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"So Britts what's it like being so badass?"

I give Bails a pointed look as he clings on to my neck. I'm currently giving him a piggy back ride because the poor thing looked so exhausted I thought he might fall over at any minute. We are about ten minutes away from the Pitts according to his calculations.

"I don't consider myself to be badass so I wouldn't know." I reply.

"You totally are I use to sneak and watch your sparring matches. You kicked major ass and never lost a fight!" Bails shouts.

"Whoa calm down there buddy and I didn't lose because I fought smart and I didn't go out there looking to destroy my opponent. I just wanted to win and get the hell out of that arena. I don't pride myself in hurting or killing things, as matter of fact I absolutely hate it."

"Well if you hate it, I hate it too." Bails exclaims and gives me the biggest smile.

This kid is seriously too cute for his own good.

"That's a good thing but I want you to despise killing because it's wrong not because I don't like it too." I tell him.

He just lays his head on the back of my shoulder and gives me a barely audible "okay".

I continue to walk through the forest with Bails on my back and I'm trying to control my laughter at the grown man snores coming from his tiny body. We continue on this way for a few minutes when suddenly Bails wakes up in alert and hops off my back going into a fighting stance.

"Easy there tiger." I hear a familiar deep voice coming from my right.

"It's okay Bails it's just Rock, he's a friend of mine." I say trying to calm the little one down.

I see the tension leave Bails body and he straightens up as Rock approaches us.

"I see you finally finished getting your ass kicked and decided to join us now." I say teasingly.

"Whatever not all of us can be a killing machine." he jokes back.

"Hey! We deprive killing and we don't like it!" Bails tells Rock proudly then gives me a mega-watt smile and thumbs up. I give him the thumbs up back and Rock just mouths the word "deprive" to me in confusion. I realize Bails accidentally mixed the words up so I just shake my head then mouth "despise", and Rock lets out a silent oh in recognition.

"Hey what are you two doing?" Bails ask looking between the both of us.

"Nothing, now come on cutie we have some where to be." I ruffle his dirty blonde hair then crouch down for him to hop on my back. His face turns red as a blush spreads across his face but he hops on and all three of us continue on our journey.

The whole time we have been walking Bails and I are laughing and telling stories animatedly. I glance out the corner of my eye to find Rock studying us with a curious expression. I don't say anything about it and continue being playful with Bails.

"Bails who is your mother?" Rock suddenly blurts out.

I stop dead in my tracks and Bails and I turn our heads to look at Rock.

"I don't think I have one. Why?" Bails ask after an awkward silence.

I'm also curious as to why Rock would ask such a thing.

"Oh um it's nothing just trying to get to know you better" Rock replies nervously.

If that isn't the biggest pile of bullshit I've ever heard. I know that Rock knows something but I don't want to press the issue in front of Bails. The whole not knowing your parents can be a very sensitive topic, trust me I know.

"It's cool Bails I don't have one either." I say and continue walking ignoring the look the Rock gives me.

After what seems like the longest amount of uncomfortable silence ever, Bails head springs up faster than a Jack in the box.

"There it is!" Bails points out full of excitement.

In front of us is an old stone building running the expanse of the land. It looks more like a deserted prison than a castle or anything of that sort. It's amazing that the building is still standing because there are cracks everywhere, and it seems as if vines and plants have made their home in the gray stone walls.

"You know the whole time I was living here I never noticed what a shit hole this place is. I definitely knew it was bad but no one should be living in these kinds of conditions." I say out loud and Bails and Rock nod their heads in agreement.

A whole new wave of guilt washes over me knowing that Santana had to stay a day at this place. She is my main priority right now and no matter what the cost is I will make sure she makes it out of here safe and sound.

"Okay team BX3(B times three) listen up." Rock rolls his eyes at my team name but he knows its badass.

"We are on a very important mission to save Santana and we shall let nothing or no one get in our way. We may run into a few obstacles but we must always remember the task at hand. Also I just want to say how much I really appreciate you guys for having my back. It's good to know that I don't have to go through this whole thing on my own." I say to sincerely.

"All right hype man time to do your job." I say then pat Bails on the shoulders.

He cracks his knuckles, rolls his neck as if he was exercising, then he starts jogging in place and punching the air. He obviously is going little over board so I just give him a little nudge on the shoulders telling him to get on with it.

"Oh sorry I may have gotten a bit carried away." He says a bit embarrassed.

"What is our assassin's motto?" Bails yells at the top of his longs.

"Never leave a mission until the job is complete!" All three of us say loudly.

As we make our way to the side door we knew we were in for a fight.

"Ugh who thought it would be a bright idea to make spiral stairs this high?" Rock whined.

"Oh stop complaining I swear your name should have been Brandy." I tell him and Bails snickers at this as well.

"Fu- … Screw you!" Rock yells back clearly annoyed by my teasing.

I'm so thankful when we finally make it to the top of the stairs just so that I won't have to hear his whining anymore. I'm the first to open the door and enter into the hallway with Bails tailing right behind me and Rock bringing up the rear.

