PPGZ and RRBZ Vampire love

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Normal POV

One day at the lab that the professor and his son Ken live at there were seven girls there known as the PPGZ only reason they were there is because there town is being attacked by vampires now you may ask why there not fight well the town told the girls they can't fight and need to be safe so they told them to stay there. Each girl has changed since they were 13. Now Momoko still had her long orange hair that was in a high ponytail it reached her knees with her red bow in it and her pink eyes to match she has a pink tank top (it's summer) and some white shorts and her pink Vans her eyes are pink and she has C-cups and great curves she isn't boy crazy anymore she's still the leader and is one of the most popular girls in the school.

Now there's Miyako she has her long curly pig tails but there to her elbow now and her eyes are still a sky blue color she's wearing a blue tee-shirt that says 'good girl' on it and a white skirt to her knee's and some blue and white flip flops she also has C-cups like Momoko and great curves she's still the sweetest to and is still very popular like her friends.

Then we have Kaoru her messy black is now to mid-back and she has bangs that are to her shoulders clipped back by a green skull her eyes are still a pretty lime green and she has a black tank top with green stars over it and shorts to her knee's and she is a bit more girly but not much she also has green Vans on she also has C-cups and awesome curves and has lots of admirers of both genders.

Then there's Yuko her long white hair is to her ankles and her bangs reach the top of her chest and is in her left eye which both eyes are still almost white and she has a white tank top with black music notes on it and a black skirt and her black flats she also has C- cups with awesome curves to and is pretty popular with the boys

Next we have Yuki with her pink hair that's to her knees and has a yellow head band that keeps her hair in place her tee- shirt is yellow with a white sun on it (because she's light it kind of looks like a sun) and a yellow and black skirt on and some yellow TOMs and has too many guys with crushes on her.

Now we have Mariko her blonde hair is to just above her butt and is semi-wavy with her gray eyes that are covered a bit by her bangs she has on a gray shirt that's say's 'I'm a tough girl' in black and some P.E. shorts and black Vans on she like the others has C-cups and a flat stomach and has many boy's who love her.

Last but not least we have Yuka also a blonde but she has blue highlights and her hair reaches her knees and covers half her left eye and there red as blood her shirt is black with a rose on it and a black skirt and her red flip flops and she has B-cups and has great curves also has the same problem as her sister Yuki and friends.

"Ugh we should be out there fighting." A very pissed Kaoru said to her friends

"We know but the town wants us here safe and alive." Momoko said you could tell she was sad

"Well I want to save them." She said back

"So do we but we can't right now." A depressed Miyako said

"Kaoru none of us want to stay here either we want to help our people but we can't." Yuko said

"Well I can't just stand here and be coward like you guys!"

"Kaoru just calm down before you hurt someone or thing." Yuki pleaded with her hot headed friend

"Kaoru I want to be out there to but the town won't let us." Mariko said but before there conversation could continue there was a knocking at the door and out of nowhere the professor came in.

"Girls get in the other room with ken now!" the professor quietly yelled at the seven teen girls and son who followed his orders and went into the room and peeped though the door that is slightly cracked so no one can see them

Kaoru's POV

Who in the bloody hell is her at this time of night the professor looked kind of nervous when he opened the door wonder why I saw an old man and some boys they each looked like us in a way then it hit me it's the RRBZ they looked older and kind of hotter no Kaoru get a hold of yourself you're talking about the RRBZ of all people in this damn world

"How may I help you men at this time of night?" the professor asked them

"Were looking for the Puffs and we know there here." Blitz said to the professor

"No they're not." He said glancing over here damn him he's a horrible liar

"I can't believe he would try to lying to us." Brick said pissed off and it looked like he had… FANGS!? They're vampires and then they all came over to where we're at and opened the door and picked us up Brick took Momoko, Boomer took Miyako, Butch took me, Blitz took Yuko, Kevin took Yuki, Raze took Mariko and Beast took Yuka. All of us were now pissed off more than ever

"PUT ME DOWN NOW BLITZ!" Yuko yelled super loud

"No can do Bella your mine now." He told her in a calm voice and she looked even more pissed (A/N: oh yeah that so me is you piss me off once and don't comply I get even more pissed) and then he ran off super speed with her somewhere and the same happened to the others and butch ran off with me to god knows where

"Butch Jojo put me down before I rip your throat out!" I screamed at him he seemed un fazed by it then his fangs grew and he looked at me with lust in his eyes and he bite me and I screamed so loud that Rome could hear me and I felt dizzy and passed out in his arms but not before he says

"Now your mine Buttercup." And I passed out

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