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Ghost Stories

Hi. My name is Matthew and I talk to the dead. Okay, so maybe not the best way to introduce myself, but it got your attention right? Exactly. So as I said, I can talk to ghosts and let me tell you, that is not always the best ability. It can get really annoying and frustrating. Maybe I should tell you a bit more about me first? Like I said my name is Matthew, most people just call me Mattie. I love hockey, polar bears, just about any cute thing, and the rain. I'm 20 and moved into my new town house a few months ago. Now about my ability. I've been able to interact with ghosts for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I never had many friends and I was forgotten a lot. So like any normal kid in that situation, I had imaginary friends. Well, that is until he started talking to me... But that's a story for a different time.

So I moved into my own house like 5 months ago, and oh God! I'm starting to sound like Feliks! I shake my head to clear some of my thoughts. Why I'm even thinking all this, I don't know, but whatever. Okay so back to what I was saying. I moved in with the help of a few friends. We're one of the most unlikely groups you could imagine! That group consists of a very bad tempered Italian named Lovi, a total valley-girl like Polish man (don't be to surprised) named Feliks, an annoying American named Alfred who is my oldest friend and likes to play Hero, and me, the sometimes quite Canadian who everyone, but my friends, mistake for Alfred. Those times do not end happy.

I need to stay on topic! So none of them know about my ability because they would think I'm insane and Al would start crying because he is terrified of ghosts. But after we moved all the boxes and shit inside, we all sat on the couch with a drink in silence until...

"Hey, I'm like all gross and sweaty. Would it be cool if like, I used your shower real quick?" I roll my eyes at him. He's always like this if he gets even a little sweaty.

"I guess, if you must." He pulls me into a strong hung and runs to the bathroom saying something like 'Thanks Mattie! You, like, totaly rule!'. I get up to get some more Kool-Aid when something is in front of my leg and I almost fall onto Lovi.

"Watch where you're going, bastardo." I can tell he doesn't really mean it, which is good because he is ticking time bomb and it is scary as Hell to be on his bad side when he explodes.

"Hehe. Sorry, Lovi. Just tripped." Well that was strange. And going on the facts that Feliks is in the shower still, Al is asleep with an empty Monster can in hand, and Lovi doesn't just trip people, I think I might have a roommate after all.

Going to the kitchen to get some more Kool-Aid, I hear someone laugh. Looking in the other room I see Lovi and Feliks trying to get Al up so they can leave me to unpack and there is no laughing coming from in there, let me tell you.

As soon as they close the door and I hear their car starting, I run to the living room and sit on the floor in what Al would call 'Indian Style'. I'm getting kind of tired of never really having my own place. There's always something. Always!

"O.K, look. I know you're here, I was able to hear and feel you. Now lets see what you look like." I've gone through this enough times to know that betting around the bush with them doesn't help anyone. I suddenly felt like I was in Canada in winter, even though it's over a hundred degrees.

"So you know I'm here? That mean I can't scare you? 'Cause you look like you would be fun to scare." With a loud sigh and an eye roll I answer him. "You sure as hell can try, but I've been dealing with stuff like you since I was six." And with that, I sit back and wait. Which wasn't necessary because a moment after I got comfortable, there he was. And let me tell you, I may have squeaked, but damn if it wasn't the manliest squeak!

"Keseseseses~! Mien Gott! You sound like a little bird!"

"No I don't! And stop laughing! Can we please just get to the point here?"

"Okay, okay. So whaddya need, kido?"

"First off, don't call me that. Ever. Second, I was wondering why you're here? Who are you? How'd you die? I-If you don't mind my asking?"

"Well Birdie, I'm the awesome Gilbert! And I'm here because I'm dead-Dont give me that look! This is where I died, better? I've been here for about two years now. I died at twenty-two and at the moment, I do mind you asking, so don't"

"Didn't mean to offend sorry. I'm Matthew, I'm twenty and if you couldn't tell, I just moved in. So I take you're going to be my roomie?" He smirked and winked at me as he shook my hand.

"I guess so."

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