As we make our way down the corridor we over hear several voices doing a poor job of whispering. So we follow the voices to a nearby room and I put my ear to the door to listen more closely.

"The boss is in there with the human now."

"Yeah I heard some strange noises going on in there but I don't think she has killed her yet."

"What's so important about the stupid human anyways?"

"She supposedly have ties to Blue in the human world."

"Yeah I think Blue was using the human her as a sex slave or something."

"Damn I always knew Blue was a freak but not like that."

"Have you seen the human though? She is one magnificent looking creature that I'd like to shove my di-

I pound on the door as hard as I can just to keep those filthy words from coming out this asshole's mouth. I make eye contact with Rock then motion my head towards Bails. He immediately catches on and leads Bails away from the door because it was about to get ugly.

"Who the hell is at the door?"

"Go answer it."

"No you go answer it."

"Fine I'll do it then, you lazy piece of shit."

I'm amused by their argument because whoever comes to answer this door will wish he wouldn't have.

The door swings opens and reveals a huge guy double my size and at least five inches taller than me. It didn't faze me though because I give him no time to react before I throw a punch with so much force, that it sends him flying into one of the other guys sitting at a table.

"Oh I'm sorry guys I didn't mean to interrupt. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me where the witch's lair is at."

I think I might have stunned them because for a full minute they just sit there with there in shock.

"Okay so that's a no then?" I ask after no one has made an attempt to move.

I was really trying to work on my anger but it seems as if Blue is getting the best of me today. So I take matters into my own hands and roughly grab the assassin to my left by his collar and hoist him in the air. I notice that this is the same assassin that was in the woods earlier but ran off like a little coward. His friend at the table seems stunned while another one is on the floor struggling to get the huge unconscious body off of him.

"I'm really pissed off right now but I'm also feeling kind of gracious today. So if you tell me where I can find your boss I won't kill you."

"I-I-I d-don't k-know" I roll my eyes as I listen to him nervously stutter out the worst lie I've ever heard.

"Listen if you want to keep your already non-existent dick that you were bragging about early then you better tell me." I say menacingly and it works because he suddenly remembers that I need to follow the hall all the way to the end, then make a left and the big brass door is the Queens room.

"Good boy." I say then drop him roughly to the floor just for the hell of it.

I walk out of the room and close the door behind me because it was the polite thing to do. Rock and Bails are just leaning against the wall have a conversation unaware of what just went on. I explain to them what the assassin told me and we all take off down the hallway. I wish some badass music was playing right about now so we could do the slow don't mess with us strut.

We almost make it to the end of the hallway when suddenly Bails throws out his arms halting Rock and I from moving any further. As soon as he does I hear some voices that sound like they are getting closer to us. I swear this kid has the best instincts and set of ears that I have ever seen.

"It's two of them approaching us at 9 o'clock." He whispers.

I really don't have time for a fight, I seriously need to get to Santana and something in the pit of my stomach tells me that she needs me right now. Rock must have read my mind because he leans over and tells me that he and Bails will distract the group while I sneak off to find Santana. As planned Bails jumps out in the pathway of the two assassins and Rock follows suit.

Thankful for the distraction I manage to slip by them and avoid the brawl that was about to go down. I kept moving at a steady pace and for some reason it seems like my legs have a mind of their own. I'm full of nervous energy and I'm trying hard to contain myself and not break out into a full sprint. As I'm getting closer I can feel Santana and I know that sounds strange but I can just sense her presence and I know that I'm almost there.

"Go ahead and do it!" My ears perk up at the sound of Santana's voice.

The intensity in her voice sends chills through my body because it's the same voice that she used on me the night that I left.

"Kill me!" I hear Santana scream again and my heart drops. All the guilt, hurt, and fear turned into pure rage because whoever Santana was talking to was about to catch my wrath.

I don't know what takes over me but before I know it I am standing in front off a huge brass door and i'm kicking it so hard that it flies off the hinges.

"If it's me that you want, it's me that's what you're going to get."


I have never been so glad to see someone before as I am to see Brittany right now. I knew in my heart that she wouldn't abandon me and I don't know why I even entertained such a thought . I take in her appearance and she looks even better than I last saw her. My eyes rake all over body and take in her posture then I noticed the dark shade of her eyes. They were full of fire and rage and I know this isn't Brittany standing before me.

"Well look at that Santana guess who decided to join us. If it isn't my lovely daughter who I am glad to see have come to her senses and returned." Brittany's mother announces.

"I wouldn't get too happy lady I'm only here for one thing and that's to get Santana and get the hell out this place." Brittany snaps and I'm not going to lie hearing her say that she is here for me made me extremely happy.

"What makes you think I'm just going to let you waltz up in here and call all the shots?" Her mother asks angrily.

"Look I don't know who you are and if it wasn't for the fact that you kind of have my face I would deny that we even come from the same gene pool. I don't have time for this I already told you what I came for and I will kill anyone who stands in my way." Brittany says with conviction.

"You know daughter, you have such a big mouth for someone who is so vulnerable."

