Okay I said I wouldn't write a story. But I am. THREE OF THEM! Me in Mad Father, The Witch's House, and Ib. It goes in the order I beat them. So Mad Father first! Except that in the stories I haven't played them yet. And yes the prolouge's in with Chapter One. DEAL WITH IT. And the dialogue may be different. DEAL WITH THAT TOO



I opened my laptop, excited to play my new horror game, Mad Father. I've always loved to play horror games, and this one – anime, full English, and a great plot – is a gem from what I've heard. I quickly typed in my password and let it load on the desktop. I fixed my laptop so Mad Father could run with no problems. I opened Steam, and there it was. Mad Father.

I clicked on it, feeling excited yet scared at the same time. I hit play and let the game launch. The first thing I heard was the music. It was pretty. I saw an outline of a girl which appeared to be in the style of anime. I guessed it was the main character. I pressed the spacebar to play, but then it went dark. I didn't hear the music or see my laptop anymore. What was happening?

Next thing I knew, I was following a girl who looked about my age. Her hair was raven black and she was wearing a blue and white dress. Then I knew what was happening.

I was in Mad Father.

Chapter One

"C'mon sis. Don't just stand there." The girl said to me. I nodded and ran to her. But, apparently that was wrong, too.

"Don't run! Father may hear you and get even more angry!" She yell-whispered. I frantically nodded. I don't know how she could be quiet; the little heel of this shoes made an annoying click-clack sound. I guess I'd just have to learn. The girl knocked on an old, wooden door. It opened with an ear-piercing creak.

"Huh? Aya? Kat? What are you two doing up? You're supposed to be asleep!" A man said angrily. Aya looked down at her feet, as if she was guilty.

"Sorry, Father. But we don't want to sleep on our own..." She said. Alone? Don't we share a room?

"Well, you're not alone. You share a room." Oh. So we do.

"But tomorrow..." Aya began.

"Yes...the anniversary of her death." Wait, what did my dad just say? "We'll visit her grave together." Aya's eyes lit up at the sound of this. "Now go to sleep. I'll be resting too shortly." And with that, dad shut the door.

Aya started back up the stairs. "Well, come on, Kat." She urged. I sighed and followed. Wonder what I look like in this game.

"Hey, Aya," I asked. She turned around. "Where is the mirror again?"

"In mom's room. I'll meet you in our room, okay?" Aya left. Darn it, where's mom's room? I followed Aya and saw her disappear into a room. Another door was on the left side of it. That must be the mom's room. I opened the door slowly and went inside. Yep, sure enough, there it was: A mirror.

My brown hair was in a ponytail held together with a red bow, like Aya's. But I wasn't wearing a dress. I was wearing my T-Shirt and jeans. Did Aya and dad see me wearing a dress? Or am I just the different one in this story? Oh well. I'll be different.

I walked out of the room and then into the door on the right. There, I saw a twin bed. Aya was on the right side. I took a place at the left side of the bed and fell asleep, but I knew something bad would happen.

This is a horror game, after all.

Short, I know. But I'm tired and decided to skip to the part where monsters come for the next chapter.