Bakura: Master Party Planner from the Stars and Beyond!

A Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfiction by SpookyChild.

Author's Notes:

MWAHAHAHAAA!!! I'm back! Or better yet, Bakura the Master is back! Here's the much awaited sequel to "Bakura: Master Backseat Driver from the Stars and Beyond!" And by much awaited, I mean much awaited for me. I've really enjoyed writing these stories, and after my computer broke on me, I had to go for a long time without writing anything. But, it's here now, and that's all that counts. It's Bakura and Ryou's anniversary, and Bakura just has to throw the best party for his "little Aibou". Bakura the Master strikes again!

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, or anything pertaining to Yu-Gi-Oh. And I don't own Martha Stuart (thank God), nor do I own Ricky Lake (thank God again), nor do I own Xena (this could go on all day). Jeez, just read the story already.


"Sometimes people think they are so in love   /

When it's the first person they've ever been with  /

I think it's so stupid  /

You have to keep your eyes open. "     - New Found Glory


Chapter One: "Anniversary Blues." Day One: Tuesday, 10:45 A.M.

"…And with just a blowtorch and a little nutmeg, you can have the best party ever."

Bakura turned off the television set angrily.

"Damn you, Martha Stuart! You're not helping!" He threw the remote down. Ryou's dad walked in with the phone in his hand.

"Hey, Crazy Egyptian Spirit Who Lives In My Son's Necklace?" He asked. Bakura perked up.


"Phone for you. Someone named 'Martha', or something."

Bakura's eyes widened. "Martha Stuart?!" He grabbed the phone. "Damn it, Martha, I told you to stop calling! It's over!"

"Um, hello?" The voice on the other line asked. Bakura raised his eyebrow.

"Who's this? Are you a stalker?!" Bakura shrieked fearfully.

"No, no! It's me, Malik!" Malik explained. Bakura narrowed his eyes.

"Oh, you."

"Why'd you call me Martha?"

"Because I'm watching 'Martha Stuart Living'."

"Oh, that Martha. She could make a soccer ball out of toothpicks."

"You saw that episode too?" Bakura asked.

"Yeah. So anyway, I hear it's you and Ryou's anniversary Friday. I didn't know you two were married." Malik stated, changing the subject.

Bakura gripped the phone. "WE'RE NOT!" he screamed.

"Okay, okay, jeez. So, are you throwing him a party?"


"Can I come?"

"…No." Bakura replied, hanging up the phone quickly. Bakura fell back on the couch, landing over the armrest with his legs dangling over the side. He sighed.

"Hmm, I have to throw the best party for my Aibou. But, jeez, I can't seem to get any help. I'm surrounded by idiots!" Bakura yelled.

"I'm not an idiot."

"AHHHHH!" Bakura screamed, tumbling backwards so he was sitting up. He looked around, but didn't see anyone. He looked up cautiously.

"Ra, did you say something?"

"Um, I'm right behind you." The voice said again. Bakura raised his eyebrow.

"Ra, why would you be behind me?" He looked behind him to see Ryou. "Oh."

Ryou shook his head. "Yami, sometimes I worry about you."

"Someone has to."

"Anyway, I was thinking Yami. Since Friday is the anniversary of when I got the Millennium Ring, I was wondering if you would like to do something. You know, maybe go out to dinner? I mean, I know you don't really like doing that mushy stuff, but…"

Bakura waved his hand dismissively.

"Nah, I thought we'd just sit around all day, maybe watch 'Xena'."

Ryou frowned. "Again? That's all you and my dad do all day, watch 'Xena' and get drunk."

Bakura sighed dreamily. "Only on Sundays, Aibou, only on Sundays…" He looked off into nowhere. Ryou sighed sadly and walked back upstairs. Bakura shook his head a watched Ryou leave.

Sorry, Aibou, but if I'm going to throw you a party, it's got to be a secret, he thought. He suddenly jumped up on the couch.

"A SECRET ONLY I KNOW!" He shouted at the top of his lungs.

Ryou's Dad popped his head in. "Get your shoes off the couch!"

Bakura fell down. "Yes, Sir."


Tuesday, 6:53 P.M.

"Dinner!" Ryou's Dad called from the kitchen.

"So…hungry…" Bakura groaned, crawling to the table. He pulled himself up. "What's for dinner, Daddy?"

"Hamburgers." He answered. He looked around. "Where's Ryou?"

Bakura looked around also. "He might still be mad." He replied guiltily.

"Hmm, I'll go up and tell him it's dinner time." Ryou's Dad exited. A few minutes later he came back.

"He must be really mad, hamburgers are his favorite."

A thought came to Bakura.

"Hey, Daddy?"


"Can I have the biggest hamburger? On Ryou's favorite plate?" He asked. Ryou's Dad shrugged.

"I don't see why not." He handed him the plate. Bakura bowed.

"Much thanks, Father-sama." He dashed up the stairs, leaving 'Father-sama' in shock at his sudden politeness.

Bakura stopped right outside Ryou's door and knocked softly. When Ryou didn't answer, he opened the door slightly. He walked over to where Ryou lay facedown in the pillow, sleeping. He sat the plate down on the nightstand and left quietly.

He stood outside the door for a minute before racing down the hall, screeching like a banshee. He took a flying leap over the top step, landing on the bottom. Without stopping, he dashed into the kitchen, grabbing the back of his chair and swinging himself around so he was sitting.

