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Since the last episode of Stargate Atlantis ("Enemy at the Gate") the following has happened. Jack O'Neill have been promoted to General while Samantha Carter have been promoted to Lieutenant General. In addition John Sheppard have been promoted to Colonel from Lieutenant Colonel.

Doctor Jennifer Keller is head of medicine on Atlantis with Doctor Rodney McKay being head of the science department on Atlantis.

With Atlantis currently sitting in San Francisco bay Doctor Daniel Jackson have been named Chief of Alien cultures and Technology. Currently his unit is searching through every room in the city to learn about the Ancients and their technology.

End of prologue.

"Let me go" Woolsey screamed. Two bulky security guards dragged him towards a puddle jumper.

"No, you`re being contained along with the rest of the IOA. Did you really think a ZPM could just disappear and no one would notice?" Jack O'Neill screamed back into Woolsey's face "I've got the green light from the president to shut you guys down, the IOA's history."

"What? You can't do that, we´re not subject to any government."

"We found the the Trust on your payroll Woolsey. The other governments were more than happy to agree, it seems like they have been looking for a reason to shut you all down. You just gave them one. Get him out of here" he ordered the security guards as he turned around and walked back to the control room.

As Jack entered the control room a confused Sam came running up to him.

"Where's Woolsey?" she asked

"He's being contained."

"Wait what? Why?"

"Why does everyone ask that? He stole a ZPM from the hub, so the IOA is being shutdown."

"Ok, so who's in command now?"

"Well funny you asked, that would be you as of now. Oh and you might want to have this back" O´Neill finishes as he hands her a shopping bag with the stolen ZPM

"Thank you sir but why?"

"Why not? You did run the place a while back."

"True, but still, why not someone higher up in the chain of command?"

"Do you still forget you're a Lt Gen these days?"

"I guess I…"

"No no no no no" McKay screamed all of a sudden from a nearby terminal

"What did you do McKay?" Jack said as he ran up to him.

"Nothing, I was only re-calibrating the gate to Earth's position so we could use it and now… Well look for yourself, Atlantis is scanning Earth."

As soon as he had said that a hologram appeared before the trio, showing Earth and on the surface there was three red dots each with an ancient word next to them.

"What are those dots?" Jack asked

"It seems to be ID-tags," McKay said.

"Sir, the database have no information on those sites." Sam said looking up from a terminal.

"Doctor where are the dots?"

"One's in Zhejiang China, one's in Quebec Canada and last one is in Dalarna Sweden. All three sites are matching with meteor craters from 350 to 400 million years ago," McKay replied.

"Sir might I suggest we send teams to the sites?" Sam asked.

"Nope. For once we're on our own planet, so get the intel first. Satellite images, geological stuff and the likes. Ask Daniel if he knows something about the culture and history of the places."

"Yes sir."

"Eh guys, didn't this place have a gate with blue chevrons?" Daniel asked as he entered the room.

"Yes and we still do smart ass, did you become color blind on your way here?" McKay growled irritated

"Well it…"

"Rodney what happened to the gate while I was gone?" Sheppard asked coming down from the jumper bay.

"As I just said! Nothing, it's still blue and it… it…" he begun before looking away from the hologram. Down in the gate room a destiny style gate was sitting instead of the Pegasus gate "Where did that come from?"

"McKay, where's our gate?" Sheppard asked.

"I'm trying to track it. Looks like it's going down the tower to an unexplored area of the city through some sort of tube."

"Where's the tube going?"

"Somewhere at the bottom of the tower I think, it's still moving," he said following a white dot on the screen in front of him before it disappeared from the sensors.

"I've lost track of it. It's below the city but not in the water."

"John, find that gate, now," Sam ordered

"Who put you in charge?" Sheppard asked.

"I just did," O'Neill said

"Oh I see. I'm on it."

"Sam, I'd like to go along with him if that's ok with you," Daniel said

"I don't see why not, but take Teal'c with you."

"McKay, bring up the schematics of that area. I want you in my ear," Sheppard ordered.

"Give me a minute and I'll be in your ear."

Lower levels. Atlantis central tower.

