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Chapter 13 Part 2

"I won't do it!"

"Come on San you have to."

"No Britt it's too dirty."

"What do you mean? This is the cleanest it's ever been."

"It gets dirtier than this? There is no way in hell I'm getting in there I might get a bacterial infection."

"You're over exaggerating San its not that bad. I did it for sixteen years and look at me I'm fine."

"Yeah but you're also a super human who is immune to the various diseases that I can catch."

"Santana you're being a bit dramatic and I didn't want to say anything but...

"What? Just spit it out Brittany!"

"You stink! There I said it and I'm only telling you this out of love and for the sake of others who might pass out around you."

"Brittany! How dare you?"

Santana smacks my arm clearly offended but I'm just telling the truth. I was trying to be polite and hint at it but she wasn't catching on. We are currently in the bathroom and have been arguing for five minutes about taking a shower before getting ready for this stupid dinner. The shower isn't even dirty but I think Santana has some kind of phobia about showering in random places. I can't really blame her because on the outside and certain places inside the Pits is super dirty. However I kept my room clean for sixteen years and I'm the only one that has showered in this tub anyways.

"I don't stink." She says with a pout then folds her arms.

"You've been here for three days now and haven't showered or anything so it's only natural to start smelling a little pungent. I'm not saying you stink like rotting garbage it's more like a tiny little bit stinky. It's not enough to make someone pass out but if you lift up your arm you might kill a few flies." I say trying to back track.

"Don't try to sugar coat it Brittany Susan Pierce you still said I stink and besides you've been here two days so you're not smelling so great yourself." San says defensively.

"I know that's why I'm going to to shower with you and look I'm even putting down a shower mat for us." I say placing the shower mat in the tub.

"Well why didn't you say that from the beginning. Fine I'll shower with you but you have to stand in the back and you can't touch my boobs as punishment."

"Aw come on San it gets cold in the back of the shower and you know my hands have built in boob magnets." I whine out.

"Nope that's what you get for saying I stink."

"You do." I mumble under my breath but clearly not low enough.

"No sweet lady kisses either!" San says and starts getting undress.

"Cold blooded." I say sing song earning a giggle from Santana.

Santana stayed true to her word in the shower, well she did for about a minute or two. I think she started to feel bad when I started to shiver and so she invited me closer under the warm spray of the water. She eventually caved on the sweet lady kisses too after I did a Grammy worthy performance of Rihanna's Umbrella music video. I didn't realize how much I missed her kisses and the way her body fit perfectly with mine. I think we both understand that this isn't the time nor place for something more, especially with the dinner coming up. So it was nice taking turns washing each other's bodies and sharing a few kisses here and there.

Once we are all clean and smelling better we climb out the shower and towel off.

"Do I pass your smell test?" Santana asks and leans closely to me.

I pull her into a hug and bury my face in her neck inhaling.

"Yes you smell delicious." I say placing a kiss on her neck.

She giggles at my craziness and tries to swat me away. Reluctantly I let go and head over to the closet to find us something to wear. I open the closet door and I'm in shock because my old wardrobe has been replaced with a new one. Shirts, pants, and shoes that I've never seen before are in here. It looks like mommy dearest has been preparing for my return and now I definitely know this whole thing is a set up..

I knew she was up to something and this just further proves my point. Not only is she prepped for my return, I believe that she is going to try and make me stay here. This dinner tonight will just be the icing on the cake. She desperately got me to return to the Pits and now I think she plans on keeping me here.

"Britt what are we going to wear? " Santana asks breaking me out of my thoughts.

I go through the closet looking at various clothing and run across a charcoal gray v-neck t-shirt and it just screams Santana. I find her a pair of black cargo pants to go with it and she can pair them with the black flats that she wore here. We wear the same size t-shirt even though hers may be a little fuller in the boobs area but she is smaller than me in the pants area. They may be a little baggy on her but with a nice belt they will fit just fine.

'Here San." I hand her the clothes and she gives me an approving smile.

Now it's time for me to pick out what I will be wearing. I grab a white v-neck tee, some black jeans, and a pair of combat boots in case I have to kick some major ass tonight. I begin to get dressed and Santana does the same. Once we are finally dressed we stand in front of my full length mirror and survey ourselves. We look pretty good except for our damp hair which looks a mess.