"I want 'mah hammy burger, Daddy! Hop to it!" He shrieked happily. Ryou's Dad frowned as he set Bakura's 'hammy burger' down.

"What happened to 'Father-sama'?" He asked. Bakura raised his eyebrow.

"That doesn't sound like something I would say." He replied, shoving half of the hamburger in his mouth. He swallowed quickly.

"Oh, hey, Daddy?"


"Can I throw a party for 'Ryou'-," Bakura began, air-quoting Ryou's name, "-this Friday? It's our anniversary."

"I didn't know you two were married." Ryou's Dad replied. Bakura's eyebrow twitched.

"WE'RE NOT!" He screamed.

"Okay, sorry. Sure, why not? Do you need help with anything?" Ryou's Dad asked. Bakura thought for a minute.

"…Yes. But I'm sure it won't be that hard."

Ryou's Dad raised his eyebrow. "So, does this mean that 'Bakura the Master' will strike again?"

Bakura thought for a minute. "Yes." He jumped up on his seat. "I AM BAKURA! THE MASTER PARTY PLANNER!" He shouted, shoving the rest of his hamburger in his mouth. Immediately, Bakura started choking on said hamburger. He slammed his fist against his chest repeatedly, coughing uncontrollably until he finally swallowed it. Bakura took a deep breath.

"…Can I have another hamburger?" He asked.


Tuesday, 9:26 P.M.

Bakura slipped into the kitchen unnoticed. He giggled nervously, like he was doing something sneaky. Without even turning the light on, he grabbed the phone and dived under the table. He dialed a number.

"Hello?" Yami's voice answered.

"Pharaoh! I need your help!" Bakura whispered frantically.

In the living room, Ryou stumbled down the stairs, rubbing his eyes with his fists. He looked around, noticing all the lights were off.

"Yami?" he called softly.

Bakura looked towards the living room cautiously.

"Did you hear that?" He whispered into the phone.

"No, due to the fact that I'm not in your house." Yami answered.

Bakura shrugged. "Never mind. Okay, the party is Friday, and I need some help getting the stuff. You know, cake and party favors. The whole works."

"No problem." Yami replied.

Ryou walked over to the phone in the living room.

I think I'll call Yuugi. He said to himself. He picked up the phone.

"-Thanks, Pharaoh. I don't know what I'd do with out you. You really made me happy." Ryou heard Bakura's voice and put the phone down.

What are those two talking about? Ryou thought. He walked slowly up the stairs.

"-You're a lifesaver, Pharaoh. So what time do you want to come over so we can go to the store?" Bakura asked.

"I don't know, probably around ten. Is that okay?"

"That's perfect. See you tomorrow." Bakura placed the phone back on its handle and crept up the stairs. He opened the door to the room he shared with Ryou, where Ryou sat at the mirror brushing his hair. Bakura frowned and walked over to him.

"You're not doing it right!" Bakura snatched the hairbrush from his hand and started brushing Ryou's hair. Ryou smiled.

Aww, I shouldn't have doubted my Yami. He cares; he just doesn't know how to show it. Ryou thought to himself.

"Oh, and the Pharaoh and me are going out tomorrow." Bakura stated. Ryou snatched the hairbrush back.

"You're done." Ryou growled, getting up and going over to the bed, pulling the covers up over his head and facing the wall. Bakura blinked.

"O-okay." Bakura turned off the light and laid down on the bed, pulling half of the covers on him. "Nighty-night, Hikari." Bakura closed his eyes.

"Goodnight, Bakura."

Bakura's eyes snapped open.

He…he just called me Bakura.  Bakura thought to himself. His eyes widened. He must be having those teenage hormones! Soon he's going to be disrespecting his dad, acting up in school, then before you know it, he's on Ricky Lake getting hauled off to boot camp! AND HE'LL GET HIS NOSE PIERCED! Dear Ra, I just have to get the best present for him, and stop him from regressing into teen angst mode!

Ryou frowned angrily. I'll find out what you are hiding from me, I swear to God I will. Ryou rolled over, taking all the covers with him. He grabbed Bakura's pillow out from under him and held it to him and faced the wall again. Bakura rolled over.

"Hey…" Bakura reached over to take his pillow back. Ryou slapped his hand away. Bakura lay back down. "You know, I'm cold too." He tried to snuggle up closer to Ryou. Ryou scooted over, pushing Bakura away in the process.

Bakura frowned. "Damn teenage hormones…"

Ryou frowned.

God, now he thinks I'm just an immature child! No wonder he's hanging out with Yuugi's Yami. He probably wants someone older. Ryou thought sadly.

"I'm not immature…" Ryou grumbled sadly. Bakura looked over his shoulder.

"What did you say, Hikari?"

"I said, move over!" Ryou snapped, and gave him a kick for good measure.



What's gonna happen?! What's gonna happen?! You'll just hafta wait, baaaaby!  Okay, no. What's with this craziness? Is Ryou really having hormones? What's going to happen when Bakura and Yami go shopping? Wait a minute, Bakura actually doing something nice? Maybe there's help for the little punk after all. Oh well, find out more in the next chapter.

Chapter Two; "The Hunter and The Hunted."

Until the future happens (which it often does.), LOVE, PEACE, and other such concepts.