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Now that I'm thinking of it, I probably appear as a psycho-killer to Martin from the way I'm running while holding a chainsaw.

What the fuck, myself?

Oh well, not like I cared. I spun around on my heel. "Martin, keep up!" I yelled, but I realized he was running the opposite way. How stupid is this guy? I ran after him. "Martin! Where are you going?!" I shouted, but he didn't turn around. He eventually stopped and I bumped into him, crashing to the ground. Luckily, the chainsaw didn't hit him. "Martin, what the hell were you thinking? Going off like that?" Damn, I sound like a mother...but I'm two years younger than this guy.

"Its another person!" Martin said excitedly, and he ran over to something. I got up, gripping the chainsaw tight, in case it was a normal-looking corpse.

But I was wrong.

It was a girl who looked like she was about fourteen. Her hair was up in a blonde ponytail and she wore a red tanktop and shorts. A little sketchy, if you ask me. It reminded me of my best friend, who's a young hooker. "Who are you?" I asked, grabbing Martin by the arm and throwing him back, holding the chainsaw in front of me.

"I'm Roxanne." She spun around to face me. "And you are..?"

"I'm Kat, and this is Martin." I introduced us. "Do you have anyone else with you?"

"No," Roxanne sighed. "Just me."

"Alright." I noticed she had two hand pistols with her. "Those can be useful."

"Well, look at you, with your big ass chainsaw." Roxanne crossed her arms. "That's more useful than hand pistols."

"What about me? I have nothing, remember that!" Martin said from behind me.

"Yeah, yeah, shut up already. Let's go." I snapped, beginning to walk away. Martin and Roxanne followed me, and I saw Dio from a distance. I knew better than to go to him, though – he told me to play the game right. And that meant avoiding him.

Now that I think of it...

It wouldn't be such a bad idea to ask him to tag along. "You two hang on here," I say to Martin and Roxanne, dropping the chainsaw, a mischevious smirk on my face.

"What are you-" I leave before Martin can finish his sentence.

"Hey, Dio!" I say, running at him. He turns to me, and his amber eye widens at the sight of me.

"What are you doing?" Dio asked blankly.

"You're coming with us." I grab his hand, which is surprisingly warm, and I run back to the group, dragging Dio along. "Meet Dio! He's joining us!"

"The more the merrier," Roxanne said.

"It'll make us stronger!" Martin declared.

"...okay. Let's go." I picked up the chainsaw and took the lead, everyone else following. I was looking at my feet, and suddenly I felt someone grab my arm. "What is it?" I turn around and Dio's holding my arm, as if to hold me back. Martin and Roxanne have a look of fear on their faces. "Seriously, what-" I turn and see a tall, shadowy figure. I hold up the chainsaw. "If you leave now, no one gets hurt." I say, tone threatening.

The figure laughed creepily, and it reached for us.

If this is the end...I'm sorry, Dio.

Sorry for not playing the game right.

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