"Britt I look like a wet poodle I told you not to wet my hair." Santana says giving me the same pout that she had earlier.

"No way San you look beautiful and I can do your hair for you if you want."

I watch as her eyes light up at my suggestions and I grab her hand and lead her to the bed.

"Sit." I command softly.

I go grab a fresh towel and a brush then make my way back over to the bed. I climb on the bed behind Santana and situate myself so that she is sitting between my legs. I feel Santana scoot back until her backside hits my front and I have to bite my lip to contain a moan. After a few seconds my body calms down and gets adjusted to the intimacy of this position. I grab the towel and begin drying her hair off as much as possible. Once that is done I start running my fingers through her hair gently massaging her scalp and getting out any tangles.

It must be feeling really good because I hear San let out an involuntary moan. I continue my ministrations a little longer than necessary because I'm enjoying making her squirm. After I feel like she's had enough I grab the brush and begin brushing all of her hair to the back. Once it's all brushed back I gather her hair in my hands and begin braiding it into one big braid going down her back. Once I finish the braid I grab the brush and brush up her edges making sure no stray hairs are out of place.

"All finished go look in the mirror and see if you like it." I announce patting her knee and gesturing towards the mirror.

I watch as she excitedly hop off the bed and rush over to the mirror.

"I love it Britt! I look so bad ass with my Lara Croft braid, Angelina Jolie better watch out."

I let out a giggle at Santana's excitement and watch as she keeps examining herself in the mirror.

"I would take you over Angelina any day." I say with a huge cheesy smile.

"Awww." She coos and comes back over and gives me a sweet kiss.

"Where did you learn to braid like this? She asks me.

"Rayne taught me a little but I use to braid some of the younger girls hair when they had to spar." I say.

"That's super sweet of you Britt. What are you going to do to your hair?"

"I'm going to put it in a tight bun. I don't want it hanging down in case I get into a fight tonight and someone decides to use it as an advantage over me." I explain.

"Oh." Is all Santana says and she gets extremely quite.

"No matter what happens tonight I won't let anything happen to you okay." I say trying to comfort her.

"I know that and I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about you Britt. I know that you will do anything to keep me safe and that includes giving up your life but I don't want you to do that." Santana says sadly.

"You're right San but hopefully I won't have to do that okay."

She only nods and wraps her hands around my waist hugging me tightly. I return the hug and rest my chin on top of her head. After about a minute or so I step back out of her embrace and cup her face in my hands. I survey her face noticing that the bruise on her face is almost gone and I give her a bright smile.

"You're so beautiful." I say and watch as a slight blush tints her cheeks.

"Hey did you remember what I told you in the shower about tonight?" I ask.

"Yes Britt you told me if anything goes down listen to everything you say."

"And..." I say for her to continue.

"Even if I don't agree with it." She mumbles out.

"Thank you that's all that I ask. Oh wait! What did I say about defending yourself?"

"If I need to defend myself make sure to go for the eyes, throat, stomach, and private area."

"Good girl." I say then place a kiss on her forehead.

"Did I pass the test Miss Pierce?"

"With flying colors babe."

With a final kiss on her pouty lips I proceed to walk over to the bed and grab the towel and brush. I begin drying my own hair and brushing my hair up into a high ponytail. I proceed to fix my hair into a tight bun and as I'm putting the finishing touches on my hair there is a knock at the door. I immediately drop what I'm doing and quickly move myself in front of Santana just as the door begins to open.

Brittany POV



I watch as Bails comes barreling through the door towards me like a wild animal and Rock isn't far behind him. I bend down slightly to brace myself when Bails flings his self in my arms and hugs me tightly.

"I'm so glad you're okay." He says excitedly then he hops down and runs over to Santana and gives her the same big hug.

"Yeah we're fine. Where have you guys been?" I ask.

"We got detained by the boss and she locked us in the basement that you were in yesterday. About an hour ago we were moved to my old living quarters and made to get cleaned up for this stupid dinner tonight. When we got ready we were told that we had to change rooms and that's how we ended up here." Rock speaks up.

"Okay." I reply to his explanation.

We both stare at each other and I don't know who is happier to see the other but of course neither one of us wants to give in first. So we just awkwardly stare at each other with a tiny hint of smile on our faces.

"Jeeze just hug each other already." Santana says interrupting out stare off.

