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They settled in to watch Batman Begins, with Regina at one end of the couch, Henry at the other and Emma in the middle. About halfway through, Regina noticed that Emma's head had slightly fallen to the side. She took her hand and smoothed Emma's hair.

"Emma why don't you go lay down, you're exhausted." Emma looked up at her with sleepy eyes, even though she tried to clear them by rubbing her face.

"I'm fine Gina, I'm enjoying the movie." Emma smiled but Regina wasn't buying it, neither was Henry who turned to look at a sleepy Emma.

"Emma why don't you lay down, you can put your legs and feet on me, and your head on mom. She's even holding a pillow for you." Henry pointed and Emma followed his finger to the pillow on Regina's lap. She looked up at Regina who smirked and patted the pillow, then looked back at Henry who also smiled. She soon realized her defeat and put her head on Regina's lap and her feet on Henry while lying on her side. She thought she may as well get comfortable, she grabbed the blanket on the back of the couch and covered herself from the chest down. Henry turned his attention back to his movie and popcorn. However, his mothers were far too distracted at the current position they found themselves in. Regina used her left hand to run her fingers through Emma's hair, while her right elbow was resting on Emma's side with her hand hanging over on Emma's stomach. Emma was lightly running her fingertips along Regina's strong calves. Regina's breathing picked up no matter how she tried to maintain it. Emma's hand would switch legs every few minutes and she was reveling in the fact that she could affect Regina so.

Regina was at the point where she couldn't take any more of Emma's sweet torture. She tried clearing her throat and glaring at Emma, tried to let the woman know that she had to stop, but Emma smiled up at her innocently and continued her movements. She tried everything she could without drawing Henry's attention to herself. After what seemed like forever, she realized that Emma wasn't going to stop so she decided it was time for a little payback. The hand that was resting over Emma's stomach started moving in little circles. At this, Emma paused for a brief moment but didn't stop rubbing up and down Regina's legs and even brushing the inside her thigh. When that didn't deter Emma, Regina got a little bolder and slipped her hand underneath the blonde's shirt. Teasing her, she let her fingers crawl up the taut stomach and raked her fingernails back down to just underneath Emma's jeans to her hip bone. Emma had a hard time focusing on anything else the second Regina's hand slipped under her clothing. Emma then stopped her ministrations on Regina and gave the same glare that Regina had earlier given her. It was Emma's turn to try and maintain her breathing, but her breath hitched when Regina's fingers wound up just underneath the swell of her breast. Regina's hand just began to creep under the lining of her bra when Emma suddenly shot up.

"Uncle!" She received a grin from Regina and a raised eyebrow from Henry that reminded Emma of Regina. She quickly added. "I mean I need more popcorn." And with that she took the popcorn bowl and headed towards the kitchen. Henry looked at his other mother with furrowed brows.

"She really is concussed isn't she?" Regina just began to laugh.

"She is acting a little strange today isn't she sweetie? I better go help her with the popcorn. I'll bring you some more juice as well." And with that Regina stood and noticed his slightly worried face. "She is ok Henry, sometimes takes time for people's heads to clear when they have a concussion." He nodded satisfied with the answer and she leaned down to kiss him on the head then headed towards the kitchen. With one more look back, she saw Henry is once again engrossed in his movie.

Regina walked into the kitchen to see Emma starting the microwave for a new bag of popcorn.

"I just want to clarify that you started that. I simply was finishing it." Regina said walking towards her and making Emma look at her. Emma smirked as Regina stood in front of her. She grabbed the loop of Regina's short jean shorts pulling her close.

"Yeah, well when you wear these sexy ass cut-offs I can't help it."

"They're comfortable."

"They're sexy." Emma said leaning in to kiss Regina. Regina pulled back after a second.

"What does all of this mean?"

"What do you mean?" Emma asked leaning in for another kiss before whispering. "Oh, you mean you… me… kissing… in the kitchen." She said in between the sweet kisses that she was dispensing to Regina.

"Hmm… Something like that. Seems so easy now that we've… stopped fighting…" Any other response was cut off by her weight being lifted from the ground onto the kitchen counter. She released a small yelp before Emma's lips were attached to hers again. Regina cupped Emma's face with her hands while her legs wrapped around her waist bringing Emma closer to her. Emma moaned into the embrace and began to wonder if her dream from earlier that morning was coming true. Just as she was beginning to deepen the kiss the ding of the microwave sounded, signaling the popcorn was done and brought them back to reality. Regina was the first to remember Henry and pushed Emma back with a hand to her chest. Emma looked confused at first before she saw Regina glance to the other room where their son was waiting on them. Emma nodded and turned to get the popcorn out of the microwave while Regina hopped off the counter. Regina headed towards the living room, where their son was watching the movie when Emma quickly grabbed her and turned her around.

"I know this is happening kind of quickly and we really need to talk about what's happening, but I hope you agree that this…" She leaned in for a quick kiss, "is a whole lot better than fighting." Emma smiled against Regina's lips.

"I suppose you're right." Regina reclaimed her lips again before adding. "Now bring the popcorn and you better behave when you go back in there." Regina said and walked out of the room.

"Where's the fun in that?" Emma grinned, grabbed the popcorn and quickly followed.