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Year 2148

The world was dead. Harry thought with a heavy heart, as he took one final look of his home, or what was home. The city towered in all directions with massive steal skyscrapers blocking out most of the sun. Small unhealthy looking trees lined the streets in a vain attempt to brighten up the city. Today was the last time he would see earth, Harry thought tiredly, after today there was no turning back. With a soft sigh Harry turned away, suddenly feeling as old as he should be, and entered the RDA complex to get prepped for the shuttle to Pandora. This wasn't just a mission, but an exodus as the last magic being on earth left.

The RDA Building was a cold looking monstrosity, its size dominated the other building around it. Its polished white walls and white tinted windows, reminded Harry of an elephants ivory tusk reaching up into the heavens. Thankfully 8 blocks on all sides of the building were shutdown, leaving only RDA employees with access to today. Only his fellow coworkers milled about him as they headed to the front doors. Most days they entered through the staff entrances. Today, to give people a feeling of grandeur before they boarded the five year space flight to Pandora, everyone entered through main lobby.

It was the most impressive and easiest way to keep track of the workers. Only a couple doors left the front lobby after the lifts were shut down. The lobby was circular like the main building, and hollow down the center allowing one to look straight up in the middle past hundreds of floors that circled around the empty space. Several glass elevators lined the center circle giving a spectacular view down as they rocketed you up. Each of the six lifts had two armed guards with mean looking rifles, preventing anyone from straying from where they were supposed to go. Small vegetation and a waterfall seemed out of place in the white sterile monstrosity. The whole lobby framed a single modern style glass case in the center of the room.

Stepping out of the crowd to the front desks Harry walked over to the case. The case held a large iron looking sphere, with an assortment of coloured wires connecting it to a control panel. A larger than life bronze statue of grizzly looking scientist proudly stood gesturing to the iron ball. Walking over to the gold plaque in front of the display, Harry looked disgustedly at the man.

"You single handedly destroyed magic, and you didn't even know it." Harry whispered softly, looking down to the plaque.

{Reed Aldabooks - Inventor of the first stable nuclear fusion reactor utilizing Unobtainium in 2035. A pioneer of Unobtainium technology, and winner of several Nobel prizes. Dr. Reed next to his first working prototype, the reactor that single handedly changed the world for the better.}

A smaller case next to the plaque held a small metallic rock, with a small write up beside it. {Unobtainium: a material able to conduct staggering amounts of electricity without resistance and energy loss. The first room temperature superconductor that does not lose energy to heat. Discovered on earth 2034.}

Bitterly Harry joined the crowd headed to check in for the flight. Each person carried a small green duffle bag same as Harry himself did over one shoulder. Harry stood out in stark contrast to the others, his black shoulder length hair, and his apparent lack of excitement compared to his coworkers.

The lines made quick progress, people disappearing through the sliding doors behind the counter. Finally it was Harry's turn, gathering his wits he readjusted his bag and stepped up to the counter.

"Name? Division?" A young redheaded girl with bright blue eyes asked politely, looking Harry up and down appreciatively.

"Barney Stinson, biological research." Harry answered politely, he doubted anyone would notice a fake name stolen from a TV show 140 years ago. Looking at the tag on her chest Harry noted that she was well equipped, and her name was Tammy.

"Ah yes mister Stinson," she replied excitedly, typing on her computer. "Please continue to security bay 7 behind me and have your identification ready. Be safe." She finished kindly her blue eyes showing no false sincerity.

"Thanks Tammy, you too." Harry said kindly flashing her a lopsided grin, continuing through the doors behind her.

The hallway was long and uniformly white like the lobby, a sign depicting bays 1 through 50 pointed down the hallway. Sighing once more, Harry started down to a door not far off labeled 7.

The room was crowded Harry realized once he opened the door to the small room. A security guard with a small gun on his hip, and a burly looking man who was thankfully unarmed were waiting for him. The room simply had a long table along one wall, a weird looking computer sat on one corner, and a second door with a key pad. Harry recognized the computer, it was a retina DNA scanner combo, the RDA was quite fond of them.

The burly one was the first to talk. "Alright straight to it, come in close the door, papers to me, and pass your bag to this grumpy looking guy behind me."

Complying without a response Harry did as told, earning an approving nod from the guard.

Looking through the papers the burly one wasted no time. "Alright you know the drill, press your face to RDSC," he said pointing to the head guard on the machine. "and when you're done prick your finger in the tester tray and well get you through to medical quickly Mr. Stinson."