It breaks the ice though and in an instant we embrace each other in a big hug. So this is what it feels like to have people you love and those same people love you back. These three people have become my everything and I don't know exactly when it happened but I'm glad that it did.

"I'm glad that you're okay as well... sister." Rock says to me pulling out of my embrace.

Wait did he just say sister? I let out a loud gasp because I haven't told him that we are siblings yet, well I really didn't get a chance too.

"How did you find out?" I ask.

"Your mother, our mother told me." Rock responds.

"Are you okay? I mean..." I don't know what I'm really trying to say. This whole thing is overwhelming and it's like secret after secret keeps coming out. What I really wanted to know is how he is coping with all of this.

"I don't know on one hand I feel like I've been betrayed and my whole life has been a lie, but on the other hand I'm glad that you're my sister."

I give him a comforting smile because the way Rock explained it is exactly how I feel except for the sister part but you get what I mean.

"I feel the same way but a part of me knows that's not all of the secrets. In fact I think at dinner tonight our mother is planning to pull a big stunt and shit will hit the fan."

"I agree with you Britt I keep having this bad feeling about tonight." Rock responds.

"Yes things are going to get bad and that's what I need to talk to you about."

"Can you hear me?"

"Huh what?" Rock says loudly causing Santana and Bails to look at the both of us.

"Use your telepathy fool!" I scold him.

"Oh sorry. Why are we not speaking out loud?" He asks confused.

"I don't want Santana to hear what I'm about to say and you can't tell her about this no matter what." I explain.

"Okay." He agrees.

"I think our mother is going to make me an offer to stay here at the Pits." I rush out.

"Why would she do that? Assassins only stay here until they are old enough to go on missions and in all these years there has been no exceptions. Those are the rules and that's how its always been."

"I know Rock but something is off. Haven't you noticed everything in my room seems like it's been renovated, there are new clothes in the closet, and the fact that we are here in the first place says it all. So I believe tonight at dinner she will offer me well more like try to force me into staying here. I don't know what's her purpose of trying to make me stay here is but I will definitely find out tonight. Besides that's not what I really wanted to talk to you about."

"It's not?" Rock asks clearly confused.

"No I need you to promise me something and you have to keep it even if means risking your life."

"You're confusing me here-"

"I need you to get Santana out of the Pits safe and sound even if it means leaving me behind to do so." I say cutting him off.

"Brittany you know Santana better than me but even I know that she won't just leave you behind."

"I know that and no matter what happens tonight I will decline my mother's offer. She won't like it and she will try to use Santana as a bargaining method and that's where you come in. I need you to keep her safe because I won't be able to. You know how I get when Blue takes over I become a monster and my judgement is not at it's best. So I'm depending on you to help me." I explain.

"I don't think you are giving yourself enough credit here, yeah you go all psycho when Blue takes over but you always put Santana first. No matter what happens I doubt that you will do anything that will put her life in jeopardy. If anything you will do whatever is necessary to save her life." Rock counters.

"Yeah you're right I will do what ever it takes to save her life even if it means giving up my own. So if it comes down to saving me or her... save her."

"But Britt-"

"You will save her. Say it!" I demand.

"Fine I will save her." Rock say somberly.

"That goes for you as well Bailey."

"Got it." Bails responds clearly eavesdropping on the conversation the whole time.

"Why are you three acting weird?" Santana asks breaking our actions.

"We're not acting weird we're just nervous for the dinner tonight." I respond.

"Aww B come here." She says gesturing for me to come to here.

I walk over to Santana and she immediately engulfs me in a hug. I melt in her embrace and just enjoy the moment.

"This dinner can't be that bad right?"

All three of us look at Santana then at each other with a knowing look.

"Let's just see how it goes San."

As soon as I reply there is a knock on the door and Bulk waddles through the door not waiting for a response.

"Family Reunion is over and it's time for dinner." He announces.

I intertwine my fingers with Santana and the four us follow behind Bulk to the dinner hall. I know something crazy will happen at this dinner I just hope I manage to keep Santana safe.


The trip to the dinner hall end up being five minutes because its on the other side of the Pits. The tension surrounding us is so thick and it seems like everybody is on high alert. I'm currently holding Britt's hand and trying to feed her as much positive energy as I can, but I can still tell that she is on edge. As we round the corner the diner hall comes in sight and Brittany abruptly stops almost causing Rock and Bails to crash into us.