"Looks like your right at the edge of the dead spot," Sam's voice was heard over the radio.

"Roger that, we're standing at what looks like a very old door, almost looks like a door from Destiny," Sheppard answered.

"Ok, that sounds like good news considering the gate up here looks like a gate from Destiny," Sam said as she looked at the gate that was currently sitting in the control room. "The bad news is that McKay can't find the schematics for anything beyond that door."

"It's not that I can't find them, they don't exist," McKay's voice was heard in the background over the radio.

"Well, either way you're pretty much on your own from here on."

"Come on, let us see what's down here," Daniel said, rushing towards the door.

"Be careful n…." Sam's voice cut out as the radio went silent

"Must be that whatever is affecting the sensors affects the radio too." Daniel said.

"Indeed" Teal'c agreed.

"...o read?" Sam's voice came back when Daniel stepped took a few steps back.

"Something's disrupting the radio beyond the door, we're heading through," Daniel said into the radio.

"Well, here we go. Weapons ready, we don't know what's down here," Sheppard said.

The group raised their P-90s as Sheppard pressed the unlock button on the door. The door started to screech and move slowly, at first only a couple of millimeters, then more and more until the door was half opened. Suddenly something cracked within the walls and the door stopped. They looked through the half open door and was greeted by complete darkness and a foul smell.

"So that's how really old air smells like," Sheppard said while covering his nose

"I guess so" Daniel answered covering his mouth as he tried not to vomit from the smell.

"Indeed" Teal'c said, seemingly unaffected.

Teal'c turned on the flashlight on his P-90 and squeezed through the door, the others following his example. On the other side the trio found themselves in a short corridor, with two doors on either side, leading to a podium with consoles similar to those onboard Destiny. Sheppard just stared at the podium as Daniel walked forward, seeing Daniel's movement Teal'c stretched out an arm to block his path.

"What?" Daniel asked.

"It would be wise to make sure there are no surprises behind those doors," Teal'c said

"That might be a good idea yes," Daniel said as he realized his mistake.

"Sheppard," Daniel whispered, making the Colonel look around him, as he had not realized the others had gone ahead. "Let's start with the left one"

"Sure." As they moved towards the door the buttons beside it lit up.

"Well at least now we know there's power coming to this place from somewhere," Daniel said

"Yes, the question is why the lights around here are turned off," Sheppard said

"Well it could be running out of power," Daniel answered.

"True. Now let's see what's behind mystery door number one" Sheppard said before pressing the button. Once again they were greeted by darkness. In the room was a single console directly to the right of the door.

"Could it be a storage area maybe?" Teal'c asked.

"Maybe, it's hard to tell without power to the console," Daniel said. He was trying to power it up but the only thing the console did was to show a single message before shutting down again.

"Power low," Daniel read out loud

"Well there's the answer to that question," Sheppard said


"So let's hit the next room then," Sheppard said.

Sheppard lead the way out of the room, across the corridor and up to the next door. He pressed the button and in response the door started to open but stopped almost directly. Sheppard pressed the button again, nothing happened. Again he pressed the button and again nothing happened.

"Daniel, can you override it and…"

"Daniel Jackson!" Teal'c said looking in through the small opening.

"What is it Teal'c?" Daniel asked.

"The power source if I remember McKay's tour of Atlantis correct"

"No, that's several stories above us," Sheppard said.

As Daniel looked through the crack he saw a ZPM hub barely light up by the ambient light of a single ZPM just as it died and everything went black.

"Sheppard go and radio McKay. Tell him to get his ass down here with one of the ZPMs we scavenged from the debris of the Super-Hive," Daniel said, more an order than a request.

"Why?" Sheppard said.

"There's a ZPM hub in there. It a ZPM, but I think the last of its power was drained from opening the doors, that's why the doors stuck," Daniel said.

"Just a minute," Sheppard said as he ran out of the hallway. "Rodney!"

"Yes? I see you on the sensors again, where are the other two?"

"Shut up and listen Rodney. Get your ass to the storage room for the two ZPM we got from the debris of the Super-Hive and then get down here as fast as possible, have the Daedalus beam you if that'll make you get here faster."

