I awake with a start. It was the same damn dream, every night. I glance over at my clock, it reads 1:44 am. Same time. I can't seem to put together any reason as to why this dream keeps happening, and why there is another woman in it, who isn't my wife. She has black hair, black clothing, pale skin, and piercing green eyes. My wife looks nothing like that, so who is this woman who keeps appearing in my dreams?

"Mmm, Tori, baby, have that dream again?" My wife of five years asks sleepily, rolling over in our bed to look at me. I sigh and nod slowly, wiping my face with my hands trying to cool it off. She leans over and kisses me, soft and loving. I pull back and smile at her before slowly getting out from under the covers. I walk over to our mini fridge and grab some bottled water; taking a long drink, I move back over to the edge of the bed and sit.

"Look at me, I'm 25 and I still have bad dreams." I chuckle lightly, leaning back into her arms.

"Who was in it?" She asks as I stiffen, not wanting her to know I'm dreaming about another woman.

"Just me." I say dismissively; she leans into my neck and leaves a light kiss there.

"You sure?" I nod and lean up to leave a kiss under her chin. "Just you? No one else?"

"Yes baby, I promise." I sit up, turn around and smile at her. I feel a vibration so I reach under my pillow to retrieve my phone. I look at the text message name on the screen; it reads 'Andre' I smile slightly before opening the text.

You better get down to the factory; boss says we have to start early today. Anyone who isn't here in 20 will be fired –A

I groan, stand up and stretch. I go into my dresser, pull out a white v-neck and some dark grey skinny jeans. Most people don't dress like this; I'm about the only one. The year is 2052, and everything isn't what it was like 35 years ago, or so my parents say. I live in the Urban Colony, we are the most advance colony, but we are controlled by the leader; Chancellor Cirrus Cohagon.


"Huh?" I ask, turning to my wife and blinking a few times.

"I lost you there for a second." She says with a little chuckle; I give her an apologetic look, kiss her goodbye and walk out of our house. Things are so dark now; all the building are like those from china and they're stacked on levels. They appear to be almost floating, if you will. I climb down the ladder and walk through the busy streets of our colony until I reach our core elevator system. I enter through the big glass and granite sliding doors and sit next to Andre. If you've ever been to an amusement park, which I haven't, the seats are just like that, only more futuristic. They have head rests, and the seat belts some over your heads and buckle in automatically. Sometimes I wish I would have lived in the time my parents did.

Departure will begin in two minutes.

God, I hate that default intercom. I look over and Andre, who grins at me and hands me a book and a coffee.

"Thanks, I really need this." I say, taking a long drink of the hot liquid.

"Yeah, you look like shit." I send him a glare, but he only laughs. This is why he's my best friend, we can joke around like this and not take it to heart.

"You know, I think its funny how we always sit in the same spots, day after day, month after month, year after year." I muse, taking another drink of my coffee before throwing it in the garbage. I never really liked coffee, but it helped keep my awake, so, I drank it whenever I got the chance.

"Well, why don't we switch it up then?" He says, getting up and moving to the row across from us. I roll my eyes and chuckle before sitting next to him.

Departure will begin in 10 seconds. Please be in your seats. Our destination is the earth's core. Enjoy your ride.

I scoffed at that. I've always hated these 'elevators' well, technically they were huge metal rockets that sped to the center of the earth. They seat belt came over everyone's heads and I sighed as we started moving.

"How's Carmen?" Andre asks, looking over at me from his book. I shrug and lay my head back.

"She's good, as always. But she keeps asking me about this dream I keep having." I say, closing my eyes to maybe catch a few minutes rest, but of course…

"What's the dream about?" He asks intriguingly. I sigh and begin the story.

It's always me, waking up to a gurney in a medical room. Everything's white and I'm in a dark purple shirt, black skinny jeans and a leather jacket that I know isn't mine. I wake up and look around, no one's there until I call out. Then, she comes running in and looks me straight in the eyes. "They're coming, we have to go now." She says, but I can't move, I'm too lost in her green orbs. She shakes me until I blink and get up. "This room's going to self-destruct in 15 seconds." She throws me a gun and pulls one out of her leather jacket to use for herself. We round a corner, guns rose until we see the synthetics. They're white robots, like from the movie I, robot; except they're more intelligent, and can move a lot faster. We shoot and knock one out each before we reach a room with an elevator shaft ahead. We run through and I lock the door. We move towards the elevator, which isn't there; only the shaft and a drop off into some water about 10 feet down. She goes through first and pulls on my hand, but the synthetics shoot out the window and use their laser catcher on me; which is basically a tazer that holds you in place but doesn't shock you. They try to pull me back but she's still holding onto my hand. "I'm not going without you." She yells, panic all over her face and in her words. "Yes you are. I'll find you, I promise." And then she lets go and drops into the water while I'm pulled back. And that's when I always wake up.

I look over to him and he looks scared almost, but then quickly acts like it's nothing. "That's weird. You might want to uh, get your head checked there, Tori." He says almost nervously. I was about to say something until…

Prepare for gravity reversal

I sigh before everything looses gravity for a few seconds. When everything is still again, I look over at Andre who still looks slightly shocked.

"You okay?" I ask as he shakes his head and lets out a hesitant laugh. What's going on with him…?

How do you guys like this idea for a story? Should I keep it or ditch it? Let me know!