Warnings: future SLASH (boy x boy), MAJOR NO-MAGIC!AU (Alternate Universe, specifically the Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town setting), possible OOC, life story

Pairings: TMR/HP, implied AD/GG, implied KS/NT (Kingsley x Tonks), onesided JP/LE

Standard disclaimer applies: I do not own Harry Potter or any brand you recognize in this story. J.K. Rowling is credited with the creation of these characters (I'm not fond of using OCs in my own fanfiction). I also do not own the Harvest Moon series by Natsume.

"Everything will be fine," Tom murmured, pressing his face into Harry's soft hair. He nuzzled him affectionately despite the quiet laughter of his partner. The unspoken as long as you're mine stayed unmentioned between them both.

"I hope so," Harry muttered in return.

"It will be," continued Tom, "because we'll make it so."

"…If we can't?"

"Then I'd say it's because you're being unusually pessimistic and that's what happens when you don't stop."

Harry huffed, not amused. "Alright, fine. Sleep?"

"I've only been asking for the last five minutes—"a hand began to stray lower from the hips.

"…Mmm… okay…"

So, this is the end of Living in the Moment! Thanks for the following on the long journey! I'm glad that the posting is all finished up, and though I'm a bit sad upon re-reading everything myself, the fact that it's a happy ending earns a smile :)