For a moment I'm confused as to what she is talking about but then I feel the blade press harder into her neck. I feel a tiny line of blood slowly drips down my and I realize that she is going to use me to try to get to Brittany. Brittany's whole posture changes and I think for the first time since she entered the room she notices my appearance. I see her eyes rake over my face from my busted lip, to the slight bruising on my face and I know it's hard for her to miss they way that I am cradling my arm awkwardly. I watch as the different expressions spread across her face and she is purposely avoiding looking me in my eyes. That doesn't deter me any as I silently will her blue eyes to connect with my own. Finally after several attempts her eyes meet mine and they are full regret, guilt and apologies. With the look that she is giving me I can tell that she is trying to convey how sorry she is for all the things that has happened to me and all the guilt that she feels. At the same time I'm trying to reassure her and let her know that it's okay, that I'm okay.

"Would you two like be alone?" Brittany's mother says breaking us out of our trance.

"You did this to her didn't you?" Brittany accuses angrily.

"I'm going to kill you!"

I watch as Brittany charge towards us and I could feel the trembling in Brittany's mothers hand.

"Now Brittany be smart you're in no position to be flying off the handle. All it takes is one flick of my wrist and your human head will roll on the floor."

"Don't you dare threaten her! It's me that you want and I'm here so let her go."

"So are willing to make a trade? Are you willing to exchange yourself for the human?"

No! I internally scream and silently plead that she doesn't give herself up for me.

I watch as Brittany hang her head and let out a defeated "yes."

"Smart choice darling."

Brittany's mom snaps her fingers three times and out of nowhere these scary looking dudes appear.

"Take the human to the cell and leave my daughter to me, we are going to have a nice little chat." Brittany's mom says then shoves me forward towards one of the men.

I watch as two men approach Brittany with what appears to be chains.

"Hold your hands out Blue and make this easy on your self."

One of the men order and Brittany complies and holds both her arms out in front of her so that they can put the chains on. I watch as he approach her cautiously and clamps one of the cuffs connected to the chain tightly on her right wrist. He goes to put the other one the left wrist but Brittany does something that surprises us all.

I watch as she tugs on the chain so hard it forces the guy to drop it and in one swift motion she wraps it around his neck. It seem like it happened in a blink of an eye because that's how fast and smooth she did it. The guy doesn't stand a chance as tightens they chain around his neck so hard his eyes bulge out of his sockets. His body falls to the ground with a heavy thud and it doesn't take long before the other assassins spring into action. One runs at her and she takes the chain and winds it up in the air a few times then let's it fly hitting the assassin directly in the face. He stumbles back into two other other assassins successfully knocking them to the ground. Another one tries the same approach but this time she throws the chain and wraps it around his leg and pulls causing the assassin to trip wraps the chain tightly around her hand like its a brass knuckle then yanks the assassin to her. I turn my head so I don't have to watch the blow that she delivers but from the sound of it I can tell that its deadly.

I look up to see a few more assassins rushing in the room and it seems like they keep coming. It doesn't matter though because she is doing a good job of kicking all of their asses. Bodies are dropping left and right and I am completely mortified as Brittany practically slay each one of them. I know that she is highly skilled and well trained but I had no idea that she was this deadly. Quite frankly it scares to have to witness all of this because it seems so natural to her just like it's her second nature. I finally understand what she means when she says that she isn't as innocent as I made her out to be. This person before before me isn't Brittany, she's a monster.

"She can't help it it's in her blood."

I turn to find Brittany's mom watching as Brittany kill off her assassins.

"Her emotions is what make her so powerful. She's driven by them and even when she tries to cut them off the human in her just won't die."

"You did this to her! You made her like this!" I accuse.

"I did what I had to for her to survive and one day she will thank me for it. In the mean time let's stop your little girlfriend from killing off my assassins shall we." As soon as she says this she stalks towards her daughter.

Brittany was sitting on one of the assassin's back with his head pulled back and his chin cradled in the palm of her hands. I watch as she snaps his neck and it echos throughout the room.

"Very impressive daughter but it's time for yo to take a nap." Brittany's mother announces and before Brittany can react she strikes her in the head, knocking her out cold.

"Brittany no!" I scream while being carried away and the last image I have is her body motionless on the floor.


Ugh my head is pounding and my eyelids feel like they weigh a ton right now. My wrist are burning and when I go to lift my arms I realize that my mother indeed has me chained up like I'm some wild beast. It's probably a good thing though because I still feel a little rage burning inside me. I try to replay all of the events that led me up until this point and all I can remember is seeing Santana. I try to concentrate and hope that my brain can piece together some information and... oh no! I went all Kill Bill on the assassins and Santana saw it! I hate that she had to see me like that and I also remember her calling my name. I could see the fear all over her face and now she know that I really am a monster. I tried so hard to control it but I just saw the state that she was in and I lost it. I told her that this was in my nature and its a part of who I am but that look she gave me was devastating and I hate myself for it. I just hope she knows that I would never hurt her. Yeah sure when she challenged my authority those many time I want to shake her or super glue her mouth shut but I only did those things in my head. I swear on my life that I would never hurt her.

