughout the room," L said.

"Wait, Ryuuzaki, how do you know about this?" Matsuda interrupted, intending to be the one to stand up in their situation.

"I was right here watching him from the screens. I watched the door and we made eye contact. Then he closed the door."

"So . . . then what else happened?" Aizawa asked.

"Ryuuzaki . . ." Yagami-san urged on. His voice was gruff. L hoped that he wasn't too pissed, not when they were just about to start the day.

"I confronted him," he answered simply.

"Very vague . . ." Matsuda uttered out.

L grabbed the remote and rewinded the clips back to when it was about 6 o'clock in the morning. He turned up the volume so they all could hear.

Light had changed into his clothes and then hesitantly walked towards the door.

Everyone furrowed their brows in confusion. Light kept whispering to himself, worried.

"Ryuuzaki, I don't understand," Yagami-san said.

"He's not alone in that room," L answered. Matsuda shook.

"Feels like a Paranormal Witness episode," Matsuda said, shivering. Aizawa clapped his hands together.

"I just remembered! I was supposed to do another inspection on Light today." Aizawa looked towards Yagami-san. "When should I begin, Chief?" he asked.

"When I'm done talking to him," Yagami-san growled angrily. He stood up and barged into Light's room.

"I've never seen the Chief this pissed, not at Light." Matsuda whispered.

"So, Ryuuzaki," Aizawa leaned towards L. "What could be in the room with Light?" L shook his head.

"We know it isn't human."

"What makes you say that?" Matsuda asked.

"The marks on his body."

"But they could've also been made by a human," Aizawa added.

"Yes, but it's impossible for a human to do anything to the boy in such a vigilant area. We'd be able to find them," L said, drinking his warm tea.

"Okay, now I'm getting freaked out," Matsuda whined, moving closer to Aizawa. Aizawa pushed the detective about a foot away from him on the couch.

"Suck it up, Matsuda," Aizawa said, annoyed.

"Okay! Okay . . ." Matsuda looked at the screens. "Is it okay if we watch them?" he asked. L nodded, returning to present time.

"Light." Soichiro shook his son in his sleep. It took a few tries until the boy finally woke up, his clothes wrinkled and his hair a mess again.

"Dad?" Light looked at his alarm clock beside the bed on the nightstand. It said it was a quarter to nine.

"Tell me about this morning," Soichiro said.

Light sat up on the bed and yawned. "What are you talking about?" he asked.

"You defied my specific orders! I told you to never go out of this room," Soichiro yelled.

"I didn't!"

"You snuck a look, though," Soichiro added. Light cursed under his breath. Soichiro stopped himself from almost slapping his son across the face. "Don't dare curse in my presence."

Light held his laughter within himself. He felt as if he was going insane. His insides were boiling. "Can you go now?" Light asked, vexed.

Soichiro stepped up to the door, opening it. He called for someone. "Aihara-san, you may proceed with examining my son."

Light's eyes grew wide. He glanced around, looking for Ryuk. He bit his lip hard, hissing at the pain because his lip was already slit from his night with Ryuk.

"Aihara-san's here? Now?" Light asked his father. Soichiro nodded.

Soichiro opened the door wider and Aizawa entered the room standing beside Light's father.

"D-Do we have to do this now?" Light asked, sweat dripping down his neck.

"Is there a problem with that?" Aizawa asked Light. Light shook his head quickly.

"No . . . no."

"Fine then," Aizawa looked towards the Chief. "Privacy, shall we?" Soichiro nodded and left the room, closing the door. Aizawa walked up to Light. "Do you still have the shorts I gave you yesterday?" he asked.

Light nodded and went into the bathroom to change into the shorts. He changed hesitantly, staring over his body in the mirror. "There's obviously new things that'll be discovered on my body," Light thought. He exited out of the bathroom and returned into the bedroom.

Aizawa sat there in his chair and stared over Light's body. He nodded his head toward the bed. "Lay down," he ordered. Light gulped and did as he was told. He lay down on his stomach. He took a deep shuddering breath.

Before Aizawa did anything, he noticed one of the few things that was strange.

"What happened to your bed sheets?" he asked.

"It got hot last night so I put them away," Light answered. He set his chin upon his arms as he laid his head down, trying to relax. Aizawa nodded slowly.

Aizawa felt over Light's back. He didn't even need to get a closer look at the boy's skin. Rough scars sliced down and across the boy's back. He looked at Light's neck and saw a faint shade of pink. He indicated that there were several hickeys on the boy's body. " . . . Did he have sex?" Aizawa thought. He was amazed at the difference between yesterday and today, the boy's appearance changed dramatically. He looked down at the boy's legs and saw a shadow of claws cast over his muscles, as if he had been grabbed by his legs. Aizawa breathed slowly in and out.

"Turn around," he ordered. Light wiped the sweat falling down his neck and flipped his body over.

Light looked up at Aizawa's face and swallowed deeply. "He looks so serious . . ." he thought. He was feeling really nervous. He glanced about the room. "Where's Ryuk?"

Aizawa looked over the boy's body. It just looked as if he was touched everywhere. Aizawa took a deep breath. He stuck his hand underneath Light's lower back and poked at the 17-year-old's waist. Light buckled slightly, gripping his butt automatically. Aizawa laid the boy flat on his back again and leaned close to the boy. He sniffed lightly. "The boy hasn't showered yet . . ." Aizawa thought. He was curious. He sniffed again. There was a faint smell casting from the boy's body . . . it was the smell of semen.

Light gulped. He brought his arm over his nose and sniffed himself. "I don't smell anything . . . I didn't shower last night, but . . . fuck," Light thought to himself, disappointed by his own stupidity.

