Warnings: future SLASH (boy x boy), MAJOR NO-MAGIC!AU (Alternate Universe, specifically the Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town setting), possible OOC, life story

Pairings: TMR/HP, implied AD/GG, implied KS/NT (Kingsley x Tonks), onesided JP/LE

Standard disclaimer applies: I do not own Harry Potter or any brand you recognize in this story. J.K. Rowling is credited with the creation of these characters (I'm not fond of using OCs in my own fanfiction). I also do not own the Harvest Moon series by Natsume.

Tom couldn't believe he was roped into this—this—this outrage! He stared in absolute disbelief at the wide, open field before him, covered in weeds and rocks and branches and looking like it's real worth. Nothing.

He was promised land, good land, not this pathetic lot of dirt.

Moving closer, he bent down and scooped up a handful of ground, feeling the rough, dry texture and then proceeded to sneer at it angrily.

Could anything grow on this? Tom wanted his money back, and he was this close to walking to the mayor and demanding it back right now.

Posted in its full form on Ao3, except for the sequel and the eventual epilogue :). I'll be posting 5 of these per a day (I think?), but because it's long that might become 10 a day.