"Are you okay?" I ask.

She gives me a nervous smile and I give her a reassuring one letting her know that everything will be okay. Rock senses Brittany's hesitancy as well and like the good big brother that he is, he steps in front of us and leads the way taking some of the pressure of us. We reach the double doors and the guard Bulk swings both doors wide open revealing a large room with a huge dining table in the middle of it. The table is beautifully decorated with floral arrangements and a fancy centerpiece. The finest china, goblets, and silverware is spread out neatly at each sitting place. I also take in the wonderfully sculpted chairs surrounding the table and you can just guess who is sitting at the head of the table looking like the Queen B herself.

She stands when she sees us enter the room and gestures for us to join here at the table.

"Welcome everyone please have a seat." Britt's mom say in the sweetest voice.

Britney grips my hand tighter and we make our way to the end of the table.

"Brittany and Santana I saved you a seat by me." her mother calls out and reluctantly we go and sit by her.

Brittany pulls out my chair for me like the gentlewoman that she is then she have a seat herself. Once we are all seated Brittany's mom taps her fork on her glass to get everyone's attention and begins to make a speech.

"I would like to thank everybody for being here."

"Like we had a choice." Brittany says sarcastically.

Her mom shoots her an evil glare but continues the speech.

" I know you are all wondering what you are doing here today and there are a few reasons why I asked you to join me for dinner, but the most important one is today is my darling Brittany's birthday.

"It's your birthday?" I ask Brittany in shock.

"Yeah it is but its no big deal." She says and shrugs her shoulders as if iteans nothing.

"What do you mean its no big deal? It's your birthday! Why didn't you tell me?" I ask clearly hurt by Britt's omission.

"Looks like there is trouble in paradise." Brittany's mom say trying to instigate the potential argument.

"Stay out of this!" Britt and I snap at the same time.

Brittany's mom throw her hands up in defense but complies and shuts her mouth.

"I'm sorry San I honestly forgot with everything that's going on. It sort of just slipped my mind I promise that I didn't intentionally do it. It never really came up in a conversation and quite frankly I never celebrate my birthday." She says apologetically.

"Blue I cant believe that you are apologizing right now." The she devil adds. Yeas that's my secret nickname for her.

Brittany lets out a growl of frustration and her mother immediately shuts her mouth.

"Can you please forgive me San?" Brittany gives me her best puppy dog eyes and cute pout.

I definitely can't resist this look and she knows it, plus given the situation that we are in I know that she would never intentionally not tell me.

"I forgive you B." I say sweetly and she gives me a beaming smile in return.

"Okay now that's out the way can we please return to the dinner before I lose my appetite." Britt's mom rudely states.

Brittany leans over and whispers to me "I don't know if I will be able to get through this dinner without wanting to kill her."

"You and me both." I reply.

Our little moment is broken when Brittany's mom begins to speak.

"So I have a lovely meal prepared for everybody and once we eat and get that out of the way I will further explain why I brought you back here."

As soon as Britt's mom says this an entire wait staff appears out of nowhere pushing food serving carts. They make their way over to us and begin putting down plates of salad in front of everyone. I'm starving so they could have put down something Rachel cooked and I still would eat it. After they put the plates down everyone is still sitting in silence not making an attempt to start eating.

Eventually the Queen bee herself breaks the silence.

"What are you all waiting for? Eat!" She snaps.

Everyone starts digging in including me and I gather some salad on my fork and bring it to my mouth but Brittany grabs my wrist and stops me. She then guides the fork to her mouth and shoves the salad in chewing it cautiously. I'm completely taken by surprise by this because if she wanted me to feed her all she had to do was ask. My surprise turns into bewilderment as I watch her pick up my plate of salad and bring it to her nose is starts sniffing it.

"Brittany what in the world are you doing?"

"Just checking to make sure there's no poison in it."

"P-poison?" I ask

"Yeah I don't trust her." Brittany says obviously referring to her mom.

"Blue I'm hurt that you think I would do such a thing."

"Yeah well I wouldn't put anything past you lady." Brittany reply harshly.

I ignore the both of their bickering all I want is a nice none deadly salad.

"Can I have my sniffed over salad back please?" I ask in annoyance.