"Ok, I'm on my way," McKay said.

"Ah there you are," Sheppard said as Rodney appeared in a white flash shortly after.

"What's the rush?" Rodney asked while Sheppard led the way to the door.

"We found something you'll want to see."

"And what's that?" They had only taken three steps into the short corridor when McKay halted and leaned against the wall. After dry heaving a few times he covered his face and got away from the wall. "What died down here?"

"It's the great smell of ancient air stuck here for far too long."

Rodney was just about to take peek inside the first room when there was a soft *thud* from within the walls.

"Got it, Teal'c try opening it now," Daniel said. He had poked around in the doors control panel.

Teal'c walked up to the crack, put his hands inside the opening and pulled the door open with a groan as every muscle in his body worked to open the door. A thump was heard as the door mechanism accepted defeat and let the door slide open. Sheppard carefully walked up to the door and looked inside the room. To his relief the room was empty except for the consoles and terminals around the room and the ZPM hub in the middle of the room.

"Ok, now I realize why you wanted to get me down here as fast as I could," McKay said.

"Good, so plug it in. I want to see what this place can do. Some working lights and ventilation would be nice," Sheppard said.

"Yes it would," McKay said as he ran hurried up to the hub and placed the ZPM in one of the two empty slots.

The moment the ZPM activated the lights in the rooms and hallway activated. They could feel the fresh air starting to come in as the ventilation kicked in. Having put the ZPM in place McKay turned to a nearby console and looked at the screen.

"Looks like we've got enough power for two millenniums of continuous use," McKay said.

"Use of what?" Sheppard asked.

"Don't know, it doesn't say. It looks like the last time someone used this room was… the day they left Earth."

"We'll check out the other room while you knock yourself out," Daniel said walking across the hallway with Teal'c.

"You do that. I'll stay with McKay and make sure nothing happens to him," Sheppard said.

"I'll keep digging through this console" McKay said.

"Now let's see what we have here," Daniel said as he powered up the lone console in the previous room.

"Welcome to the design room of the Atlantian City-Ship Atlantis," a hologram of a male, dark haired Ancient wearing the normal Ancient white and beige clothes said in ancient from the middle of the room. "What can I help you design today?"

"What's your function?" Daniel asked

"I don't understand your sentence." The hologram answered in ancient

"Change language to English please" Daniel replied in ancient

"Language unknown, please insert language crystal in slot," the hologram continued still in ancient as a small panel retracted revealing a crystal slot.

"Computer, what's your name?" Daniel asked.

"Lucius Verus" it answered

"Well then Lucius, could you create a language crystal if provided with a set of memories?

"Yes, it is done frequently."

"Then use the language from my memories."

"Please have a seat." In the middle of the room the floor split and an interface chair rose up. It was similar in shape to the one from Destiny but more refined, having the look of the control chair found in Atlantis and Antarctic.

As Daniel sat down the electrodes shot out of the headrest, but no restrains was put over his arms or legs.

"It's a new model." The Lucius said, sensing his question through the chair. "It's done, you may exit the chair."

Not even two seconds after the electrodes had stopped over his temples a small crystal materialized floating in the middle of the room.

"Language crystal materialized."

"Thank you," Daniel said as he took the crystal and put it inside the slot. When he left the chair it shrunk back down again.

"Twenty-five new languages found, please choose new language."


"New language set to English."

"Lucius, please show me a schematic of this section of the city" Daniel said in English.

There was a few seconds pause before Lucius replied. "Schematics not found, Dr Jackson."

"Recompile schematics with the help of the internal sensors."

"Compiling…... Complete." As Lucius said that, a holographic representation of the section they were in appeared with them as small red dots.

"Lucius, how big is this section?" Daniel asked when he saw the size of the section.

"This section of the city is as big as it needs to be."


"This section is displaced to an artificial pocket dimension similar to that of a ZPM."

"So what do you need all of this space for?"

"Follow med Dr Jackson." Lucius said as he started to walk out of the room and towards the podium at the end of the corridor.