My thoughts when I hear a loud screeching noise coming closer. I look up and see my mother sliding a chair along the floor and stops when she gets directly in front of me.

"Hello daughter I see that you are finally awake."

I just stare at her like she is crazy. She just knocked my lights out and now she wants to make pleasantries.

"You don't have anything to say?" she asks me.

Hmmm how do I say you're an evil bitch that I want to kill and never have to see again. After several excruciating minutes of making her wait I finally decided to humor her.

"So you're my mother huh?"


"Well lucky me." I made sure to let her hear the spite in my voice.

"Hey I did the best by you."

"Yeah you have obviously never met Claire Huxtable or Carol Brady, hell even Benny Lopez made a better mother than you!" I argue.

"Wait who?"

I realize I went off on a pop culture rant about tv moms who aren't even real. I mentally scold myself and get back to the topic at hand.

"They are irrelevant right now, you owe me answers so start talking."

"Listen Blue this goes way beyond you and I, it involves an entire race."

"Don't call me that and don't dismiss me like I'm some child who isn't old enough to understand. Tell me the truth... I need it."

I honestly did because here I am 22 years old just finding out I have a mother, and that mother is responsible for turning me into a heartless monster, beating up my girlfriend, and chaining me up against my will. My whole world and pretty much everything in it has been a lie and quite frankly I don't know who I am.

"Fine. What do you want to know?" My mother asks breaking me out of my thoughts.


I watch as she stands up, runs her hands through her hair, lets out a heavy sigh and begin to pace the floor. It's kind of creepy because I do the same thing when I'm stressed or upset.

"Well I guess I will start from the beginning. We are a Sambiens. Our species is a genetically advanced human race that originates from the planet Sambius. It's technically not a planet since its three-fourths the size of the ex-planet Pluto. You see Sambius had similar characteristics to Earth and that's how it actually earned its nick named (mini earth). No one really knows how my grandparents and the ones before their time came to be on the planet. My father once told me that our kind was banished there by god because we were way powerful to bow down to him. Which I later found out that ninety percent of what my father said was complete bullshit so there are other theories such as evolution, a bad experiment gone wrong, etc...

The planet was doomed since the beginning of its time and over the years it became heavily polluted and over populated. Things were at their worst when the government was under the dictatorship of the iron ruler Rudolph Frankfort. Who actually just so happen to be my great-grandfather . He practically ran everything to the ground and by the time my grandfather was an adult and his father Rudolph II passed the whole planet was at war. It was the rich versus the poor and no in between. If you weren't apart of the royal family or close friends you were shunned. Eventually the poor outgrew the rich and they revolted against the government. My grandfather tried to bring peace and order to the planet but it was too out of control by that time. So he gathered up his family and all of those willing to flee and migrated to Earth. Eventually everyone that was left on the planet either killed each other or died from disease and famine.

My father Julian Frankfort was part of the first generation to actually be born on Earth. He was the obvious successor over our people and just like the first Rudolph he was a terrible man. He believed that our abilities made us superior to humans and many other creatures. Even though he was a bad man I idolized him especially when I was growing up. I was daddy's little girl and I always wanted to make him proud. So I developed the same mind-set and attitude and became just like him. I've killed my fair share and I still despise humans but your father was the one exception."

I half listened to my mother explain the history of our race but when she mentioned my father she gained my full attention.

"How was he different?" I ask.

"I loved him." She says simply.

Once my mother realized what she said her eyes went wide and she slapped her hand over mouth. The gesture made her seem so childlike and innocent.

"What do you mean you loved him I thought you couldn't experience those kind of emotions?"

"I didn't say anything, I've got to go." My mother says harshly and quickly rushes to the door.

'Wait!" I call out to her and she immediately halts.

"I've basically been alone my whole life up until recently and before then the only person I had was my dad. My memory of him is still as vivid as ever even though I only remember bits and . I held on to those memories after I was taken so that I could always have a piece of him with me. So you owe me kind of explanation about what happened to him."

"You wouldn't understand." My mother says dismissively.

"Make me understand."

My mother lets out a heavy sigh and walks the chair in the corner and Plops down

She bit her lip nervously and her eye brows are scrunched so I figured she was in deep concentration. After what seems like an eternity she lifter her head and began to speak.

"I was eighteen and it was my first mission, my first time to a new place, and my first encounter with a human. I was chasing down a leech who threatened to reveal our identity and give away classified secrets as well. It was such an important mission that I really shouldn't have been on but my father was the leader of our race and I managed to talk him into letting me do it. I just wanted a chance to prove myself to show him that I was a great warrior. I met your father that night in a strange way...


"I can't believe stupid humans dress like this."

It's the early 90s so I'm dressed in this floral print dress with a half cropped jean jacket and my black brim hat with the matching circle shades to go with. Top it all off I have on some black ankle boots and I think I look ridiculous but the lady at the store told me this look was in now.

I take out the piece of paper from my jacket and read the name and address to make sure I was at the right building.