Pressing his face to the scanner, Harry tried not to blink as the green light scanned his eye. Pricking his finger in the tray the machine flashed blue and began to analyzing his blood. Before long a ding the screen, displayed his photo with a green confirmed floating in the corner.

"Very good" said the guard with the gun relaxing visibly, "arms out, a quick pat down and I'll check your bag."

After an uncomfortable thirty-seconds for both of them, the guard moved back to the table satisfied. "Clean"

Pressing a button on the corner of the table it whirled to life. LCD light flashed across the table lighting up the built in interface. "Bag scan, and weight." The security guard spoke clearly to it.

"Clean of contaminants and contraband. Clothes and a small toy looking sized empty trunk. Weight 9kg" a disembodied voice monotones back.

Raising an eyebrow surprised, the guard pulled out the small trunk turning it over in his hands confused. "Your allowed 25kg and some personal things, are you sure that's all you want to take? Why the trunk?"

"Sentimental" Harry answered "it's the only thing I have left from my father besides my family ring, everything else is unimportant. I don't need much."

Smiling kindly the guard replied" I understand, you best keep it on you then, its small enough and bags have a habit of...missing the flight." Handing Harry the trunk he attached a tag to the bags strap handle, and gave it back to Harry. "Watch out for the Na'vi Mr. Stinson. Through this door, drop off the bag at the bag ramp, and head to medical."

"I will, thanks guys." Harry responded solemnly, meeting the intense grey stare of the security guard. The staff were right to be worried, less than half returned. The mine was particularly hard on miners, most never made it back to spend their fortunes, dieing from magical radiation poisoning, mine accidents, wildlife, or Na'vi arrows. It was hard on the security teams for the shuttles, a shuttle was sent out every 6 months. Each time many of the people they processed never came back. It must be hard Harry mussed, wondering if the person you pass through will ever come home again.

Typing his personal code into the door, Harry hefted his bag and continued into the hallway, closing the door behind him. Clutching the tiny trunk in his hand, Harry pressed it to his lips before he slipped it into a zippered pocket on the front of his pants. Releasing a pent up breath Harry exhaled deeply, everything was going to plan, the trunk had gotten through.

It was a gamble, Harry had bet everything on being able to take the trunk with him to Pandora. It had everything dear to him, a couple wands which now were no better than twigs on the dead earth. His dad's invisibility cloak, photo albums, a whole drove of potion ingredients under stasis, his firebolt, books, and more books. It had all been put away almost 100 years ago into the trunk, in preparation.

Medical passed in a blur as he was poked, prodded, and examined in ways that seemed to violate every definition of personal space. They handed Harry a standard RDA tracksuit, that was very cozy, in which he transferred the trunk. An elevator ride later and Harry was in a shuttle on the roof of the tower that would ferry them to the long distance interplanetary shuttle waiting just outside the earth's atmosphere. The shuttle had a big cargo area in the rear with a large rear door several cars wide that lowered. There were two rows of seats, one on each wall of the craft with a large section of cargo in space cases strapped down the center. The shuttle was only a quarter full, it still would be an hour.

Leaning his head back against the wall of the shuttle, Harry reflected tiredly. This was it, he was leaving earth. All the work Harry had put into this day, all because of the discovery of a small rock that made this voyage necessary.

Unobtainium, the rock that made nuclear fusion energy possible. Discovered in 2034, at the bottom of Pacific ocean, where scientists have confirmed a meteor struck before life started on earth. As the plates moved and shifted continents around, it buried the Unobtainium deep below the surface. As resources became scarce on the dry land, mining operations began in the ocean, using the latest technology to put workers below miles of water.

A year later after the discovery of Unobtainium, Reed Aldabooks made the final modification on the first stable fusion reactor, it utilized this new room temperature superconducting rock. Fusion had been impossible to harness before Unobtainium because the electric energy given off was so intense that the reactor would over heat and melt down. The metals used in the electrical energy collection would lose energy rapidly in the form of heat, resulting in a total meltdown. This was until Unobtainium, which was able to absorb staggering amounts of electrical energy, without resistance or energy loss. What no one understood was that this wasn't just another metal material, to be formed. But in essence Unobtainium was magic itself. It was only after the world had progressed, fusion technology becoming the forefront of all industry that all magical beings began to feel a decrease in their magic.