"McKay, Sheppard, come here I found a guide," Daniel shouted as he followed Lucius out of the room. "Meet Lucius the design rooms hologram."

"That's no hologram Daniel, that's the conciseness of the first Ancient to be downloaded to a computer as he was dying," McKay said as he came out of the room. "Isn't that so?"

"That's correct Dr McKay, but I'm only part of him, the memories, the knowledge, the ingenuity and the personality, everything else was deleted. I am more of an AI with memories than a real person. Shall we continue?"

"One wrong turn, I'll pull the ZPM and delete you," McKay said.

"Calm down Rodney, he's based on an Ancient, so he's basically your great great grandfather, do you want to kill one of your forefathers?" Daniel asked.

"I guess not," McKay said, realizing his stupidity. "And the Ancients are usually very helpful, unless they're ascended or stranded and recovered."

"Where are you from?" Lucius said

"Earth, Milky Way." Daniel answered him

"So you are the ones we seeded before I left Avalon to try and rebuild our civilization. My apologies. I thought you were one of the Lanteans who had returned."

"What do you mean, we seeded before I alone left Avalon?" Daniel said

"Again I'm sorry for the confusion. As you know I am Lucius. Part of the first Ancient to be downloaded into a computer. What do you know of the history of the Ancient and the Lanteans?"

"That they sent Destiny on a mission, they built amassing things. Then the Ancient began dying from a plague so they fled to Pegasus to rebuild which makes the Lanteans and the Ancient the same. They lost the war against the Wraith and again they fled, this time back to Earth where they died or ascended," Daniel said

"True, kind of true, false and false. They did indeed build Destiny and send her on a mission, they were dying from a plague and so they made, with my help, you, the seeded ones, they did however not flee to Pegasus, I alone did that, by the time you were created none remained alive within the halls of me or Atlantia. I made the decision to travel to a new galaxy, one empty of life and again seed a species, this time more advanced, almost as advanced as the Ancients, to keep me company, it did not work as planned. They were stupid, arrogant and incompetent, you call them Lanteans. After a little while some of the ascended found us and walked among us, unknown to the Lanteans. Some of these were Merlin, Morgan Le Fay and Janos. These three were the only ones to escape Atlantis, the others died fighting the Wraith. What happened after that I can not tell you. My connection to the rest of Atlantis was severed physically by a replicator made by the trio."

"Well that's an entirely new story to us. We'll put reestablishing your link to the rest of the city on our to do list. What's this Atlantia you keep referring to?"

"That I can not say. My files seems to have been corrupted."

"Can you tell us what files were corrupted?"

"A list of structures and ships. Along with some information about dangerous hostile aliens."

"That can't be good, " McKay said.

"You are correct Dr McKay. They are the aliens that are a threat to the Ancients."

"We'll deal with that later. Let's see what you've got here," Daniel said motioning towards the podium.

As he did so Lucius stepped forward and started to press several buttons on the consoles.

"Solid holograms," McKay mumbled to Sheppard as the rest of the group stepped onto the podium while Lucius continued to press some buttons.

"Behold." The press of a final button turned on the lights in the room outside the windows.

The group was awestruck at the sight before them. Outside the windows was a room the size of London, along the right side of the room was a line of Aurora class ships going from one side of the room to the other. Along the other wall was a mess of puddle jumpers and shield emitters, consoles and terminals, ZPM-shells and a whole lot of other unidentifiable things, some covered up by cloth and some lay bare. None of the things caught their attention as much as the huge supergate, which was well over a thousand meters across.

It took a minute before Rodney managed to move his gaze, this time it caught on a rack of stargates near the base of the supergate. "Why is there a Milky Way, a Pegasus, two Destiny, a purple, a green, a yellow and a black gate here? We only need one. You can't use more than one at a time. And what galaxies are they from anyway? And the supergate, it's worthless the only other supergate are the Ori gate," Rodney erupted.

"Calm down Rodney," Daniel said "So Lucius if you wouldn't mind, please tell us why the extra gates?"

"How much do you know of the gates?" Lucius asked

"The Ancients made them. They can connect to each other to allow matter or energy that enters the sending gate to exit through the receiving gate. Sending to a different galaxy or further require more energy than the DHD can provide, so a ZPM or something else has to provide the energy necessary. I think that sums it up."