"Hey miss are you lost?" I hear a deep voice say.

"No." I say dismissively not even looking up from my paper.

"Are you sure because I live in this building and pretty much know everyone."

"Look I said I don't..." I stop mid-sentence when I look up and is met with the most gorgeous blue eyes.

Before I can react he snatches the paper out of my hands and my heart races in fear as he reads it.

"Oh you're looking for Mr. Allen I can show you where he is, come on."

He doesn't hand me the paper back but grabs my hand leads me into the building. I don't even know this guy, yet I'm trusting him to lead me into some strange building. I hope he doesn't turn out to be a creep because for some reason the thought of killing him makes me sad. I brush off these thoughts and allow him to lead me up a flight of stairs.

"I'm sorry, I'm being really rude my name is Grant Pierce. May I have yours?"

"Umm Natasha." I lied.

"You don't look like a Natasha to me but okay."

"What do Natasha's look like?" I ask slightly offended.

"Not you." he says without much explanation.

I roll my eyes choosing not to respond.

"So... Mr. Allen never told me he had such a beautiful granddaughter."

"What?" I ask in confusion.

"I said you are beautiful."

Okay I see what going on here because my father has warned me about humans and their ways. They are to never be trusted even though they might be weak and useless some of them can be quite clever.

"Look Greg or whatever the hell your name is I don't have time to deal with your idiotic human ways. Just tell me where the place is and fuck off!"

This must have shocked him because he stopped abruptly and gave me a hard glare.

"It's Grant and there is no need to be a... you know what here you can find it on your own." He says angrily and shoves the paper in my hand and walks off.

I'm actually quite stunned that this peasant would dare speak to me this way. I'm a little taken back by his behavior because if he knew who he was dealing with he would be kneeling at my feet. I don't need him but then again I am in this foreign place and have no idea where I need to go.

"Hey Grant!" I call to him.

He stops mid stride, lets out a heavy sigh then looks at me over his shoulder not even turning around.

"What?" He asks clearly annoyed.

"Ummm.. so I'm just a little aggravated and I didn't mean to come off so harsh. So yeah I'm that thing when you do something really stupid but and you want to excuse it." I say trying my best to sound sincere as possible.

He lets out a chuckle and I'm definitely a little offended because I truly did mean it.

"I believe the word you are looking for is sorry. So I guess that is your way of trying to apologize to me."

"Yeah I'm apologizing that's what it's called!" I say excitedly as I realize I actually got a human thing right.

Grant just looks at me like I have a third eye.

"Okay... you're weird but I accept your apology."

"Good." I say then hold out my hand for him to take and continue leading me to the right floor.

Usually I would find such contact with a human to be the most disgusting thing in the world but for some reason I like holding Grant's hand. Maybe he has some Sambien ancestors or some other species besides human in him.

We finally reach the fifth floor and he leads me to the last door on the right but before we make quite make it there I notice the door is slightly ajar. The warning bells immediately goes off in my head because Mr. Allen is definitely not alone in his apartment. I definitely need to get Grant out of here before he finds himself in a world full of danger.

"I appreciate all your help but can take it from here Grant." I say politely hoping that he will get the hint and leave. Apparently this guy couldn't take a hint because he just stood there smiling at me like a lost puppy.

"I haven't seen Mr. Allen in a while so I think it's the perfect time to visit." Grant says with a mega-watt smile.

Okay this guy may be handsome and charming but he couldn't catch a hint if it hit him in the face and its was starting to piss me off.

"Listen Grant you're a sweet guy-

I was cut off by the sound of glass being broken from inside of the apartment. I make the motion to go inside the apartment but Grants grabs my arm and stops me.

"I'll go in and check out the commotion, you just stay here and continue to look pretty."

I roll my eyes at Grant because I could kick his ass with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back hopping on one leg. I let him lead the way and waited a few seconds after he went inside to follow behind him.

"Oh my god!"

I hear Grant shout and I sprint to where he is and when I approach him I see that he is leaning outside the window heading to the fire escape. I rush to his side and peer out the window as well and look down to see Mr. Allen splattered all over the ground below. I let out a loud grunt of frustration because I didn't even have the chance to question the guy. It looks like somebody came in here and finished the job for me.

I think Grant must have mistaken my grunt of frustration as one of sadness because he swoops me up in a hug and I definitely wasn't expecting it. I'm caught off guard by all these emotions that I'm experiencing right now and it's a bit overwhelming. Oh my god he smells so good too and I don't even try to hide the fact that I am sniffing him. When he starts stroking my hair soothingly my body just instantly melts into his. So I obviously know that I'm suppose to be grieving right now for the dead guy but all I can think about is how good it feels to be in his arms.

He keeps whispering his condolences and how I'm going to make it through this, and how the police are on their way. Wait a minute... the police!

Fear rises through my body at the mention of the police because I definitely can't be a witness to this, and I can't be here when they arrive. I step back out of Grant's embrace and he looks at me with concerned eyes.

"I have to go." Is all I say before rushing towards the door.

"Wait! You can't leave!" I hear him call after me.

