So, the lovely thimbles came up with the idea to host this weekly held contest over on blogspot, where writers come together once a week to write these little mini stories based on a given prompt. Rules say that these entries can't be longer than 200 words max. The writer of the winning entry will chose the prompt and then the winning entry the following week.

Check out the block to see the prompts and also read all the fantastic entries here:

fanficflashfic - dot - blogspot - dot - co - dot - uk/ 2013/ 01

It really is a great writing excercise and overall fun activity (even if the word limit drived me mad on a regular basis...). It's also very fascinating to see the range of things all the participating writers there come up with, their ideas and inspiration all inspired by the same picture, quote or even video clip, interpreted in their very own way.

Hope you enjoy reading them.

FanficFlashfic week 1

I eventually found her down at the beach.

I had left the party in a haste, barely able to choke down the raging anger inside of me and not let my fists say what I had denied my mouth to for the longest time. It would have been so easy and freeing to finally give in to temptation. After everything I had to endure, everything I had to keep up with, it would have been my damn right prerogative, too.

I chased after a girl that wasn't mine, instead. Even with the red shading my sight, the decision was made as soon as she had stormed outside into the dark night. Alone and fragile...

She was faster than I had expected, and with the cover of the night shielding her, it's taken me hours of scanning and searching streets and alleys to find her.

Hugging her knees, she sat there.

I approached.

"Not now, Edward. Please."

"He doesn't deserve you. Never did, never will!" My words hurt her, but she had hurt me, too. "You should have chosen me."

"I know."

"Then, once again, why didn't you."

"Because I'm not good enough for you."

"You're so dumb."

"I know."

And despite everything, the weeks and months of hurting and seeing her with another man, I still loved her. "Try to be smart, then."

Her legs circled my waist as I picked her up, her fingertips to my neck.

I carried her home.

A/N: Just for those following me and reading my wip - no, I still haven't given up on it. I'm working on the next chapter and hopefully will be able to update soon :)