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Marshall cupped his hand over his mouth. "No... I-I didn't mean-" he cut off as Flame Prince jumped on him, burning him. "YOU MONSTER!" He cried.

Marshall tried to move, his body burned and he manage to slip away. His body singed and clothes burnt. "Marshall!" Fionna cried, running up to him and taking his hand. "We have to get out of here!" She turned to see flame Prince looked at them evilly, but before he had a chance to act a strike of lightning pierced the air, following by a clap of thunder. "This isn't over..." Flame Prince warned, throwing one last fireball. This time towards Fionna.

Marshall pushed Fionna behind him, hissing in pain as the flames hit his skin. The pain was to much, he fell to the ground, his body burnt and clothes in tatters.

Fionna gasped and fell to her knees beside him. "Marshall?" She whimpered, resting her hand on his singed shoulder. "CAKE! WE NEED TO GET BACK TO THE HOSPITAL!" She cried out as Cake joined them.

Marshall woke up in a hospital bed, his skin bandaged up around his arms and torso. He tried to sit up but fell back in a growl of pain. "Don't move.." A voice whispered next to him. He turned his head to see Fionna standing next to him, smiling weakly.

Marshall gave her his usually half smile. "Hey bunny, what am I doing here?" He asked, looking down at his bandaged body. Fionna sat carefully down on the edge of the bed. "Flame Prince burned you pretty badly, we managed to get you here." She looked away and wiped her eyes as they teared up a little. "I'm just glad your okay.."

Marshall chuckled. "Of course I'm fine Fi, but in worried about you. Did you get burned at all?" He managed to lift his hand up and rest it on her leg worriedly.

Fionna didn't look at him but nodded. "Yeah I'm fine, just a little singed that's all." She lifted up her shirt to show a large burn mark on her side and stomach.

Marshall shook his head. "Fi that's pretty bad, I think you should get it patched up." He took her hand in his own and smiled. "Please?" He sticking out his bottom lip playfully.

Fionna chuckled. "Fine. I'll be right back." She kissed his cheek and left.

Marshall looked at his body again and grumbled. "I don't need to be here..." He hissed, lifted the thin blanket to see himself in a hospital gown. "Oh grob.. He grumbled dropping the blanket and moving the hair from his face.

After a while Fionna came back, her shirt lifted up just under her chest and her whole abdomen was bandaged. "I'm back..." She muttered. Sitting down in the chair by Marshall's bed,

"So is everything okay... With... You know..." He asked awkwardly, looking at her. Fionna looked at him and shrugged. "What, with the fact that I'm pregnant with twins?" She looked calmly at him and smiled. "Right now I'm fine, I'm just worried what's going to happen later."

Marshall raised an eyebrow and final managed to sit up in his bed, groaning with pain and effort. "What do you mean?" He asked.

Fionna twisted her lips a bit. "Well, right now.. They're sort of just like there, but soon they'll be moving an stuff. And, ill get huge and stuff with all these weird cravings, I-I won't be able to go on adventures and than I'll have to give birth... And I'm 16 it's going to be so painful. And, and then I'll have to raise them.." Her voice grew Hugh pitched and scared with anxiety and he bowed her head.

Marshall looked at her."Come here Bunny, let me tell you something. He waited as Fionna got up and sat down on the bed by him. He smiled at her. "But Fi, you won't have to do any of that stuff alone, okay? You'll have Cake and me." He shrugged. "So ya' see, you're not by yourself."

Fionna smiled, "Thanks Marshall." She said happily, leaning down and kissing him deeply.

"Hold up girl , you have to be careful now.." Cake stepped in and crossed her arms. Marshall rolled his eyes. "What is it now Cake?" He grumbled, raising his eyebrow.

Cake sat down. "You were burnt up pretty bad paste face." She grumbled. Marshall smirked. "Awe, is Cake sad that Marshy got hurt?" He teased.

Fionna smiled and got up. "So when can Marshall go home?" She asked, looking at Cake, who glared at Marshall before answering. "He can now. But no one can help him out at his place so-" she cut off as Fionna jumped in. "Oh Cake can he stay with us?" She pleaded, her hands intertwined together as she begged.

Cake growled. "Seeing is how I don't have to really worry about anything happening for two reasons..." Fionna blushed and turned away. "So.. I don't really see that much of a problem with it."

Fionna beamed. "Oh thank you Cake!" She hugged her friend tight. Cake groaned and flailed her paws. "All right sugar, now let me go before I pass out." Fionna dropped Cake and smiled. "Sorry.." She picked up Marshall's clothes and put them in her backpack, picking out fresh ones.

"Where'd you get my clothes Fi?" Marshall asked sitting up even more confused. Fionna blushed hotly. "Oh, um.. You left them at my house a couple weeks ago. There pajamas..." She tossed them at him gently and zipped up her backpack, ignoring Cake's raised eyebrow and irritated face. "Marshall put those on and then we'll go."

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