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A/N So I seriously cannot wait for the Season Finale of SVU. And with less then 70 hours to go, I decided a little Pre Ep Fic of 'Her Negotiation' as a little treat we can all enjoy until Wednesday comes.

Olivia could barely comprehend any of the going ons around her. It was taking all of her concentration to merely keep breathing.

Her clothes, which had been ripped from her some hours ago, laid in tattered pieces around what he had intended to be her tomb and she was shivering not only from the damp cold but from the shock that came from everything he had done to her along with the blood loss that seemed to be coming from everywhere.

She had no more strength to cry though. She had done enough of that already and it didn't hold him or his attacks off so what was the point now that he and that video camera of his was gone.

Her arms were in agony, being tied at the head of the bed for hours on end at this uncomfortable angle and she wanted nothing more then to surcome to the sleepiness that was plaguing her.

But she couldn't. She couldn't because she knew if she fell asleep she might not ever wake up. He had taken so much from her in these last eighteen hours. Her dignity, her pride, her strength but she would not give him that. He would NOT be the cause of her death.

She kept breathing, hard, trying to stay awake and struggling to keep her mind off of what had just been done to her and focus everything onto the one person she wanted and needed more then anyone, hoping with all her might he was still alive after what had happened to him and that she would see him again.

So she prayed that she would be rescued soon and if they couldn't find her, that her death would be painless and he would find someone worth loving again.

Olivia heard the door creep open and her eyes closed when she heard that soft sadistic chuckle. "Did you think we were done? Nah, Sweetheart," he whimpered as he looked her up and down, "I still got some plans for you..."

1 Week Earlier

"Oh God, Brian!" Olivia moaned, her nails leaving deep marks on his back as she threw her head back. "Harder! Harder, Brian, please!"

Brian Cassidy let out a grunt as he followed her directions and began pistoned in and out of the beautiful brunette underneath her even harder then before, hitting her Gspot with every thrust, kissing her possessively on that one spot behind the ear that drove her absolutely mad with one hand tangled in her hair and giving it a sharp jerk every so often while his other was aiding her as he massaged her engorged clit.

"I'm coming!" she gasped, pressing up tight against her. "I'm coming! Bri!"

"I got you, Baby," he groaned, feeling very close to the edge himself. "Let go. Let Go, Liv, I gotcha."

He pushed into her hard several more times before he pulled out so only the tip was left inside her before he slammed into her, bottoming out inside of her and letting out a yell when he finally reached release.

Olivia let out a scream as her orgasm took over completely, clenching down on him while waves of pleasure crashed down on her. She held Brian tight against her body as the effects ripped though her. He gave her little jerks with his softening dick that was still inside her every now and again that would begin to kindle what she had just experienced.

Brian collapsed on top of her, his breathing heavy in her ear, both of them panting like they had just ran a marathon. When he did pick his head up he kissed her hard on the lips and only when both were starving for oxygen did they release one another.

"That was incredible," he moaned as he rolled off her.

Olivia nodded, her breathing still heavy. "Hell of a lot better starter in the morning then coffee."

Brian chuckled before he took her hand in his and brought it to his lips. "I don't know what I'd do without you, Liv."

"Good thing you'll never have to find out." she said with a smile.

Brian chuckled as he looked at his watch and groaned. "I gotta go shower," he grumbled before he looked back at her. "You mind getting the coffee started?"

Olivia, who had been given the day off by her boss, nodded. "Sure."

Brian gave her a short lived chaste kiss. "Thanks, Babe."

With another kiss to tide them both over, Brian got out of the bed, stretched, and shuffled towards the bathroom and shut the door behind him.

Olivia sighed happily as she flopped down on the bed with a beaming grin on her face once the door had latched. There was no denying she was falling for the man who had just made love to her.

She laughed quietly to herself as she heard the soft off key singing coming from the bathroom as the shower began running. It wasn't the singing she was laughing at so much as she had let it slip once that her Ex, David Haden, had the most incredible phenomenal voice she had ever heard. So every chance he got to prove to her that he was a better singer was never missed, even when facts told a completely different story.

With a smile still plastered on her face, Olivia got out of bed and got dressed in clothes that she could just as easily lounged around in or go out for errands before she made her way to the coffee maker where she quickly began brewing the bitter tasting liquid nether she nor Brian could live without.

After that was done Olivia went over to the couch and sat down, picking up the bock she had started before Brian had come over last night, ignoring the mess of wine glasses and dinner plates on the coffee table before her that she and Brian left there last night, and settled comfortably into the couch.

It took ten minutes for Brian to emerge from the bathroom dawning only a white robe and headed for the fridge, getting out an apple for breakfast and a cup of coffee to ensure he survived the day.

"Thanks so much, Babe," he said as he walked over to where Olivia was sitting. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, Olivia closing her eyes and smiling at the tender moment. "You're amazing."

"Well you deserve to have someone amazing," she threw back as she looked up at him, a soft smile on her lips. Brian chuckled before he leaned down once more and kissed her lips before he pulled away and headed back into the bedroom. Olivia watched him walk away for a moment before she turned back to her book. He reemerged twenty minutes later dressed in his uniform with his gun belt around his waist.

"Sorry I gotta leave so suddenly," he apologized.

"It's fine, go catch some bad guys," she said with an understanding grin. "I'll be here when you're done."

Brian smiled at her before he leaned down and buried his lips in her hair. "I love you, Liv."

Olivia's whole world came to a screeching halt. What did he just say? Her throat suddenly felt ten times tighter then it should have and her heart pounded against her chest.

She swallowed hard, mustering up a smile that appeared more like a grimace. "Tha- thank you..."

Brian's face fell as did Olivia's. "Bri, listen," she began softly.

"No, it's fine," he interrupted waving it off like she hadn't just broken his heart, acting like she couldn't see the pain in his eyes. "I um... I gotta go to work though so I'll see ya later, Liv," he told her as he turned tail and walked briskly out of the apartment.

"Brian, wait, please!" But the door shut behind him before she could even finish. Olivia let out a frustrated groan as she flopped her head against the couch, her smile replaced by a worrisome frown.

Her perfect day off had just quickly did a complete 180. Little did she know that the events about to unfold would turn what had just happened between her and Brian in a perfectly happy cheerful situation...

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