"Light . . ." Aizawa began. He took another deep breath. He sat back in his chair and washed away all other feelings and thoughts from his mind. It was about time he got straight down to business. "Remove every last bit of clothing you have on," he ordered.

Light broke out in a deep blood-filled blush. "W-WHAT!" Aizawa gave him a cold, hard stare. He didn't repeat himself.

Light looked down at his shorts and then back at Aizawa as if confirming if what he said was an exact order. Aizawa held his hands out, urging the boy to do what he said. Light bit his lip.

He stood from the bed in front of Aizawa. He quickly glanced about the room again. "Where the hell is Ryuk!" he thought madly. He turned away from Aizawa, his back facing the afro-headed man. He first pulled down the white basketball shorts, showing off his thighs and his red plaid boxers. Aizawa cleared his throat. Light turned around.

"Face me," Aizawa said, putting on the best face he had when he meant business. In all honesty, he was feeling terrible about letting the boy strip naked in front of him. But he had to see for himself what other damage was done to this boy's body.

Light took a shuddering deep breath until he finally stuck his hands in the waistband of his boxers, slowly pulling them down. Light felt so embarrassed, revealing his private areas to someone other than Ryuk . . . he had a feeling that this wasn't going to be a one-time thing.

Aizawa motioned his finger in order to make Light come closer to him. The boy took small steps towards the man.

"You're not going to rape me, are you?" the question came out of Light's mouth unconsciously. Aizawa shook his head.

"Of course not. This is only an inspection," he answered.

"It'd better be, Aizawa," L thought to himself, biting his thumb harder. He stared wide-eyed at the screen. He was finally able to see Light naked. He's just a few feet away from the bedroom door . . . so he could see Light fully in the flesh any minute right now.

"Can we make this quick?" Light asked.

"If you'd give me the time to fully inspect you, there'd be no problem." Aizawa tried his best to adjust his eyes to anywhere except the boy's own manhood, but he caught sight of a few scars on it as well. Aizawa now saw the boy's large scar fully when he only caught a glimpse the day before. It ran along his left hip down his thigh and back around curving around his ass. Aizawa noticed something drip down the boy's keg. It wasn't a lot, but it was enough for Aizawa to become fully suspicious of the boy. He twirled his finger. "Turn around . . ." he said gruffly. Light didn't answer him and turned around slowly.

He felt something drip down his leg. It was a liquid, and it was cold but also warm. It ran down his leg slowly, as if in slow motion. He faced his ass in front of Aizawa, cursing at himself.

Aizawa stared over Light's behind and gulped. More scars and bruises. The shade of the boy's skin on this certain area was a light shade of red. "Please . . . lay down flat on the bed. On your stomach," he said quietly. Light nodded and laid down shutting his eyes tight and digging his head in his arms. He wished for this to be over already! He heard the sound of elastic.

Aizawa put on a pair of plastic gloves that had been stored in his bag. He sighed quietly to himself and silently prayed that he wouldn't have to do this ever in his life again.

He placed his hands on Light's ass cheeks, feeling around. Light dug his nails hard in his arms. He was pissed.

Aizawa spread the boy's cheeks apart and looked at the boy's hole. Cum was seeping from the boy. Aizawa ran his gloved finger along the stream of cum and looked at it. It looked like any regular . . . but had a different smell to it. He took out a zip lock bag from his bag and opened it. He slowly dipped his gloved finger and penetrated the boy softly, earning a slight cry from him. He took out his finger which was now covered in the mysterious cum and he emptied it into the zip lock bag, labeling it with a marker: Mys./Cu. [Mysterious Cum]

"This will be analyzed," he said quietly. He took out a wash cloth from his bag and began wiping the boy clean. When he was done, he sat Light up. He saw the boy's jaw clench in anger. "Are you alright?" he asked. The boy looked away from him. Light stood up and ran into the bathroom. Aizawa sighed deeply and exited the bedroom.

"Good work, Aizawa," L said stiffly. His jaw clenched as well, for having Aizawa steal his moments for savoring the boy's body. L nodded towards Watari.

"Here," Aizawa handed the zip lock bag to Watari.

"Watari will analyze that," L said.

Matsuda looked flushed. Soichiro looked at him then down then back up at Matsuda.

"I'll fire you if you have any absurd ideas about my son," Soichiro said sternly to the young detective. Matsuda shrieked and covered the front of his pants.

"No Chief! I swear! I—" Matsuda began. Aizawa shook his head.

"You should be ashamed of yourself," the afro-detective said.

"Agreed," said L, sarcastically. He didn't work for Soichiro, but he sure as hell was already thinking absurd things about his son.

"Today's been a long day—morning," Soichiro said. He looked at everyone. "I'm leaving for now. You can have Watari serve my son his food." L nodded. He finally noticed that there was still an extra plate on the table.

"Yagami-san, you forgot to give Light his breakfast," L said, pointing to the plate. Yagami-san snickered at himself.

"I'm a terrible parent," he muttered. Aizawa shook his head.

"I'm sorry Chief. I shouldn't have gone that far," Aizawa said. Soichiro shook his head.

"No, no. I'm glad you did . . . I'll see you all in a couple of days."

Before L knew it, his suite was once left empty again, aside from the other two people that were staying with him. And possibly another uninvited guest.

L sighed. He leaned back on the couch and looked at the door to Light's bedroom.

"Soon . . . before you know it, I'll get you," he whispered to himself. He dipped his lollipop in his tea and sucked on it, satisfied with the taste. He stared at the screen as Light continued to shower in the steamy bathroom. L bit on his lollipop until he shut the screens off. He shut the rest of the lights off in the suite. He entered Light's room quietly and sat in a chair by the door, in a darkened corner. He waited for the boy.

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