"Well I hear this is going to take a while," Lucius said. He pointed to four chairs in front of the consoles. "Have a seat."

"So let's see how I can explain this to you," Lucius said. "Dr Jackson, I believe that you held a couple of introductory videos for new members of the SGC?"

"Yes, I did. How did you know that?"

"I got more than just your language memories in the download. Let's call this explanation Stargate 201 then," Lucius jokingly said laughing.

"Ok, sure why not."

"So where should we start?"

"Maybe by explaining why the gate in the control room was replaced by a Destiny style gate?" McKay said

"Good idea. I'm going to assume that we're at Earth since that's what the recalibration program told me, it's the only link I've still got to Atlantis, so to answer your question it's waiting for transport to whatever gate center there's on Earth."

"Gate center?"

"Yes, the place where your people travel through the gates."

"We only got one gate. The Milky Way variant."

"Then that's where it needs to go. The gate was supposed to be left on Earth the first time. I left in a hurry and did not have the time to do so. So if you would transport the gate to its new location I'd appreciate it."

"We'll see about doing that when we get back to the control room. Now, what about the other gates? Why the different styles and colors?" Daniel asked.

"Let's first start with the different styles of gates then. Pegasus gates and the blue and green gates are for shorter jumps not capable of crossing the void between galaxies, they are easier to make than the Milky Way because they do not have moving parts. Because of that we don't use them for long-distance travel. If they get stuck you can not dial them manually, but if you are not to far away a ship can be sent. The Milky Way have moving part for the same reason the Pegasus gates do not. If you get stuck you can manually dial them and get home, the same goes for the Destiny style gates, both on Destiny and the planets."

"But I thought the Pegasus gates were just newer, better gates?" Rodney asked

"Yes they are newer, but only because they were built later. I did not want the Lanteans to go to the Milky Way. I changed the programming of the gates we built so they would override any Milky Way gates nearby and make the power requirement so for a jump between the gates so big that they only could get the power for that here in Atlantis. The designs for the gates were made around the same time."

"And why would that increase the power requirement?" Rodney asked

"We're coming to that part in a minute. Now the difference of the gates are what distance or purpose they were built for. The red network that you say you use is the common network and have the potential to connect to all of the other gates and works on a seven symbol address. The blue Pegasus gates are for smaller distances. The Pegasus galaxy is a dwarf galaxy after all and so it did not matter, they probably would not be able to connect to Destiny since that would require even more energy than the red gates requires for such a connection. They also use the seven symbol address due to the fact that the distances between gates is rather big. They can connect to purple and green gates with extra power. The green gates are for transport within a solar system or to neighboring system. If enough power is available it can connect to a purple, blue or red gate. They work on a five symbol address due to the relatively small distances involved. The purple gates are for transportation on a single planet. With enough power they can connect to a green gate but not a blue or red gate. They use a four symbol address. Those are the short range gates we built and used."

"What about the gates in Destiny's path? Why would they not connect over a longer distance if they are not short range?" Daniel asked.

"Those gates were built only to connect to Destiny and identical gates only. The long range gates are quite different. The yellow gates were built to transport materials. These are somewhat similar to the red gates but with an extended range so they could be used to send things from any galaxy in the local group to any other but also within galaxies. There was at least one such gate in every solar system we colonized, due to the amount of space that we expected ourselves to claim in the future they work with twelve symbol address. We thought it would be enough for any foreseeable future. The white gates, or Destiny gates as you called them, are built on order for specialized locations and new galaxies. Pegasus is the only galaxy without a white gate, that's the reason there is two of those gates down here. Atlantis has its own white gate and so shall Pegasus when it can be returned there. The white gate uses the nine symbol address for safety like a code. The black gates were made to travel unimaginable distances, there is only two gates currently in existence. One is here in Atlantis and the other is on board Destiny. The black gate is also the only gate that can connect to any other gate in the known universe without extra power. They are the ultimate gates. Capable of sending things to any other wormhole, natural or artificial, no matter the shape of the receiving gate or the size of what was sent. That meant that if any civilization out there could build a gate we would be able to get there instantly. These do not use the normal symbol addresses, you will have to choose to connect to Destiny's gate or any other gate or wormhole. Finally the supergates which are just scaled up versions of the red gates. They function much like the red gates but they do not require a receiving gate, instead it opens a wormhole and spits out the ships that comes through. This allowed us to send ships anywhere we wanted within galaxies. To go to other galaxies we need a receiver, not necessarily a gate but something to aim and shot at, there has been times when we sent a single scout ship with a gate to a planet in another galaxy and then we sent the frame of a supergate through the gate and into space to create a receiver to aim at or if two galaxies are close enough we could aim just outside the other galaxy and send a ship containing a gate there. But a receiving gate reduces the energy drain significantly. Any questions?"

