Darcy leaned her chin into her hand, studying the man before her. She'd liked to imagine he squirmed under her gaze, but she knew him too well to think that about him. "And what's in it for me?" She asked when he only continued to stand, arms crossed.

"You go to Asgard," he answered, as if the fact had escaped her notice when he'd first told her of his plan.

"No." Darcy held up her hand and counted off on her fingers. "One, you are asking me to turn in vacation time, which news flash, I don't get a lot of and was really hoping to save and stay the holidays through New Years. Two, that means I'd be giving up a really awesome party with high school friends-"

Loki scoffed and waved a hand in dismissal. "I assure you no Midgardian festival would compare to-"

"THAT I HAVEN'T SEEN IN A COUPLE YEARS," Darcy continued over his interruption. "Sentiment might not be your thing, but I happen to be looking forward to seeing them again. Three, I get sick on the tilt-a-whirl. Your space travel rainbow bridge? Not looking like a lot of fun. Four, I'd have to pretend to be dating you, and that's taking on a whole lot of judgment from people I see everyday. And I'm assuming this whole deal would be a no take backs thing, so that's something that I'll have to deal with for a heck of a long time. Five, in this plan you're expecting me to lie to Jane. Six, I've never said I wanted to go to Asgard in the first place. So, yeah, no. That isn't going to cut it, mister. What's in it for me?" This time Loki did look shaken. Or perhaps pissed off. Maybe it was pointing out the reputation-ruining thing. Darcy turned back to her work with a huff. "Didn't think so."

"I would owe you," He said at last. It sounded as if it pained him to say it. "I am a god, with powers you-"

"You are really arrogant," Darcy said in response. He shut his mouth, though it looked as if he wanted to say a few things he was sure wouldn't change her mind. Still. She tapped her fingers against the desk. "But you can back up at least half of that." She continued on quickly before he decided smiting would be more satisfying than her help, "so tell you what. Six favors, for the six reasons I just listed. ANY six favors. And if you fall back on any one of them, I tase you AND make sure everyone knows you bribed me into lying about it." She held out a hand.

"Five." Loki stated, "Your last argument was merely stating desire for such a trip was never voiced. You never said you did not wish to visit Asgard."

"Five and you get Fury to count this as work and not vacation." She countered.

The grin that grew over Loki's face almost had he reconsidering her offer, but her took her hand in his before she could say any more about it. Slowly he lifted her hand to his lips and gave it a not-quite kiss. "The deal is struck, my pet."

"And you are not calling me that!"

Laughter echoed in the space he had just been. It was her only answer.