Panic spread through the wizarding world, as wizards searched for the first all-encompassing magical disease, not understanding what was really going on. Harry had been one of the first recruited into finding a cure. Pureblood extremists scapegoated the muggleborns, claiming the disease came from there weak blood. The wizarding world was nearing a panic induced genocide when the first dragon died. Each week, more dragons died, and the species become extinct in less than a year. When the first mermaid washed up on shore it became clear to everyone that this problem was much larger than just wizards. After a couple months into searching Harry discovered the horrifying truth; that they were not sick but magic was dying.

Magic was not inherited, passed down through the generations, as purebloods claimed. How much magic you had being the size of your core, and what bloodlines you came from. Magic is an energy, a fuel, an invisible force. Earth had not always had magic, magic came to earth when the meteor hit. As the continents moved over millions of years, the Unobtainium was deposited deep underground. The magical radiation would vent through fissures in earth's crust, creating hotspots.

These locations were unknowingly locations wizards settled and built their world, feeling most alive and powerful near the source of their power. Magic wasn't something a person made, it was something borrowed, and harnessed.

This energy, this magical radiation caused major mutations in organisms around the world. A certain mutated gene, nicknamed the core gene is what makes magic possible. There is nothing magical about wizards, their body does not produce the magic, merely harnesses it, and stores it. How effective their gene was at collecting the magical radiation around them determined their strength.

A person became magical in most cases, when under perfect conditions during pregnancy, get exposed to long term magical radiation. Its why magic was thought to be passed down. A magical household has tons of harnessed radiation floating around, thereby exposing the fetus to far more radiation than one in a muggle society. It is not always a guarantee that a baby would be magical in a magical household, Squibs did happen.

The horrifying truth was that magic was a finite resource, and muggles were refining it. Unobtainium in its natural state releases large quantities of magical radiation, once refined it no longer releases magical radiation, but becomes the perfect superconductor with a unique magnetic field. As muggles processed more and more of the Unobtainium reserves on earth, magical energy on earth continued to decrease. Wizards who prided themselves on being superior to muggles were quickly becoming muggles themselves. As muggles burned through the small Unobtainium deposit on earth, more and more squibs were born, and those who could still use it barely could.

Twenty years after the decline started, most magical species were threatening to go extinct, and if things continued would be extinct in less than another Twenty years. It was that year in 2055, that Harry received another prophecy. Harry had been recruiting for Hogwarts, a little muggle born witch, which was increasingly rare, only one or two a decade.

Her Prophecy was simple, hardly rhyming at all. Her eerie blue eyes stared blankly as she spoke in monotone:

'Your world is dying, the time to prepare is now, before the decade has past magic will be gone. Witch hunts begin anew when lies exposed. Deep underground and water, life will sustain. Pack everything you'll need, ten extra decades of life would be wise. Wait and wait you shall, the way shall be shown, the way to your new home among the stars. Beware, drawings last, sounds fade.'

The first line was simple, magic was going to disappear faster than expected, he needed to prepare now. The last two lines was fairly easy too. At that time, charms were already beginning to fail to hold, and as the Egyptians proved, runes can stand the test of time. While most Egyptian runes have an atmospheric magic charge rune, there still is a built in magical store rune in all Egyptian runes. It is possible that Egyptians understood magic better, and understood that magic had a shelf life. This store rune was filled by the caster at the time and would remain after the ambiance magic was gone, it gave the rune a core to fuel the rune. Any magical preparations best be done with runes, as they are charged with magic when they are made, and use that energy to sustain themselves. Whereas charms constantly draw off the environments magic, which a decade later was all but kaput. The new home, was obviously another world that was magical.

This began three years of almost completely depleting his, and Fawkes core as they threw everything they had into each rune unsure just how long the rune had to survive. First thing was a series of magical trunks. One trunk holding a hundred or so other shrunken trunks. Undetectable expansion runes and shrinking rune clusters on the trunks were heavily layered. Most importantly packed was the Philosophers stone in its own trunk. Using all of his money, selling heirlooms, and real-estate. Harry bought as many potion ingredients he could get to put under stasis. Magical plants, and animal parts becoming increasingly scarce as species continued to go extinct. Having lived with magical radiation for so long, magical species could simply not survive without it. A large number of books were also packed, along with the course books and notes of professionals like healers and wand crafters had studied when they trained. Creating a sort of self-teach method, should he need to learn any of those professions, or should a new generation need to learn.