"Why?" McKay said

"Please clarify the question."

"Why build all different gates when you had the black gate that could go anywhere?"

"All that is said about the makings of the gates are that there was some unforeseen problems during testing."

"Unforeseen problems? But there is one on Destiny?" McKay asked confused.

"Yes that is correct, the one on Destiny was the original gate. The one here was made to connect to Destiny."

"Why use the gate at all if there was unforeseen problems?"

"The black gates are the only gate that can connect over such a distance without power even we can not produce a fraction of."

"Not true, we did it with a naquadah core planet," McKay said proudly

"And just how did that go?" Lucius asked.

"Well the planet exploded due to an enemy attack."

"That was to be expected."

"We managed to open the gate and send a small group through the gate."

"Then you did something we did not. Impressive indeed."

"Thank you, but I was involved in the project so it's no surprise that it worked."

"Rodney, you are great at fixing problems but you are just as good at creating them. And some of it only works temporary, like say, oh I don't know, the time you blew up Doranda and three quarters of the solar system?" Sheppard corrected him

"It was actually five sixths of the solar system."

"You did what?" Lucius said laughing.

"It was your Lanteans who built it, they called it Arcturus and it was supposed to extract vacuum energy from our own space time, but it did not work as it should have."

"Oh, come on did you really try to fix that thing? Of course it does not work, it's a weapon, a bomb, it is meant to explode. I told the Lanteans the could not do it. They were to stupid to realize that something that small was not going to be able to hold all the energy from the entire universe, both past, present and future. Our generators built from the same theories is much safer, instead of taking all energy at the same time it takes the energy from only two or three places, mostly black holes or supernovas. Think of it as a dam, a small dam would not be able to take the pressure from all of the water in the entire universe. If you only take some of the water, say the water from two rivers, the dam would be able to hold the water and produce energy. By taking energy from only a few places you will minimize the risk of it drawing energy from itself which is what Arcturus do to build up the energy to critical levels as fast as it does."

"Well, then it wasn't entirely my fault then," Rodney said booming with pride

"The blame's still on you." Sheppard said.

"Shall we continue?" Lucius asked.

"Sure." Daniel said.

"So the reason we built the other gates was because of the distances. To connect far away we use a lower frequency that can travel far away without losing any of the information that is sent. To connect closer we use a higher frequency that works well over shorter distances."

"So why not use the same frequency for the short gates as the long gates?"

"Think of it as sound waves, if you are sitting close to the speaker you will hear the high pitch sound good but very little low pitch sound. The reverse is true if you are far away, you will hear the low pitch but not the high pitch, that is why we use different frequencies. The yellow are slightly different, they have two different frequencies from two different senders and receiver, but that makes them harder to create and also they were also more prone to break. So we thought it was best to simply use them for automated transport, we never sent anything living through them as they sometimes lose things along the way. The black gates use a completely different material, which can respond to any frequencies at any range but it is very rare. We only ever found enough to create two gates. Destiny's white gate is unique, it was the only gate out of millions that worked, it has got two separate frequencies because it uses an alloy of the materials that the long range and the short range gates uses to send and receive. The problem with sending to different gate networks comes from the frequencies, think of it as a singer with a high voice trying to sing a low tone, she will have a hard time doing that because she is used to singing at a high frequency. The same goes for the gates, that is why it requires more energy to connect to Destiny than the closest planet, if you use the red gate."