Brittany hands me my salad back and I devour it greedily. Hey its been three days and I've barely eaten so don't judge me. Dinner isn't going so bad I think its because mostly its spent in silence. The only time any one talks is when the waiters bring out the next course of appetizers which consist of shrimp cocktail and stuffed mushrooms. Even then its mostly Brittany sniffing everything on my plate like she is some kind of police drug dog. Dinner so far is going a long smoothly without a hitch but I may have spoken too soon.

Brittany POV

Surprisingly this dinner is going well and my mother hasn't tried anything yet. I thought for sure that she would have a done something by now to piss me off. I even thought she would go as far to poison Santana so I made sure to check all her food before she ate it. San is definitely annoyed by this but she is going along with it. By the time the main course comes out Santana doesn't even hesitate she just hands me her plate.

I take a wiff of her steak, mashed potatoes, and grilled asparagus making sure no poison in it. Her food is fine so I hand her back her plate and she greedily digs in. I swear she's woofing down her food at an alarming rate but its been three days since she ate, so she gets no judgment from me. I cant help the guilt that sets in knowing that I'm the reason for this.

She won't have to deal with this place much longer because the time is coming soon for us to make our escape. See my mother thinks that she is smart but I know that this whole dinner is just a stalling method and I'm honestly done with it.

I noisily drop my silverware on my plate and push it away from me signaling that I'm finished.

"Blue would you like some more?" My mother speaks up.


"Oh well we have dessert if you would like." She offers politely.

"I don't want any of your damn dessert." I say harshly.

Several gasps are heard around the table and I can feel Santana's eyes on me but I refuse to look at her.

"I've patiently sat through this whole dinner but I've had enough. You have everyone thinking that this dinner is some nice gesture but I know that's complete bullshit. I see past you trying to be nice and claiming that this dinner is for my birthday. You and I both know that's a lie because we never celebrated anyone's birthday here at the Pits. You want something and you're just trying to stall thinking that it will buy you some time. Let me tell you something lady no matter what you offer me, what you say, or what you do. We are getting out of this shit hole and never looking back."

"What makes you think that I will just let you walk out of here huh?" My mother asks.

"I know you won't let me walk out of here without a fight so if that's the case then let's do it." I respond.

"You're getting mighty bold for someone who is in such a vulnerable position." My mother says and makes a gesture in the direction of Santana.

I let ot an amused laugh because clearly she still thinks she has an advantage over me.

"You won't kill Santana." I say confidently.

"Do you want me to test that theory for you?" She asks voice full of venom.

"Mother I see past all of your bullshit and I don't think that you are the big bad wolf that you claim to be. Sure you've done some terrible things including roughing Santana up and trust me you will pay for that. However I think that you are all bark and no bite. If you really planned on killing Santana you would have done it by now and not just use her as something to threaten me with.

You're nothing but a fraud who was whoring around with two different men and now you're just trying to use us to ease your guilt from all of these years. Why else would you go through all this trouble just to get me back huh? Let's face it the only reason you gave me the whole sap story about your husband and my father was to make me feel sorry for you. Just today you told Rock that you're his mother; I found out about you a few days ago and anyone with eyes can see that Bails is yours too."

"What?!" I hear Bails yell out but I continue my rant.

"You're all over the place and inconsistent with your mood swings. First you want to be all evil beating up Santana and now you want to play house and have a nice dinner like everything is okay. Well I say it's bullshit and as a matter of fact the only thing that has ever been consistent about you is the fact that you are a habitual liar." I say finishing my rant in triumph.

"You ungrateful little bitch how dare you speak to me like that!" My mother says slamming her palms on the table so hard that some of the plates and silverware rattle.

She took my bait and I have her so riled up that she finally might tell us the truth about why we are here.

"I've made a lot of sacrifices for you! You would be dead right now if I had not begged and pleaded for your life. My husband was going to kill you so I had to practically disown you to save your life. Do you know how hard it was to have your child so close to you yet you can't even acknowledge their existence? No you don't so don't you dare judge me! I know I should have stood up to him and I admit that I was weak, scared, and helpless when it came to him but I never used it as an excuse. I know I'm a terrible mother and tried to help you all along the way. I showed you nothing but favor while you were here at the Pits."

"Was killing Rayne because she stabbed me your way of showing me favor? If so you should have kept it." I say cutting her off because she can save the mellow drama speech for someone who actually cares.