Then began one of the largest series of grand robberies in wizarding history. Using Fawkes to flame in and out of security, they stole any item that was not for sale, completed wands, wand crafting materials, books from private collections, a small store of weapons and full stores of completed magical potions. Everything that would be needed to start a base of operations was also stolen or bought where it could be. A bed, shrunk building supplies, muggle weapons, and most importantly hundreds of the best ward stone anchors in existence. The stones were worth more fortunes than Harry could possibly have afforded and were stored in many different family vaults, and stores around the world, they had to be stolen. Harry did not like stealing, but it had been necessary. Most of these items would be useless in a couple years anyways. It would also be a shame to for all the knowledge accumulated over the years to be lost.

The line 'Witch hunts begin anew when lies exposed.' was straight forward. Wizards had been lying to muggles for centuries. When hundreds of never seen before pyramids suddenly appeared in Egypt and other wizard areas, hidden Fidelius and protection charms starting to give out, shit hit the fan. The line was clear to Harry, he had needed to leave the wizarding world before this happened with acceptable muggle paper work. It wasn't a good time for wizards in London when Diagon Alley suddenly appeared. Nor was is good when expansion charms suddenly gave out, ramming buildings together and squishing some people to death as rooms and buildings struggled to fit in the smaller space. Luckily Harry was warned and avoided being caught in the second purge of magical beings, this time without flame tickling charms. Many were burnt like the times of old. Large parts of Hogwarts simply collapsed, and that which remained standing became a muggle trophy and tourist attraction, showing where muggles where witches used to train before they mysteriously died out.

The decades of life was simple. Turned out Albus had not destroyed the philosopher stone, but merely hidden it. The real stone had never even been at Hogwarts, it was well hidden by the only person Nicholas truly would trust with it, Fawkes. The ruse worked and Harry hadn't known the truth until Fawkes had bonded with him, 12 years after Harry had defeated Voldemort. The prophecy called for 10 decades of extra life, 2 doses of elixir. Obviously Harry needed to appear younger or stay alive, and once magic was gone, he could not make more.

The only line that gave Harry problems was 'Deep underground and water life will sustain.' Nothing Harry could think of had made sense. He had finished packing everything he would need two years before the prophesied five years left of magic ran out. In a spur of forward thinking Harry constructed rune energy stores or batteries. For the last two years of magic, Fawkes and Harry poured every bit of spare magic they had into the batteries. In this time Harry made the last batch of elixir, four doses just to be safe. He took one to make himself twenty again, and put the others in a muggle bank security box with the batteries. Patching all the holes in his paper work for his muggle back round. With one last heist, he and Fawkes stole most of Malfoy's gold gallons and melted it down into gold bars. Harry opened a gold mine up north in Canada and started selling melted gallons for their gold. By the time it was 2070 Harry had built up a fortune legitimately in the muggle world.

It was year 2060, when magic officially died on the surface of earth. There was barely enough magic on the surface for Harry to even get a lumos to work feebly, and his magic gene was among the best in the world. It was that year Harry put his wand in the trunk and shrunk it with the rune for the last time. For most common witches and wizards there was so little magical radiation in the air that their gene went dormant. That year, more than 30 percent of witches and wizards died, from shock as there bodies failed to cope with the complete loss magical radiation. Another 40 percent were lost in witch hunts, burned alive or murdered in other grotesque ways. It was that year Harry had lost both Ron, and Hermione, their bodies unable cope without magic. Old age caught up with them fast, magic no longer keeping them alive past their years. Ron and Hermione had both said no to Elixir, they never did say why they wouldn't take any, no matter how much Harry insisted. Their deaths were hard to bare.

The remaining witches and wizards slowly lost their magic one by one, becoming the muggles they so passionately hated their entire lives. Magical plants and animals continued to decline. Fawkes no longer flamed anywhere, trying to conserve as much energy as possible.

It was in 2070, wizarding culture having completely disappeared, and magical creatures had almost all gone that Harry finally figure out the last unsolved line of the prophecy. 'Deep underground and water life will sustain.'

Harry had only figured it out just in time to save Fawkes. Fawkes had just taken a turn for the worse, he was hardly eating or moving. Unlike Harry who had gone completely muggle his, gene going dormant in 2067. Fawkes was a creature of magic, and couldn't survive without it. Harry was already thinking about starting to use the rune batteries to transfer energy to Fawkes, hoping to buy him time when the RDA made the announcement that help solve the riddle.

'The RDA only has 20 years left of Unobtainium deposits on earth, and supply for fusion reactors would only last another 60 years. They were now preparing to search space for another planet, moon, or asteroid that has Unobtainium.'

