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The story that I'm about to tell has actually happened in real life. It's my story. I just decided that it'd be easier to tell it through these characters. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1: Home

"What time does your train leave?"

"In a couple of hours…I have a taxi coming to take me to the station soon."

Naraku rolled Kagome onto her back so that he was lying on top of her. The two of them had spent the entire morning together. Each of them was packed and ready to go and time was ticking away almost relentlessly.

Kagome pulled Naraku's face toward her and kissed him softly. She was leaving first and the thought of being separated from him for the next three months made her miserable. Although they'd only been together for a month, Kagome could honestly say that she was incredibly connected to Naraku. They'd gotten close fairly quickly and it didn't seem fair that they would have to be apart so soon and for so long.

"I don't want to go," Kagome sighed "I'll miss my train, you can miss your plane, and we can stay here for the summer."

Naraku chuckled, flashing his pearly white teeth at her "You know that campus will be closed as of tonight." He kissed the tip of her nose "We'll be fine love."

"But three months is such a long time. Are you sure you can do this?"

Naraku sat up on the bed. Kagome followed suit, bringing her knees to her chest. She watched as he went to his dresser and pulled something off the top drawer.

"Come here," Naraku revealed the object in his hands. It was a simple lanyard with black wooden beads. Kagome recognized it immediately. He wore it all the time. "I want you to hold on to this for me until we get back." Naraku placed the lanyard around her neck "Kagome I want to be with you. Don't worry about the distance that'll be between us. It'll only be temporary. Besides, we'll talk every day and you know I'll be thinking of you every second that you're gone."

Kagome fingered the beads on the lanyard. It was so long on her that it nearly touched her belly button. Naraku was right. Although they wouldn't be around each other physically, they had agreed to talk every single day. Video messaging was an option. It would be hard but they only needed to function like that until August. How bad would it be?

Yet somewhere in the back of her mind she was worried that some girl would come into the picture while she was away and steal Naraku's attention. It was perfectly possible. He was handsome, charming and had the body of a Greek God. What girl wouldn't want him? She'd already had to deal with some of his exes.

It wasn't that she was insecure. Kagome knew she looked good. But like any girl, she had a few trust issues. She just wasn't sure how strong Naraku's will power to resist other girls would be if she wasn't around.

"Are you going to miss me?" Naraku squeezed her side playfully "I don't think you will as much as you think you will."

Kagome smiled half-heartedly. She had to push the negativity away if this was going to work, "Of course I will. You know I will."

"Then prove it."

Kagome climbed onto Naraku's lap and ran her fingers through his inky black hair. She grabbed a handful of it and pulled his face into hers for a passionate kiss. A few seconds later their laughter drew them apart.

"Okay I believe you," Naraku snaked his arms around her waist "I'll miss you too love."

Kagome's smile quickly turned into a frown as her phone began to ring. She got up to answer it, "Hello? Yes, this is she…you are...yes, I'm ready. I'll be down in a sec."

Kagome sighed as the call ended, "That was my taxi. He's waiting for me downstairs."

Naraku kissed her forehead, then pulled her into him for one last hug, "Remember what I said Kagome. It'll be over before you know it. Just take care of yourself for me alright? I need you back in one piece."

"I will." She buried her head in his chest, inhaling the scent of his cologne "I'll call you as soon as I land."

They held each other for a few more seconds before letting go. Kagome could feel tears swelling up in her eyes but she held them back. She didn't want to look even more emotional. Naraku grabbed her bags, and together, the two of them made their way outside to the taxi.

Kagome sighed as she leaned her head against the window. The train had left the station and she was finally on her way home. She was a little cheerful. Kagome hadn't seen her mother since her last vacation from school and she would be happy to see her family. She'd also be able to see all of her old friends from high school. And she was excited to see them. Kagome just wished that she wouldn't have to leave Naraku behind.

The vibration of her phone startled her. Kagome checked the screen. It was a text from Naraku. She opened it without hesitation:

Hey Love. Now that you're gone I want you to know that I put something in the pocket of your bag. I didn't want you to read it until you were on your way home.

Kagome immediately reached for her backpack and dug into the outside pocket. Inside there was a neatly folded piece of paper. She unfolded it and her eyes eagerly scanned the familiar slanted writing:

Kagome I have the biggest crush on you! I'm so glad that you're mine. I know you're worried that we'll lose interest in each other over the summer but I promise you that won't happen. No one drives me crazy like you do. You're beautiful, intelligent, loving, and I couldn't ask for more in a woman. So cheer up! As long as we have each other, we'll be alright. Text me after you read this!

Kagome laughed as she wiped her tears away.

Naraku's note confirmed everything she'd been hoping. As long as they were both on the same page, the summer apart would be a breeze. She felt so silly for worrying about Naraku's loyalty to her. He'd shown her that. There was no question that they could make it through the summer.

Kagome smiled. No one could get in between her relationship with Naraku if they tried.