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Leaving you behind

Misaki stared out the window as he tried to block out Miyagi sensie's lectures. This was the first time he would much rather be at home with Usagi San than be at school. He could feel himself drifting off even more until he heard the door to the classroom open rapidly. All the students turned their head to see a flushed face girl standing in the door way. She had long blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes, she was skinny and tall. Misaki couldn't take his eyes off the astonishingly beautiful girl.

"I'm sorry sensie for being late for class; this is my first day so please excuse my absence." The girl said while bowing.

Misaki watched as the girl came and sat next to him. He felt his face become redder at the sight of her tight shirt. She turned her head towards him and smiled. Misaki smiled back as he watched her unpack her things.

"My names Rin, What's yours?" Rin asked with wide eyes filled with curiosity.

"Oh um, I'm Misaki Takahashi." He said while trying to keep himself together. It wasn't very often that girls talked to him.

Rin smiled again and went on to tell Misaki all about herself. He learned that she was from America and came to Tokyo to go to M university. She must have been nervous because she talked a lot. Rin was sweet and was always showing Misaki kindness throughout the whole class period. When Misaki didn't understand something Rin was there to explain. Misaki couldn't get over how beautiful the girl was. He almost wanted to lean over and give her a deep kiss on the mouth, almost like the way Usagi kissed him.

Misaki suddenly felt guilty. He was dating Usagi, they had been dating for three years now. And here he was falling head over heels for some girl he just met. He was in love with Usagi, he was gay….. right? Misaki yelled at himself in his head, was English class really the time to be thinking about his sexuality.

Soon the bell rang and Misaki and Rin quickly grabbed their things and walked out the door. They walked to the front gate together and engaged in a friendly conversation. They talked about their life outside of school. When they reached the front gate they were greeted with a tired looking Usagi.

"Misaki there you are, where have you been. And who is this girl?" Usagi asked with a jealous look on his face.

"Usagi san I told you I would walk!" Misaki yelled "This is Rin by the way, she's new to my school." The younger man said while gesturing to the smiling blonde girl.

Usagi didn't feel like having a meet and greet with a girl he didn't even care about so he told Misaki to say his goodbyes so they could leave. Misaki hesitantly turned around and said goodbye to Rin. Honestly this was the first time he had actually wanted to stay near a girl. But since he didn't want to look like a weirdo stalker person he just said his goodbyes and got in the car.

Usagi looked over at his younger lover. Misaki had been acting different when he came to pick him up. Usagi was interested in knowing what was bothering his beloved. He watched as Misaki stared out the window with a light blush planted on his cheeks.

"Misaki did something happen today, you seem really quiet" Usagi asked while laying a hand on Misaki's leg. He was surprised when Misaki quickly pushed it off and scooted farther away from the older man.

"I-Its nothing Usagi San, I just had a stressful day today that's all" Misaki said halfheartedly.

"Why? Was that Rin girl bothering you?'" Usagi asked. He was shocked when Misaki exploded with anger.

"OF COURSE NOT! RIN HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT KIND TO ME USAGI SAN! AND DON'T YOU EVER TALK BAD ABOUT HER, DO YOU HEAR ME USAGI SAN!" Misaki yelled at his boyfriend. He soon regretted getting so angry.

Usagi was happy when they finally reached the penthouse and he could get out of the car and away from an angry Misaki. He never expected his beloved to flip on him so suddenly, especially over something as pointless as a girl. He didn't understand until his mind was suddenly hit with horrible answers.

"Misaki do you have a crush on this girl?"

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