The mines. Packing up his gold mining operation, Harry rushed to the RDA, and sighed up as a Unobtainium miner. Magical radiation, that was the key, there wasn't enough Unobtainium anymore to radiate to the surface but working close to rock itself way below the surface was more than enough to sustain Fawkes.

The mines were a dangerous place for a muggle. While the Radiation is safe for muggles without the gene when it filters up to the earth's surface in doses, it was not safe to handle directly. Unobtainium is potent in its raw form. Miners rarely lived long after handling it, maybe for decade or more. Protective suits, gear, and bought miners time and was constantly improving. They made a lot of money, but few lived to spend it.

Harry quickly became known as the freak down in the mine, and rose quickly through the ranks of the crew deep below ground. While most could barely survive 6 months in close proximity before showing their first cancerous symptoms. Harry had been in the mine five years already, and was still in perfect health. For Harry and Fawkes, the mines were exhilarating. The magical radiation in the mine was thick, the air oozed magical energy in an intensity Harry had only ever felt a couple times during major duels in his life. It also was reassuring to Harry that a wizard could come out of dormancy in new radiation.

The magical overload, brought Harry out of his dormancy, and brought Fawkes back to health within the first month they were there. A side effect of all the raw energy was that Harry and Fawkes could not sleep unless they burned off much of their energy, and would still rise early in the morning as their stores recharged quickly being in such close proximity. Invigorated Harry began charging more runic batteries with Fawkes again, knowing all to well that the energy would not last long.

By 2075, Harry and Fawkes were the last two magical beings on the planet. By 2087, the magical energy in the mine started to fail, as the mines reached critical level and had less than five years left of Unobtainium. The mine had made a transition from harvesting large chunks of it to sifting through the dirt for the small pieces and particles. The energy was hardly enough to keep Harry's gene active, and most of the energy it did manage to collect Harry gave to Fawkes. It was in this time Fawkes had a burning day which he barely survived. Harry being forced to use a rune battery minutes before Fawkes burst into flames, afraid he wouldn't have enough energy to be reborn.

By 2093, the rune batteries were proving to be a life saver as Harry gave Fawkes a little bit of life sustaining energy each day. The mine had closed two years prior, and if Harry wasn't able to find a new source of energy soon, Fawkes would only be able to make it to 2115 off the batteries if he was lucky.

Thankfully, shortly after new year's in 2100 the RDA proudly announced that they had developed a high powered scope that enabled them to see Unobtainium radiation in space light years away. Unlike the delay telescopes get when looking at objects light years away, the new scope nicknamed the 'flash scope' made it possible to look at stars and planets in real time up to ten light years away. More valuably flash scope also could measure from earth the Unobtainium radiation levels of the planet. The pervious method being finding a planet and then shooting a probe at it, and waiting ten years for the results. Both extremely expensive, time consuming, and was yet to yield a planet or moon with Unobtainium radiation. With flash scope the RDA was predicting a positive within a month as the scope became live within the next couple days.

It was in 2100 that Pandora was finally discovered. Photos of the new moon blared over the news. Not only did the moon have Unobtainium, but also showed signs of life. The RDA rose to super stardom over night as they saved earth from the economic collapse that was imminent once the Unobtainium supplies ran out. Probes were sent to confirm the deposit and learn more about the moon in the Alpha Centauri star system. Funding from the government poured in for the rapid construction of an interplanetary spacecraft capable of bringing back Unobtainium.

The only problem was that Harry was too old to go. The government mandated that the age limit to go to Pandora was 40 for miners. For biologist and medical professionals the age limit was 60 due to the education involved. The moon was more than five light years away, it made sense but it was frustrating. Harry could make himself 20 again but RDA was demanding at least five years' experience in mining other for the first trip. If Harry went to school for an MD Fawkes would be long dead by the time he finished. If Harry made himself 20 again he would have to change his name, and would lose all credentials in the process. By the time Harry could qualify again to go it would be too late for Fawkes.

This really left Harry with only one option. In the spring of 2100 Harry went and pulled all the rune batteries out of the vault and took Fawkes high up into the Rocky Mountains. Fawkes was going to have to attempt to flame to Pandora with nothing but a picture of the trees that was used on the news as reference. Fawkes would have to go alone, as the energy required to flame that distance was too great for him to take anything but himself. Harry would have to get there some other way with their supplies. Activating the Batteries Harry went for broke, pouring all of their stored energy into Fawkes. Fawkes did not hesitate as the last battery became empty, disappearing in a ball of flame. Harry stayed on the mountain for a whole month, until a single red tail feather appeared in his camp in a burst of flame. Fawkes had made it. It was with a heavy heart Harry had left the mountains, he was the last magical being on earth.