I'm too busy hauling ass out of there to even stop.

"Natasha wait please!" I hear him shout.

Ugh I'm glad I didn't tell him my real name because this crazy man is yelling it loud enough for the whole world to hear.

"Grant lower your voice." I hiss.

"Where are you going?" He asks me.

"I'm getting out of here." I reply.

"So you're just going to leave your grandfather lying cold in the streets. What kind of a monster are you?" He accuses.

"The worst kind and that's not my grandfather."

As soon as I let that information slip he stands stunned.

"Who are you?" he ask me with a slight tremble in his voice.

"Nobody, and also I was never here. Go it?"

"No I don't have it and you have something to do with Mr. Allen's murder."He states.

"How is that possible when I was with you genius?"

"Well you know who did and I'm no letting you leave here until the police arrives." He says stepping closer to me.

"I would like to see you try." I feel like he is trying to threaten me and I don't like it one bit.

He reaches out and grabs my arm but as a reflex I easily toss him over my shoulder and he lands roughly.

"Listen Grant I hate to hurt you but you're really trying my patience here and I don't have to time for that. I will walk out this building and you will let me unless you want to end up like you friend Mr. Allen out there." I say menacingly.

After no response from Grant I step away from him and begin to make my way to towards the stairs. I can hear the sirens in the distance approaching and I know that they are getting closer. Time is running out for me and I have to make a hasty exit before the police arrive. I race down the stairs hoping that I have enough time to get out of there unnoticed. The front door is in my view and soon as I approach it I notice a swarm of cop cars pulling up to the front of the building. I internally start to panic because I can't be seen at all. I can't even act like an innocent bystander who just so happen to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time. They will want witness statements and I can't have my real name documented anywhere. Besides Grant will probably rat me out and get me into a whole world of trouble with my father.

I'm so screwed right now and have no idea what to do. I look around for an escape route and maybe there is a back door in this place but then I realize that door leads to the alley where Mr. Allen is currently all over. Maybe I can find somewhere to hide in here, there has to be a closet or something in this place. Time is running out and it's only a matter of minutes before the cops come storming in.

"You can hide in my apartment until they are gone."

I hear Grant call from behind me.

"Ha! Yeah right so you can hand me over to them, no way buddy."

"I won't turn you in I promise."

"Why should I trust you?"

"Do you have a choice?"

Yeah he definitely has me there. Something inside of me believes that I can trust Grant so I follow my instincts and make my way inside of his apartment.

End Flashback

"He was true to his word and didn't rat me out to the cops. I stayed in his apartment the entire night until the coast was clear and they eventually caught the guy that shoved Mr. Allen. It turns out he had a lot of enemies and there was a high priced hit out for him. After the whole incident Grant and I became close and developed a friendship that blossomed into more. He always knew that I was hiding something and I promised him that one day that I would explain everything to him when the time was right. At first it was simply fascination for your father and he was like a breath of fresh air in my life. The world I come from is harsh, cold, violent, and hateful but he was the total opposite. He showed me kindness and he accepted everything about me even the bad."

My mind immediately flashed to Santana because she is the same way.

"It's my fault that your father was killed." She confesses and snaps me out of my thoughts.

"What?" I ask stunned.

"After the first time I met your father I was hooked and I would visit him every time I went out on a mission. It was completely selfish of me though because at the time I had already been promised to another man two years prior to meeting your father. Richard Benedict came from a wealthy family and my father thought it would be a good idea for the two families to merge. I didn't love Richard he was a tyrant just like my father and I was only an eighteen year old forced to marry a man ten years my senior. Shortly after we wed I conceived Rock..."

Conceived? Did she just say conceived? Wait that would mean...

"Rock is my brother!" I yell in shock.

"Yes he is your brother and one of only good thing that came out my marriage. "

"Wait so Grant isn't my father? I ask confused.

"No Grant is your father." My mother states simply.

I let out a gasp when I realize that momma bear was slutting around.

"So in other words you cheated on your husband with my father."

"I know it sounds bad but what Grant and I had wasn't some cheap affair. I was madly in love with your father, in fact he is the only man that I have ever loved. I know it was very inappropriate for me to carry on the way I did when I had a husband and child at home but I don't regret for a second time that Grant and I spent together. It gave me you, one of my greatest accomplishments and I only regret that it had to end so tragically."

"You still haven't told me what happened." I point out impatiently.


Okay now I'm offended how did I cause this when she was the one who was sleeping around.

"I found out I was pregnant with you and from the moment you were in my stomach I knew you were different. I could sense the differences in you and knew you were Grant's and not Richard's child."

"How could you tell?" I ask.

"The first time I heard your heartbeat I just knew. It sounded exactly the same as you fathers sounded when I use to lay my head on his chest. It was honestly the most exciting yet scariest time in my life. On one hand I was so happy to share a piece of Grant but at the same time I knew that breeding outside of our race was forbidden and punishable by death. So I panicked and I stayed away from your father for nine months and made my husband think that he was becoming a father for the second time."

"How did he find out I wasn't his?"

