This is a slightly different version of one of my old one shots. Some people said it was a little out of character out the end and I agreed so I changed it. Enjoy :D

Sam and Carly sat across each other in the kitchen. The room was silent as they simply stared at each other.

"So…" Carly said breaking the silence,

"Coin flip?" Sam, asked

"No!" Carly said rejecting the stupid idea.

"Rock paper scissors?"

"No Sam I am not gonna settle this with a childish game."

"Alright geez, I don't get why you have to be so tense."

"I'm tense because of you!"

"Calm down, how about to make it easier you let me have him."

"NO, I clearly should be the one to have him. . ME!"

"Not anymore, he broke up with you!"

"That was unofficial!"

"Yeah well maybe he 'unofficially' loves me!" Sam said saying 'unoffically' in a mocking tone.

"You don't even know what unofficial means!"

"Oh yeah…..SO!"

"So I should date him."

"No, I love him!"

"Well I love him more!"

"I kissed him first!"

"So, I kissed him for over half an hour!"

"Well, he was in a cast, I bet if he wasn't he would run from you and your bad breath."

"You're the one who can clean out a fridge in 15 seconds flat!"

"So I like meat, sue me!"

"Well meat doesn't like you and neither does Freddie!"

"How do you know you're too busy rejecting him for half your life."

"Well, you're busy insulting him all the time inbetween tormenting him!"

"Maybe that's how I say I love you"

"Want me to show you how much I love you?!" Carly said standing up

"Oh, you think I'm so scared of little miss Shay." Sam said getting up as well.

"You better be"

"You don't even have the guts to hit me, you goodie two shoes."

"I can be bad!"

"Oh really?"Sam said laughing.

" Not like you'll do anything." Carly said in a calmer voice before sitting back down.

Sam raised her eyebrows, shocked she would even question her abilities.

Sam took out her buttersock and set it on the table. The mere presence scared Carly, but then Carly realized it was Sam after all.

"You aren't gonna hit me with that are you?" Carly said giving a fake scared puppydog look.

"No..." Sam said in a sad voice, putting it away.

"Maybe we should just flip a coin after all?"

"Do you have one?"

"No you?"

"Momma don't need money."

Carly rolled her eyes and gave a facepalm. "We're getting nowhere with this." Carly said before leaning her head on the table

"Yup" Sam replied sighing.

"So you should let me have him." Carly said in a whiny voice, leaning her head on the table

"NOOOOOO." Sam said facepalming herself in frustration before leaning her head on the table as well.

Freddie walked in and laughed. "What are you guys doing?"

"It doesn't concern you NUB!" Sam yelled reaching in her pocket and throwing a coin at him.

"That hurt!" He yelled back.

"Leave!" Sam yelled causing him to run out, she sighed before going back to leaning her head on the table.

"That was rude." Carly said still leaning on the table.

"Like I said I'm just showing my love"

"Whatever...I thought you said you didn't have a coin." Carly said plainly.

"No I said Momma don't need MONEHHHH!" Sam yelled back.

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