For 30 years Harry existed on earth, with no hope or plan to get to Pandora. High unemployment rates on earth and the general excitement of exploring a new world had choked all possible avenues to Pandora. The mining route was basically closed as every kid coming out of high school flooded the mining jobs on earth required to get the necessary experience to go to Pandora. The biological and medical teams were filled, and like almost everything there was a giant waiting list. It wasn't until 2131, that luck happened upon Harry.

Harry had been sitting at a pub in Paris having a drink, when a young RDA employee happened to sit next to him. After several drinks, and realizing Harry was an elderly man past the age to go to Pandora she divulged that a new department in biology was going to be coming within the next ten years. She quickly explained that the RDA was having trouble getting the indigenous to trust them, and was looking for solutions. The rumour was that the RDA was going to adapt the already successful avatar program to give a scientist a Na'vi body. Walk like them, talk like them, and maybe they'll trust the RDA.

The avatar program was first developed for politicians to give public speeches and make appearances. A avatar was basically a programmed clone dummy allowing a leader to be his own double. This made assassination practically impossible as leaders sat safely in heavily fortified bunkers, far away from danger. According to Harry's RDA friend, they were still at least 15 years away if approval went through, as they tried to get around the problems of mixing genetics of two different species and having them close enough to still be able to connect.

Feeling that this was his chance, Harry used the last of elixir to become twenty again, and a great deal of his fortune to buy himself a new name, records, and entry into Harvard school of medicine. For 13 years Harry studied, and in 2144 he finished with top marks. Harry finished with an MD, specialized in Neurology, with a minor Environmental Biology.

In 2145, the first success in making a Na'vi Avatar was announced by the RDA research and development division. It was followed by the announcement that they were now accepting applications for the third series of avatars to be sent to Pandora, on the second ship of year 2148. The RDA had expanded the fleet to 20 ships in allowing them to send a ship of supplies to Pandora, and Unobtainium back every six months continuously.

An MD of a relevant field was mandatory and those approved from the short list of qualified professionals, and then were tested for a certain sequence of genetics necessary to link to an avatar with Na'vi genetics. What the RDA Biological division didn't know was this gene that they found in Na'vi biology that the scientific individual needed in their genetic code. To successfully combine and produce a living Na'vi, was the core gene that Harry himself had discovered many years ago. The RDA was essentially looking for dormant wizards and witches who had remarkably inherited a core gene for an ancestor that had lived on earth when there was radiation. Something Harry had thought was impossible.

The spring of 2145 Barney Stinson applied for the avatar program. After his MD was approved, Harry's genetics were tested for congruency. Unsurprisingly, Harry was a match and was readily accepted into development. Harry became a something of a legend within the biological division; his colleagues were stunned by just how perfect his genetics were for being paired with the Na'vi's. It became sort of a joke within the department of how Harry was the long lost child of Pandora returning home. Including Harry, there were to be four new Avatar drivers headed to Pandora in 2148. The next class of drivers was selected to train with Harry's as well. Their departure to Pandora was scheduled for two years after Harry's own and would have six new Avatars.

The following three years were a blitz of information, as the RDA rushed to get the 2148s up to speed for their departure. The Na'vi language was studied extensively, along with biotic life of Pandora by Dr. Grace Augustine. Na'vi culture basics were also included, focusing on the main goddess Eywa, and social traditions due to the limited amount of time they had to prepare compared to the 2150s.

Harry had barely contained his laughter when he reached the chapter about the red flaming bird that hung around one of the Na'vi settlements and was looked after by the people. Its features were similar to that of a phoenix of human mythology. The photo of Fawkes being fed a piece of meat that hung in his office still made Harry smile. Fawkes had gone to Pandora more than a decade before anyone from earth had made it there. In that time Fawkes had managed to entrench himself in Na'vi culture. The Omaticaya clan told doctor Grace when she asked about the brilliant red and gold bird, of his mysterious appearance long ago in a ball of flame during a time of conflict between two clans.
Fawkes appearance and calming song allowed the two tribe leaders to clear the anger from their vision and agree to peace. The Omaticaya people have looked after Fawkes ever since, his presence being a sign of hope and peace for their people.