"I think he always knew that you weren't his but he was waiting to confirm it once you were born. When you were born you weren't like all the other babies you were too weak, you needed more attention, you got sick often, and you didn't heal fast enough. The people of the planet begin to talk and I blamed it on some rare super virus you had but it was enough convince my people."

"They believed you?" I ask.

"Yeah they believed me but they weren't who I needed to convince. Richard was enraged and demanded to know the truth and so I told him everything. Once he found out he became very violent even to the point where he threatened to kill you. So I knew I had to do the best thing for your safety. I left you with your father and a note attached to you that basically said that everything that we had shared was a mistake. I explained that I was a married woman and I couldn't raise his bastard child. It was harsh but I had to do it that so he wouldn't come looking for me. So for five whole years you were away from me and not a day that went by that I didn't think of you and Grant. I thought that my leaving would keep you two safe but I was wrong."

I definitely understood that because I thought leaving Santana would keep her safe but it didn't. That's the thing about running no matter how far or how long you run eventually it all catches back up with you.

"So what happened when I was five?"

"Well when I gave you away Richard was pleased until the gossip among the people start to spread. There were all kinds of rumors of what happened to you but we told everybody in the kingdom that the rare virus had finally killed you, and we buried you in a private spot. Richard was a man of control and image and he was furious that he was being made a mockery of. He couldn't do anything to me because he was terrified of my father but unbeknownst to me he had your father tracked down by one of the assassins. When they found him of course you were with him so they brought both of you here to the Pits.

"Richard killed your father right in front of me and made me watch as he took last breath. He was going to kill you next but I begged and pleaded for your life. Finally I had to threaten to tell my father that he was about to kill his only granddaughter and he knew I was serious. Even though he killed the love of my life I'm happy he spared your life and I will be forever grateful for that."

"So how did he take having to know that I was your love child?"

"He hated it. He punished you every chance he got and constantly despised your human ways. You always had your father's heart and spirit and he was determined to break you of that. He would use torturous tactics on you until you would comply."

I can't believe what I am hearing right now. The whole reason I went through so much hell was because of Richard and my mother just let it happen. The fact that my mother the woman who is suppose to protect and love me let that man treat me so horribly angered me beyond anything I have ever felt. A rage like never before took over my body and before I know it I lung at her. I feel nothing but pure satisfaction coursing through my body when my hands wraps around her neck and choke her with everything I had.

That satisfaction is short lived when I feel myself being lifted off of her and slung into the nearest wall. It knocks the wind out of me but I keep I don't let that deter me as I charge forward toward her again. The look of fear on my mother's face charges my adrenaline so much that when the first volt hits me I think it's just an effect from the rage. I soon know the difference when I feel the second shock which is ten times more powerful than the first. It stops me dead in my tracks as my body begins to convulse and it feels like a fire is running throughout my body.

"That's enough!" I hear my mother yell.

I fall to the ground roughly and go into fetal position trying to will my body to stop convulsing. Bulk the guard comes and stands directly over me with a smirk on his face. I glance up at him and that's when I notice the taser gun that he is holding in his right hand. It's okay Bulk because there is a death sentence with your name written all over it bold letters.

"You want me to finish her off boss?" I hear the guard ask.

"No throw her back in the cell with the human."

I guess this is her attempt to spare my life but this bitch has another thing coming.

"You're pathetic you know that." I call out to her.

"Excuse me?" she asks me.

"You heard me, you're pathetic. This whole time I was thinking about how weak I was because of the things you and your husband branded into me. I thought I was weak for having feelings so I cut them off, I became a cold blooded killer just like you trained me to be."


"Don't interrupt me, you coward! You act tough and try to be the Queen bee but I see past all of that. On the inside you're the one who is weak and you know that you are. I can forgive you for many things, turning me into a monster, letting that man treat me like shit, and even neglecting me but I will never forgive you for hurting Santana. That's something you don't get a pass for so stop looking to gain my love because that's something you will never have."

Bulk tugs on my chains harshly and drags me behind him.

"Oh and by the way you may want to tell Bails that your his mother because the poor kid thinks he doesn't have one. You know what matter of fact don't tell him, he will be better off not knowing." I call out to her and watch as her face turns into to shock.

I put two and two together when we were all walking the Molasses Forest and she just confirmed it as well. Besides the fact that we all look alike I can just feel it in my heart that they are my brothers.

I don't think Bulk enjoyed my little discovery because he shoots me again with the taser.

"You mother fu-

I couldn't finish the words as my whole world becomes black.


I'm awaken out of my nap by the sound of the door bursting open and I look up to see the large guard carrying a lifeless Brittany. I let out a loud gasp as I take in her appearance and she is all bloody and battered. I stand up and as I get ready to approach the guard but he tosses Brittany to the ground and she lands roughly.

"You bastard!" I yell as I rush forward to Brittany.

He just laughs and leaves us two in the room alone.

"Brittany." I call softly and get no response.

