Ok so this isn't actually a chapter [I know shame on me]. Since so many people followed this story I figured I should give you all notice that the first chapter of the sequel is up! Its called 'The King and the Pawn' and you can find it through my profile if your interested :D

Here is a little excerpt for you:

New York City was sweltering. The biggest heat wave in years was currently causing blackouts, soft asphalt, and Detective Clara Oswald's misery. She was starting to wonder if death by asphyxiation was worth crawling inside the ice box. It was tempting.

The portable fan on her desk whirled away in vain doing little more than ruffle her papers. Clara sat at the typewriter working up another bill. God, she hated paperwork.

Thanks once again for being awesome!

~Love Steampunkmagic (Robyn)