If Harry was being honest, it was Fawkes who kept him going. Without him, Harry would have given up long ago. Fawkes first saved him twelve years after the war, when his wife and unborn child died during a complication during labor. It was in the weeks of despair that followed, when Fawkes had found him drunk off his gourde in his house. It was the first time Harry had seen him since Dumbledore's death. The next morning, hung-over but now sober, Fawkes bonded to Harry. The metal berating Harry had received had surprised his fuzzy brain as Fawkes demonstrated his ability to communicate that Harry had always suspected. With Fawkes help, Harry had found new purpose and began teaching at Hogwarts while he recovered from his loss.

Then in 2055 things magic started to decline, and magical species began to die. Harry threw himself into research, hoping to find a way to save magic but, selfishly it was to save Fawkes. Fawkes was his best friend, and if the decline was anything to go by magical beings could not live without it. After the prophecy, the hope of finding somewhere new was for Fawkes. Harry would have been fine with accepting his end, becoming muggle and passing on with his two best friends. But, Fawkes had saved Harry several times; it was his turn to save him. After Fawkes had been saved and flamed away, it was the first time they had been apart for almost a hundred years. It was the thought of seeing his best friend again, alive and healthy on a moon full of life, that had gotten Harry onto this shuttle. All the hard work was finally paying off.

Harry eyes snapped open as he was jarred by a person sitting next to him. "Barney! How on earth can you be sleeping?" A pretty blond asked him aghast as she strapped herself into the crude shuttle seat. "We're going to Pandora Barney! You know the one we've been training for since Harvard?"

Harry smiled as the familiar pretty violet eyes locked with his, "Just saying goodbye to earth. Did everything in security go alright?"

"Yes sir, I think I was one of the last for this shuttle. I can't believe were going for 15 years and all they let us pack is 25 kg of clothes and personal belongings." She said with a huff, playing with a strap on the seat harness, checking the buckle.

"Why Evaline? We're only awake for 5 and besides, I only used 9 kg of mine." Harry said with a smile, watching her jaw drop and murderous look develop in her eyes.

"You had 16kg of free space..." Evaline drifted of dangerously.

Harry flashed a lopsided grin. "Yes, but can you imagine how weird it would have been if I had shown up with a bag full of women's lacy and silk unmentionables at security. That would have started rumours."

"I would have given you other stuff." Evaline said in a huff crossing her arms, as a smile tugged at the corners of her lips. "maybe…"

Harry laughed. "Sure you would have. The least you could have done was show up at the party in a different outfit."

"Barney we all have the same tracksuit."A soft rumble passed through the shuttle as the engines started, looking down the row of seats, Harry couldn't see any empty ones on their side. Evaline paused ever so slightly at the noise, before double checking her harness again.

"See what I mean, rude I wore it first." Harry said in a bitter mumble making her giggle. "Where are Kevin and Julia?"

"Julia was on the first shuttle of the day, and Kevin is on the last naturally, he never gets stuff done on time. Why, you don't want be stuck in the same cryosleep zone as me?" She asked seductively a finger trailing down his arm.

Harry's face reddened brilliantly, cursing his ancient body as it betrayed him even after all this time. "It is a worry."

"Do you think they have double cryosleep chambers." Evaline ignored him leaning closer to his ear.

"We'll be asleep!" Harry said laughing.

Harry was saved from her answering as the bay door at the back of the shuttle began to close.

"Say goodbye to earth Barney." Evaline said quietly as the doors closed, the view to the outside shrinking quickly. A stern military personnel in a flight helmet was walking towards them.

"Attention employees." The man said stopping in front of them. "We now begin your journey to Pandora!" He paused as the people applauded. "I will be you pilot Major Gills, and will fly you to the interplanetary Spacecraft. Please stay seated and strapped in until I tell you we are safely docked. At that time, I want you to remember we will be in zero gravity and will be exiting out the top of the craft though that hatch." Gills paused again pointing to the hatch in the roof.

"You will be met by a security team member who will lead you two at a time to a cryobunk where you will be strapped in. We ask that you wait patiently for the medical teams to reach you, and when you wake up, I will see you again to shuttle you down. I don't want to hear of any problems from my ship understood?"

"Yes Sir!" Harry chanted along with everyone, before joining the applause as the pilot left the cargo hold.

Evaline flashed him a smile as everyone calmed down, the engines noise began to slowly increase. "This is it, I'm glad you're here with me Barney."

"You too Evaline." Harry said enjoying her violet eyes, as they held each other's gaze.