My heart sinks because it reminds me of the night that we made and the image of her laying in the middle of the road flashes in my mind. Just like that night my heart aches at seeing her like this. I approach her cautiously and let out a sigh of relief when I notice her chest moving up and down showing signs of life. I kneel down beside her and reach my hand out and place it delicately on her bruised cheek. I watch as her face scrunches up but after a moment she relaxes against my touch.

"Brittany please wake up." I say on the verge of tears.

She must have sensed that I was about to go into full panic mode because her eyelids flew open and bright blue eyes looked at me full of concern.

I get a little too excited and give her a tight hug but when I hear her let out a pained groan I immediately scold myself.

"Oh my god Brittany I'm so sorry I wasn't thinking."

"It's fine I'm just surprised that you're even happy to see me."

"Always." I reply seriously

We have an intense stare down and neither one of us says anything and its as if we are both too afraid to test the trouble water between us. I see her eyes rake over my face and I notice how her face frowns up when she notices the bruise on my cheek. I watch as she reaches her hand up and gently caresses my cheek. The contact causes my oxygen to get caught in my throat. I know it sounds super cheesy but it's true.


At the sound of her voice I snap out of my trance and let out the breath that I have been holding.

We sit there in more silence as if both of us are afraid to speak. Finally Brittany is the brave one who breaks the silence.

"Are you afraid of me?" I hear her ask in a hesitant voice.

"No." I reply.

"Don't lie to me Santana."

"I will never be afraid of you Brittany but you did scare me. I just never seen you like that before."

"I hate that you had to see me that way but I won't apologize for it. I'm just as much human as I am Sambien and I'm not using it as an excuse this just a fact."

"I never asked you to apologize yet I somehow feel like you want to." I say simply.

We go back into an awkward silence neither of us know what to do. I'm too tired for an argument right now and honestly I'm just so happy to see here. I want to pinch myself because I almost believe that I am dreaming.

"I'm going to kill her you know, for what she did to you." Brittany states.

"Please don't."

"Why not? She hurt you and that's just unacceptable."

"If you do kill her that would make you just like her." I retort.

"How could you say that? I'm nothing like her!" Brittany says angrily.

"I didn't say that you were but if you kill her then yeah you two are one in the same." I say unapologetic.

Brittany gets super quiet and I can tell she is thinking about what I said.

"I'm sorry you know." She states so shyly that it makes her look like a little kid.

"I know and I forgive you."


"So... how are you liking your stay so far?"

I can't help but burst into laughter at how ridiculous Brittany is being right now.

"At first it was terrible but now I have great company so it's not so bad."

She gives me a pained smile that looks more like a grimace and I can tell that she's in pain.

"Come here." I call her to her softly and pat my lap.

She slowly scoots over and lays her head in my lap and I begin to stroke her hair.

"When we get out of here-

"Let's not worry about that for right now my brain is too tired to process anything." I say successfully cutting her off.

After what seems like forever she lets out a big yawn and snuggle further in my lap.

"Whoa you keep that up and your will face plant into my lady bits."

"That's what I was trying to do."

"Hahaha you perv!"

"I'm kidding I'm too tired for any lady loving."

"Get some rest I'll watch over you." I say smiling down at her.

Brittany lifts her head and gives me an amused look.

"Just humor me." I tell her.

She seems to accept this and lays her head back on my lap and closes her eyes. I continue to stroke her hair and start humming a tune.

"Hey San?"

"Yeah Britt?"

"Will you sing me a song?" she asks quietly.

"Um… okay what song?"

"Anything Disney." She replies and it makes me chuckle a little.

We have totally forgotten where we are and in this moment and time there is nothing but the two of us in our own little world. I rack my brain trying to think of a good Disney song and I knew the perfect one. So I decided to change it up a bit and put some of my signature Santana style on it.

"I was on top of the world living high

It was right in my pocket

I was living the life

Things were just the way they should be.

I changed the melody of it and slowed it down but I could tell Brittany still recognized it because she let out a tiny smile.

When, from out of the sky, like a bomb

Comes some little blond like a rocket

Now all of a sudden

Some strange things are happening to me.

"San I'm pretty sure you are remixing the lyrics and even forgetting some part." Brittany interrupts me in a barely there sleep filled voice.

"I'm singing the parts that matter now shush and go to sleep."

I had power, I was respected

But not anymore

And I've lost the love

The one whom I adored.

When I sing this particular line I feel tears roll down my cheeks. I quickly whip them praying that she didn't see them and to my relief when I look down she is fast asleep. I decided to continue to sing the last part of the song because

You got someone you think you know well

It turns out a stranger

The minute you turn your back

You're in it all by yourself

They laugh at your jokes

You think you're doing quite well

But you're in danger, girl

You end up alone, forgotten, way up on the shelf

Strange things are happening to me.

Strange things.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and my remixed version on of the song STAHTM but the lyrics are so perfect for it. Also the fight seen with the chain was kind of inspired by Kill Bill The Bride vs. The Crazy 88 fight scene. So hey I know I've become one of those stories that take 5 years to update but the next chapter is more than halfway finished so it should be up by the end of the week no later than early next week. Thank you for hanging in there with me I love you all!