"You know what Brittany I have lied about a lot of things and Rayne is one of them. Since we are airing things out in the open It's about time that I come clean about her... I didn't kill her."

"You expect me to believe that? Rock overhead Bulk and Skull talking about how you had her executed for what she did to me."

"At the time that's what I wanted everyone to believe. Its true that I was pissed that Rayne stabbed you and I was going to have her killed. In fact I was going to do it myself but when I went to actually kill her she stopped me and beg me not to do it. I was so livid that I was going to ignore her begging but as I was bringing my blade down she yelled out that she was pregnant. This is only enraged me more because I thought she was pregnant from Richard. He was sick in the head and had a thing for younger girls. So I didn't put it past him to have knocked her up. I accused her of being Richard's whore and was going to kill her and her bastard child. She swore up and down that the baby wasn't is.

I honestly thought she was lying but I didn't have the heart to actually go through with killing her because I was in the same position when I was pregnant with you. I couldn't just let her go back to the Pits because eventually she would have started showing and everybody would wonder about her being pregnant. So in order to save myself from embarrassment and maintain the perfect family among our people I agreed to send her away to have the baby."

"Wait Rayne a minute does this mean that she is still alive?" My heart starts to hammer out of my chest at the possibility.

"No she's not. Her pregnancy was a difficult one and I tried to tell her what a great risk it was having the child but she wouldn't listen. So when it came time for her to have the baby there were some complications and she didn't make it."

"Oh my god." I whisper out.

So my mother didn't kill Rayne but she actually died from birth complications.

"Did the child make?" I ask.

"Yes the child survived."

"You couldn't have been happy about that seeing as the baby is Richard's."

"The baby is not Richard's."

"Then who is the father?" I ask.

"The child is mine isn't it? Rock hesitantly ask.

The whole room goes silent.

"Answer me!" Rock says in a more demanding tone.

"Yes ten years ago Rayne gave birth to your child."

Santana and I both let out a gap as everyone starts connecting the dots in their head.

"Where is the kid at now?" Bailey asks clearly confused.

"You're the kid." My mother says

"I'm the kid? So that means you're my dad." Bails turns and looks at Rock as tears begin to spring in his eyes.

Rock is rendered speechless and I can tell he has no idea what to do in this situation. After about a minute of no response Bailey stands up abruptly knocking his chair over in the process. Tears are streaming down his face at this point and before I can blink he is running out the door.

"Bailey!" Rock gets up and chases after him.

I'm in complete shock at what my mother just revealed. Obviously Bails favors Rock but I thought it was because he was our brother. I would have never guessed that he was actually Rock's child. Sure I knew Rock and Rayne use to fool around but I thought Rayne was executed so that possibility never cross my mind. Now I'm more pissed off at the fact that she kept another huge secret from us and this one is probably the biggest of all. I'm done listening to all of her lies and I don't want anything else to do with her. So whatever she has to say she can shove it up her ass.

"I've had enough of your lies and you can just save anything else you have to say. I'm not staying in this hell hole another second and you better believe that once I leave here I'm never coming back. Come on Santana let's go." I say standing up and Santana's does the same.

As soon I take one step from the table I feel my mother grab my wrist halting my actions.

"You're not going anywhere." She says through gritted teeth.

"Lady if you want to keep that hand I suggest you let me go." I say in a deadly tone.

We have an intense stare down for a few seconds then she finally let's me go. I watch as she sits back in her chair and gives me the most sinister smile I have ever seen. For a brief moment fear actually rises in my body and I sense the immediate danger that we are in.

"Brittany you can either be compliant and sit down or I can make you. The choice is yours."

I think over my mother's ultimatum and the bitch could have at least asked nicely.

"Yeah I'll take my chances mommy dearest."

I watch as my mother rise out of her seat and stares at me menacingly.

"I'm going to kill Santana and make you watch maybe then you will listen me."

The threat against Santana's life is enough to send me over the edge. Before she has time to react I back hand her so hard that she goes flying back from the table.

"Run Santana!" I turn and yell.

Without hesitation Santana turns and makes a run for the door but Skull catches her around the waist and pulls her back into him.

"Mmm it's been a long time since I held a woman in my arms." I hear the sleeze ball say.

"Ew let go of me!" I watch as Santana struggle to free herself from his grasp.

Thinking fast I grab the steak knife off of the table and throw it with accuracy hitting him square in between his eyes. He falls back taking Santana with him in the process.

