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Leaving you behind

Chapter 7

Akihiko sat in his messy apartment in front of his computer. There was nothing he could type; he was all out of inspiration. He had already written all the sad love stories he could ever come up with. The silver haired man stared back at the blank screen that seemed to mock him.

"Ugh I can't come up with anything, there's nothing I can write. I am absolutely and totally out of inspiration." Akihiko said as he slammed his hands down on the computer keyboard.

"But Sensie, how could you possibly be out of inspiration, you're depressed all the time that should be enough inspiration. I heard that you get more inspiration for romance novels when your sad then when your love stuck" Aikawa said as threw he hands up in the air. This was bad, if Akihiko wasn't making novels that meant that Aikawa wasn't making money.

Akihiko leaned back into his chair and began to think. He missed Misaki so much. He knew he was the one who pushed Misaki away when he was released from the hospital but that was because he was angry. If he could go back in time he was immediately take his lover back. Rin was taken to jail after the trial which she pleaded not guilty. Misaki had tried to apologize to Akihiko many times, but since Akihiko was angry he didn't pay much attention to the words coming out Misaki's mouth.

Aikawa seemed to notice the way that her boss was feeling low. After Misaki left his stories became sad again. Almost all of the stories Akihiko wrote consisted of one of the lovers dying. Each story Akihiko had written since Misaki left had a tragic ending.

"Sensie what wrong?" The red haired editor asked. This time she was truly worried about Akihiko. She remembered what had happened the last time Misaki wasn't around. 'What if Akihiko tries to cut himself again' Aikawa asked herself.

"I just miss my Misaki so much. I know I was the one who told him to leave after the horrible incident with Rin, but that was only because I was angry." Akihiko could feel himself growing sadder with each mention of Misaki's name. "I just feel like I have nothing to live for."

"Why don't you just call him and tell him how you feel." The older woman asked as she laid a hand Akihiko's shoulder.

"I do, I always feel like calling him but we've been apart for three years. What if Misaki has a girlfriend or a wife, or a family? The author sighed, the idea of Misaki having a family that wasn't with him killed him inside. The whole idea of Misaki having a wonderful life without him killed him inside; he just wanted his Misaki back.

"Um sensie, the truth is Misaki doesn't have a girlfriend or a family. Misaki calls me on a regular basis to ask me about you. He keeps sitting around hoping you'll call but you never do." The editor said as she turned her head to the side as to avoid Akihiko's gaze.

"W-why didn't you tell me this" Akihiko said as he felt himself getting very frustrated. "All these years and you never told me Misaki wanted me to call him and ask for forgiveness!"

"Sensie I did tell you, I told you many times. You were always far too depressed to listen to anything I was saying." Aikawa crossed her arms and gave her boss a "duh" look. She swore, Akihiko was good at writing but he was really stupid when it came to anything else.

Immediately Akihiko grabbed his phone and dialed Misaki's number. He listened as the phone rang, hoping Misaki would pick up. Suddenly some automatic voice told him the phone he was trying to reach had been canceled. This left Akihiko very puzzled, he wondered if this meant Misaki disconnected his phone so he couldn't reach him. But then it finally hit Akihiko that Misaki probably bought a new phone since I phones were invented and no longer wanted his pink flip phone.

Akihiko decided he would just confront Misaki at his home. Using the power of the internet Akihiko found Misaki's address. Luckily Misaki was only a few blocks away from him living in an apartment. Immediately Akihiko began to walk to Misaki's house. When he reached his apartment regret started to set in. "What if he doesn't want to be with me." Akihiko asked himself. Despite all of his worries Akihiko successfully rang the doorbell.

"U-usagi San!" Were the first things that came out of Misaki's mouth when he opened the front door. He was astonished to see his lover there, smiling the best smile ever. It had been so long since the two last saw each other. Misaki had the urge to fling himself at his older lover and embrace him for eternity.

"Hi, Misaki" Was all Akihiko could muster. He felt his heart fill with joy at the sight of his cute little lover. He hoped Misaki hadn't slept with anyone during their time apart.

"U-Usagi San what are you doing here" The young brunette asked as he stepped closer to Akihiko.

"I'm here to apologize, three years ago when I told you I didn't want you anymore; that was a lie. The truth is I was just angry and I was thinking with my brain instead of my heart. I could never hate you; I could never go without you. So I'm here to tell you that I am sorry." Akihiko said while standing proudly in front of his lover. He had been bearing those feelings for three horrible years; it felt good to let them out.

"Usagi San do you truly mean that?" Misaki said as his beautiful emerald green eyes filled with tears. The words his lover was saying was making him feel so weak in the knees. Misaki knew that he truly loved this man.

"Of course I mean that and to prove it to you I want you to move back in with me and marry me." Akihiko said as he hugged Misaki

"MARRY YOU! Doesn't this seem like its moving a little too fast?" Misaki asked, astonished at Akihiko's words.

"Your right, this is moving a little too fast; but that's how are whole relationship has been ever since the beginning." The silver haired man said with a smile before taking his lovers face in his hands and leaning in for a perfect kiss.

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