"Then what about the trans-galactic connections? Say from here to Ida, that requires more power but we're still on the red gate network."

"Well both yes and no, both the Milky Way and Ida have the red gates. As I said they were built for transportation within a single galaxy, so when you go to Ida you switch networks. To do that both gates have to change their frequencies so you will not be lost along the way and that is what creates the difference in power consumption."

"Wow, that's complex," Daniel said.

"Yes, it is, it took us a long time to design and build the network so it would work for a long time into the future."

"Well you did a great job. From what we've seen almost every gate is still working as it should."

"That is good to hear. Is there anything else I can help you with or can we please start to repair my connection to Atlantis?"

"Just one thing, why didn't the room collapse on itself when the ZPM was depleted?" Sheppard asked

"Well there's a number of safeguards built into this section, one of them is double ZPM hubs, so there is always power to go around to sustain this dimensional pocket."

"So you're saying there's more ZPMs down here?"

"Of course. And normally if the ZPMs at this level ran dry I would send a replicator to recharge them at the generators. Unfortunately I can not make things without user input and my last replicator was the one that severed my connection to Atlantis, it is somewhere out there, but as long as I am severed from Atlantis sensors I can not locate it or send orders to it, so therefore I am unable to do anything."

"What other safeguards are there down here? Anything dangerous?" Sheppard asked as his military training kicked in.

"Everything down here is dangerous if handled in the wrong way. But the safeguards are only here to make sure that the pocket won't collapse on itself. They consist of the double ZPM hubs downstairs, the ship's power systems which can feed power to the system if necessary and lastly the generators. The generators are what Arcturus was based on, they have enough power to refill an empty ZPM in two hours and they are what makes Atlantis work. What are you using to power Atlantis by the way? I take you do not have something similar to the generators since you tried to make Arcturus."

"We actually use ZPMs that we scavenge as a power source but we also use naquadah generators to provide power to run minor systems," McKay answered

"Wait, you're using the buffers to actually run Atlantis?"

"Yea and it's working great, as long as we don't have to move the city."

"ZPMs were not built to move the city with, the ZPMs were used as buffers to compensate for fluctuations. To move the city we used power from the generators and feed it directly to the engines without going through the ZPMs. I can not believe that you managed to move it to Earth using only ZPMs and naquadah generators."

"Well we kinda cheated," McKay admitted.

"Cheated? How can you cheat while traveling in hyperspace? Wait don't tell me you used the wormhole drive to travel to Earth?" Lucius asked angrily.

"Uhm, well you see... well there was this thing... and we uhm needed to uhm…," Rodney said while looking into the ground

"We did cause Earth was about to be attacked by a hive and it was our only option to be able to save Earth," Sheppard said straight to Lucius face.

"Well I guess in that case you did the right thing. But it was still a stupid thing to do."

"But isn't that how your supergates work when there's no receiver?"

"No they send an energy burst that forces a wormhole to open and then aims at that location. It is the gate that sends the ships, it is not like the ships sends themselves. Doing that would be like hitting yourself with a baseball-bat and hope that you will fly like the ball would. Nevertheless, the important thing is that Atlantis is safe, for now."

"Well I guess we should start to repair your connection to Atlantis then," Daniel said

"Indeed we should," Teal'c said

"So where do we start?" Sheppard asked.

"Next to the door you came through on the outside is a panel with a console behind which can help you diagnose the problem, with any luck they severed the connection at a splice and you will only have to reattach the ends to each other."

"Well let's get to work." Sheppard said "McKay check that panel, Daniel find me the closest splices, Teal'c you're with me, once Daniel finds the splices we'll make our way to the two closest, that's the most likely place that they severed the connection."

"I'm on it," McKay answered.

"Me too," Daniel said.

"Lead the way," Teal'c said.

As the group went out the door and towards their assignments Lucius stood still and watched the group leave.

As he did that he thought to himself. 'It is starting. Preparations must be made.' Then he disappeared from view as the holographic projectors turned of.

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