"San are you-

Before I can finish something flies past my head barely missing me. I turn expecting to see my mother but when I see Bulk standing there with another plate in his hand I can't help but chuckle.

"Are you're seriously throwing dinner plates at me? Like did you just dump all of the food on the floor before you threw it or did you just eat all the food first?"

I hear Santana laughing so I'm pretty sure that she is okay much to my relief.

"Ha ha you think you're so funny but no one lays a hand on the boss."

Another plate comes flying at my head and I duck to avoid getting hit. He then rushes towards me and to my surprise he is actually faster than I anticipated so when I try to side step him he times his punch just right and catches me on the chin. My head snaps to the side and I sway a little before catching my balance in time to hold up my forearm shielding my head from another blow. He continually throws punch after punch and even though they are coming fast I'm blocking most of them. I notice his heavy breathing and the way that his punches are getting slower.

This idiot is exerting all of his energy on several punches but only lands about two. He wildly throws one hard punch and it misses so terribly that it throws him off balance leaving him vulnerable. I rush him tackling him to the ground and I immediately start pummling him with my fists. Unlike him I'm actually connecting my fists to his face and I can hear the crunch of his bones after one particularly hard punch to the nose. Some how he still manages to grab me by the throat and roughly toss me off of him. I land hard and roll a few times before jumping back up to my feet.

"Get up!" I yell at him beacuse I'm not the type to kick a man when he is down.

"You broke my nose bitch!" He says while holding his hand on his nose trying to stop the bleeding.

"I'm going to break more than that now get up and fight!"

After he makes no attempt to get up I decide take matters into my own hands. I roughly grab him by the collar of his shirt and pull him to his feet. I'm stunned when he does one of the nastiest things that anyone can do and that's spit in my face. A rage like never before comes over me and with lightning speed I punch him hard in the stomach causing him to double over then I grab the back of his head and hold him still as I knee him in the face. I release him and watch as he slumps to the ground. Then I swing my right leg in the air gaining momentum only to bring the heel of my foot down hard on his head. I watch as his body twitch a few times then he stops moving.

For the first time ever guilt washes over me and even though he did some terrible things in a twisted way I had become quite fond of making jokes about him. I realize that I'm no longer unfazed by killing and that's why I can't keep being an assassin. My humanity has won against the monster that I have inside of me.

"Brittany behind you!" Santana's scream breaking me out of my thoughts.

I feel a strong arm wrap around my neck from behind and starts choking me. Who ever it is, is crushing my wind pipe and I try to dig my nails in their forearm to get them to release me. If I don't do something fast I'm going to get choked out. So I loosen my grip on their forearm and sag my body against theirs becoming dead weight. This person must think I'm unconscientious because they release my neck and as soon as they do this I elbow them in the face.


I turn around to see my mother clutching her eye and backing away while letting out several expletives.

"I should have known you would fight dirty." I say.

"By any means necessary daughter." My mother replies then lifts her right arm revealing the taser in her hand.

Before I can react she shoots me and I immediately fall to the floor in fetal position. My body convulses and it feels like fire is traveling throughout my body. There is a burning sensation in my veins and I have no control over my muscle function. I'm just about to lose conscience when I see my mother drop to the ground roughly and she is out cold.

I look up to see Santana standing over her with one of the skillets from the dinner table in her hand. I'm not even mad at her all I can think about is how badass she looks right now.

"Come on Britt we have to go find the boys and get out of here"

She rushes over to me and carefully takes out the taser extensions.

"Hey San?"

"Yeah B?"

"You look super hot when you're all badass."

I watch as blush tint her cheeks.

"Only you would be a complete horn dog at a time like this. Now come on."

She helps me up and we begin to make our way out of the dinner hall.

"At least the dinner was good." She jokes.

"No San you're just greedy."

Next chapter: Do you think mother will be defeated that easily? A lot more action, another huge secret will be revealed about Brittany, the mystery about where Richard is will be revealed and it's about time to get the hell out of the Pits.

May is Lupus Awareness month! I was officially diagnosed with this chronic illness five years ago and it gets really tough some times but I'm kicking it's ass. If you have it, know someone who does, or even if you're curious about it feel free to message me and we can share experiences/knowledge about it. Wear your purple in support. Thanks love you all! :D