The ship lurched as gravity released its hold on the craft, the engines rapidly gaining power and propelling them off of earth. As the ship began to change angle and point upwards, Evaline slipped her hand into Harry's, her head back firmly in her seat and her eyes closed. Smiling he gave her hand a squeeze, enjoying the flight as the ship vibrated and shuddered as it thundered through the atmosphere.

Harry had met Evaline, almost 16 years ago in Harvard. She was a bright, smiling 18 year old freshmen from Canada. She was from the big cities and had grown up to the stories of Pandora. She longed to see the massive forests, and clean world Pandora offered. The two became quick friends, and in second year once Harry felt he could trust her, he shared the secret of the Avatar program making Evaline promise not to tell anyone. Together they tackled medical school, and eventually Avatar training together. Harry hoped her gene would wake and function so he would have someone to teach the secrets of magic once they got there. Evaline has always had a boyfriend off and on throughout school, but once they started Avatar program she had stopped. The prospect of a five lightyear away relationship wasn't overly appealing.

Harry was lifted out of his thoughts as he experienced weightlessness for the first time. The ship becoming quiet and smooth as the shuttle left the earth's atmosphere. Evaline giggled next to him as she slipped off a shoe laughing as it floated, letting go of his hand to catch it and twirl it. A deep thud from the top of the ship snapped her out of her fun, clutching the shoe to her chest like one would a teddy bear. "What on earth was that?"

Harry openly laughed at her as the engines began to die down. "It was actually in space, and that was the shuttle docking I presume."

Evaline's face reddened as he continued to laugh."Shuddup."

A couple crew members came floating down from the cockpit up front to the hatch in the ceiling. After a couple minutes of clicking latches they pushed it open. They then brought ropes from the hatch, and hooked them to the walls above the seats in different spots. One line was hooked above Harry's seat; the crew member shook his head muttering as he saw Evaline with her shoe." There is always one." Finished he pushed over to the cargo that was strapped down and pulled himself to the floor. "Alright, in a nice orderly fashion you can begin unclipping from your seats. Please use the ropes to pull yourselves to the hatch."

With astounding speed, Evaline slipped on her shoe, undid her clips, and reached over holding onto Harry's shoulder who had just finished with his last latch. "Quick, Barney the rope!"

Laughing Harry grabbed onto the rope as she held onto his shoulders, allowing Harry to pull them to the hatch.

"First!" Evaline shouted in his ear as she pushed off his shoulders through the hatch.

It was a small room, with several lines of hand rails on the floor with ten or so security guards. A large window was on one the side of the room, with the earth clearly visible in it. Pushing himself over, Harry went to the window marvelling at the earth. "It used to be blue and green at one time." Harry said quietly to Evaline as she joined him at the window.

"The trees have been replaced with skyscrapers." Evaline agreed, taking it in. "Pandora will be green."

A couple others made it through the hatch, floating over to join them at the window. Grabbing her hand Harry pushed off the window heading to the security. "Come on, Adventure awaits."

The security led them out of the room into an adjoining room that was lined with hundreds of cryobunks, each one held two people back to back in separate compartments.

Evaline smiled broadly at Harry as they strapped him into his side still holding onto his hand. "See Barney, I told you we'd get to share one."

"Not really, you'll be safely on the other side." Harry said rolling his eyes as his last strap was secured in place.

"Together." she said firmly. Taking advantage of a mostly strapped down harry, she pulled herself in. Giving him a lingering kiss on the corner of the mouth, surprising him.

Before Harry could respond she had been pulled to the other side to get strapped in. The medical team swooped down on him, giving him needles, and installing two IVs before telling him to hold tight it would kick in about two minutes. All done, Harry sat there floating, feeling a little apprehensive of being put under for 5 years.

"Barney?" Evaline's voice said quietly from the other side of the cryobunk.

"Yeah," Harry answered lamely.

"I guess this is it for five years." She said dramatically.

"Not really, clinical studies argue it only feels like a couple seconds." Harry responded smartly, imagining her rolling her eyes on the other side.

"Smart ass. Do you think they will let it happen to Pandora too?" Evaline asked concern thick in her voice.

"Do what?" Harry asked confused.

"Turn Pandora Grey."

Harry froze her words hitting him like a ton of bricks. The world they were going to was being harvested. Magic would eventually be extinguished there, and he and Fawkes would have to move again. "I hope not. See you on the other side goof."

"Night Barney." Evaline said yawning loudly.

I won't let them kill Pandora. Harry last thought determinedly before the cryo drugs kicked in and swept him into darkness.

In cryo five years is the blink of an eye.