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"No way! I'm not eating this it looks like shit!"

"Santana you haven't even tried it." Rachel says while rolling her eyes at her friend's antics.

"It looks disgusting and besides I refuse to eat something that I don't know what it consist of." Santana grumbles out.

"It's Rachel's tofu surprise." Quinn speaks up.

"Well I don't want to be surprised when it's coming out my asshole like lava tonight."

"Santana!" Both Rachel and Quinn scolds at the same time.

Santana cracks up laughing because she loves teasing Rachel although the food does look like it has been eaten before and spit back out. It's Sunday the only day of the week she has off and she's sharing dinner and a glass a wine with her two best friends.

"So Santana are you ready for this coming week's seafood festival?" Rachel asks.

"I'm ready for the revenue the place will make but I'm definitely not ready for crowd its going to bring" Santana replies.

Santana co-owns a club/restaurant with Quinn called Lopez & Fabray's. It's one of the town's most popular hot spots. It's a two level building with the club on the first floor and an upscale restaurant on the second. The place is open six days a week but only open from six in the evening until two in the morning. Even though they equally own the place 50/50 Santana manages the club part and Quinn is the head chef and manager of the restaurant. All three went to high school together and have remained close ever since.

"You should be asking Quinn if she is ready because she is the one who had to come up with the new seafood based menus for the restaurant, and the club's bar menus. I'm just doing my usual ordering people around and flirting with some sexy ladies" Santana says while wiggling her eyebrows up and down.

Quinn snorts "Yeah whatever love em and leave em Lopez. Anyways I'm really excited about the new menus I hope people like the dishes I came up with."

"Trust me I have happily gained at least five pounds taste testing your dishes and I know they will love them Q." Santana says with sincerity.

"Yeah babe your dishes must be amazing if Satan is giving you a compliment on it." Rachel adds with a smirk.

"What can I say I'm passionate about food and speaking of food I will not be coming over for dinner again unless Quinn cooks. I'm sorry Rachel but this food looks and taste like dog food... the dry kind." Santana says while shuffling the tofu surprise around her plate.

"How do you even know what dog food taste like Santana?" Rachel snaps back.

"I can imagine, matter of fact I'd rather eat dog food than this shi-"

"Ok! That's enough you two." Quinn says as she stands to start cleaning up the table. She leans over and gives Rachel a peck on the lips. "I think your tofu surprise was great honey."

Santana starts making gagging noises "you two are gross and I need to get out of here."

She walks over to look out the blinds to check the weather. The forecast said it will be bad weather tonight so she wanted to make it home before she got caught up in the storm. Thunder sounds outside and Santana releases the window blinds with a frustrated sigh.

"Oh great, this is just fan-fucking-tastic. Now I have to drive home in this stupid thunderstorm." Santana says annoyed beyond belief at the thought of driving in this weather. She was hoping to be gone by now but the two love birds insisted on making her stay for dinner.

"You know Santana you can always crash here tonight with Quinn and I." Rachel suggests as she clears off the table.

Santana lets out a loud snort. "Why so I can suffer all night long trying to block out those hideous screams you make when Fabgay over there is going down on you? Yeah no thanks Berry."

This comment causes her to receive a slap on the back of the head as Quinn passes her on the way to the kitchen. "Santana don't be crude."

"Oh come on I was just kidding and besides its just a ten minute drive. What bad can happen in that time?" Little did she know that she would soon come to regret these words.

"Well just be careful okay." Quinn says and Rachel nods her head in agreement

"Okay moms I will." Santana replies as she walks out the door preparing herself to brave the storm ahead.

Santana decides to make the best of this drive by belting her heart out to Britney Spears' song "Hit me baby one more time."

"my loneliness is killing me, and I, I must confess I still believe... Santana holds her right ear with her hand and sings high "still believe. When I'm not with you I lose my mind give me a sign. Hit me baby one more time."

The next moment happens in the blink of an eye. Something sounding like a loud explosive crashes into the front side of her car causing her to lose total control and spin out. The car spins three times before finally coming to a abrupt halt. Santana holds a hand to her chest trying to still her rapid beating heart and tries to process what just happened. Her eyes widened in panic as questions run through her mind. Did lightning strike her car, did she hit a deer, or was it a bear? She glances out her wind shield and sees the damage done to the front of her car. That's when she notices something in the road but she can't really make out what it was.

"What the fuck is that?" Santana screams. She strains her eyes to see and it almost looks like a person she hit but there was no way could a person tear off the whole front side of a car. She know she has to go and check it out, just in case it's a person and they need help. At least the thunderstorm has now calmed down.

"Oh please don't let this turn into one of the creepy ass horror movies."

