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Week 31

If I reached for his hand right now,

he'd let me have it and, entwining fingers,

hold on to mine.


If I asked for his arms to wrap around my body and hold me tight,

for him to press my chest to his and envelope me whole,

he'd do it in a heartbeat.


If I sat down on his lap sideways and lean into him,

my head resting in the nook where his neck and shoulder met,

he'd draw butterfly patterns on my back until sleep was just a blink away.


If I brought my face so close to his that only a gasp of air

would separate his lips from my own,

he'd grin and close the gap in a heartbeat.


If I were brave enough to let him uncover all my hidden flaws,

knowing that the gentle look in his eyes will remain even after the veil's been lifted,

I'd give him all of me without wasting any more time.


I want him to. I want him, and I know he wants me, too. A bit.

Yet, I can't bring myself to do it.

I'm too scared my reality would shatter his fantasy.

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