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Fionna sat under a tree. The night sky glimmered overhead giving just enough light. She heard a rustling in the bushes, she turned her head to see Marshall Lee emerge.

"You look beautiful in this light." He growled, stopping about an inch from her.

Fionna grinned and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer so his face almost touched hers. "You think so?" She asked deviously, closing the gap between them.

Marshall grinned into the kiss, pulling his arms around her waist and pressing her waist against him. His forked tongue slipped passed her lips, deepening the kiss.

Fionna moaned softly, running her fingers through Marshall's black hair. Her body fit perfectly against his.

Marshall pushed her up against the tree trunk, growling in pleasure and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Fionna panted heatedly, pulling away just enough to speak. "M-Marshall, we c-can't... Someone can.." She drifted off and kissed him again, her mind said to stop, that they could be seen and get in trouble. But her body screamed yes.

Her skirt was ridded up passed her hips. Her underwear was completely visible.

Marshall ran his hands from her waist down to her hips. Each gentle caress brought waves of electricity down through her skin, settling between her legs, she let out a straggled moan into the kiss.

Fionna moved her hands from his neck, running them down his shirt and stopping at his zipper.

Marshall growled in ecstasy, feeling Fionna's hands shakily grip the button and zipper, his shirt was already unbuttoned. She fumbled with it for a bit before undoing them. She gripped the hem of his jeans and pulled them down a bit.

Fionna gasped as Marshall gripped the cloth sides of her underwear, pulling them up until it was 'out of the way'.

Marshall moved his lips away and moved down to her neck. Kissing and gently sucking the side of her neck. Causing Fionna to shiver.

Marshall gripped her thighs tightly, entering her.

Fionna gasped, removing her hands from Marshall to the bark of the tree, gripping it. "Ah, M-Marshall your

s-s-so big!" She cried, digging her nails into the bark.

Marshall growled with effort, pressing in deeper until he heard a small snap. He began to thrust in and out.

Lsp floated through the brush silently, he heard moans and gasps. "What the lump?" He said floating towards there direction. Then he saw them. He quickly pulled out his phone and pointed it towards them, hitting the camera and pressing record.

Fionna had her eyes closed, her head pressed against the tree. "Y-YES MARSHALL! H-HARDER!" She cried, her voice shrill and filled with lust. Her hands gripped the bark of the tree tighter, trying to steady herself.

Marshall grunted in pleasure, thrusting in harder, causing Fionna to cry out again. Marshall gripped the fabric of her long socks tighter, but moved his hands on her hips. Pushing her lower body back against the tree so he could get in better.

Lsp blinked. "Oh my glob." He thought.

Fionna moaned. Her whole body trembling in ecstasy. "Glob Marshall! G-GIVE ME MORE!" She screamed, causing a few birds to fly upwards from the trees.

Marshall smirked, thrusting in with an even greater amount of force. "Fionna... Y-you're so tight. I think I'm going to-" his breath came out as a hiss, which ended in a throaty snarl as he finished.

Fionna groaned as warm stickiness fill her. She let her arms grow limp around her sides and she was panting.

Lsp finished the recording, pressing a button that would send it to all his contacts. He forgot that his volume was on, and a loud obnoxious tone sounded when it was sent.

Marshall lifted his head a bit, turning it to see Lsp in the bushes. "LUMPY SPACE PRINCE?!" He growled loudly, exiting Fionna and fumbling to pull up his pants. "I'LL KILL YOU!"

"Oh glob no!" Lsp stammered, closing his phone and turning around to float away. But, Marshall was already there, his hand gripping Lsp's throat. "WHAT DID YOU SEE?!" He demanded.

Lsp gulped. "Everything.." He said best he could. Marshall hissed loudly at him. "And why did you record it?! Who did you send that to?!" He growled.

Lsp trembled in fear, "E-veryone.." Marshall's eyes grew dark, letting Lsp's throat go, as soon as he did so, Lsp dashed away.

Marshall clasped his hand into his forehead. "This isn't good..." He grumbled as Fionna ran up. "What was that?!" She asked.

Marshall looked up at her. "Lsp saw us and recorded it... And he sent it to... Everyone."

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