So she sent up a silent prayer and cautiously proceeds to get out of the car. The winds is blowing eerily, tree limbs and debris are all over the road, and the only light she has is coming from the front beams of her car. She makes her way to the middle of the road and she can make out a lone figure slumped over. She lets out a loud gasp when she discovers what is the cause of the wreck.

"Oh hell no this can't be happening." she says in fear as she sees a bloody body of what appears to be a girl.

"Hey are you okay?" After no response Santana scolds herself. "Of course not Santana you just mowed her down with your car."

Santana walks closer to inspect the body and notice that the girl isn't breathing. At this revelation she holds her hands on her head and paces back and forth, as she frantically begins to panic.

"Oh my god I just killed someone, I am a fucking murderer, I'm going to go to jail, and I'm going to be someone's bitch! No Santana you will roll up in there, spot out the toughest bitch and beat her ass Lima Heights Adjacent style." Santana's rant are nterrupted when she hears a faint laugh coming from the presumed lifeless girl. She can't believe what she is hearing maybe her mind is playing tricks on her.

"Wait are you alive and are you laughing at me?" Santana questions angrily.

She can't believe the nerve of this girl. If she didn't look like she was near death I would leave her ass to fend for herself she thought. Santana was so zoned out in her angry thoughts that she doesn't see the girl struggling to get to her feet. She immediately snaps out of it as she hears a strained grunt coming from the girl.

"Hey maybe you shouldn't get up. Hang on and I will run to my car and grab my cell to call for help." Santana begins to jog towards her car.

"No!" Santana stops in her tracks and whips her head around at sound of soft but stern voice.

"Excuse me?" Santana asked incredulously

"I said no! Don't call for help just leave me I will be fine." The girl manages to get out.

"What the hell do you mean no? You're practically dying and you want me to just leave you here? Even though you did just go she Hulk on my car I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing that I just left you here to die. So whether you like it or not I'm going to go call for help." Santana continues to walk back to her car to retrieve her cell phone.

She just so happen to glance back but is shocked at what she sees. Nothing, the girl was no where to be found. She looks all around her and the girl is no where in sight. Oh my god I'm going batshit crazy she thought to herself. She turns back to her car and is met with piercing blue eyes staring back at her.

"Boo." The girl smirks.

Santana nearly jumps ten feet in the air and did the only thing she could think of in that moment. She punches the girl square in the face.

"Ah fuck!" the blue eyed girl holds her nose and doubles over in pain. "What you do that for?" the girl says with a pout.

"S-sorry you scared me it's a reflex. Wait h-how did you do that?" Santana asks.

"I didn't do anything Santana." The girl says smirk.

"Y-you know my name?" Fear begins to rise throughout Santana's body as she awaits the girl's answer.

"Don't get your panties twisted love I heard you talking to yourself saying something about jail and going Lima bean on tough bitches." The girl responds with a slight giggle.

"How are you even standing right now? Here just have a seat in my car while I call for help." Santana pleads but the girl didn't budge.

"That won't be necessary I'll fair quite nicely on my own thank you." The girl politely declines.

"Look if you won't let me call for help at least let me take you to the hospital. You look like complete shit and one hit away from croaking."

"I think I look rather cute if I may say so myself." Brittany says cutting Santana off.

"Ugh! I will not leave you out here alone just let me take you somewhere and you will never have to see me again." Santana says angrily.

The girl stares at Santana with uncertain eyes as if she was contemplating what she was saying.

"Just humor me please." Santana tries to sound sincere as possible because she truly did care about the girl's welfare.

"Okay." The girl concedes.

"Thank you." Santana says while putting the girl's arm around her neck then holding on to her waist to support most of her weight. They clumsily make their way to the passenger side where they struggle but is finally able to get the girl inside the car.

"To the hospital we go." Santana states.

"No Santana I meant it no hospitals." The girl states sternly.

"You have to go somewhere you're in pretty bad condition and your wounds need to be tended to." Santana tries to plead with the girl.

"I said no and if you plan to take me there you might as well let me out of the car now." The girl said with conviction.

"Okay fine where to then?" The girl thinks for a moment as Santana waits for her response.

"Your house." Santana's eyes bug out maybe she didn't hear the girl correctly.

"My house? Why? I don't even know you, you could be an axe murdere or rapist. Wait what is your name?" Santana rambles out.

"It's Brittany and I am neither of those things. I just need a place to recuperate then I'm out of your hair for good. I can understand why you would say no." Brittany looks down dejectedly.

Santana wouldn't dare say no to Brittany especially with how devastated she is looking. Santana was just happy that she could stop referring to Brittany as the girl. ;)

"To my house it is." Santana turns the key to the ignition and begins to drive towards her house wondering what she has gotten herself into.

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