"I'm not going to wear that, so don't get your hopes up," Emma huffed. Killian bought her dresses. She repeat. Dresses. He bought her fucking dresses and he expected her to wear them to the weddings. Haha. How about no? They were of all lengths: one toughing the floor, two- three if she included the black and white polka dots- went to her knees, and the last two halfway up her thigh. "These are too short."

"You wear shorts similar to those," he pointed out, crossing his arms, "why not wear these?"

"There's a difference," Emma countered.

"Which is?"

"I hate dresses."

Killian sighed just as she said that. "Then wear these," he pointed to the knee length dresses, "I mean, come on. They're fine, aren't they?"

"Yeah, sure, but I'm not wearing them," Emma huffed, crossing her arms and sat down next to Killian. She glanced at the clock; 7:15. It was an hour until Mary Margret and David's wedding. "So can I just wear my normal stuff and you can do the same?"

"Haha, no," Killian replied, turning and pushed a lock of hair from her face and behind her ear. "I'm wearing a suit and you're wearing a dress."

"Why?" Emma complained, burring her face in her hands and glanced up at the dress Killian was holding out to her. Sleeveless, black, knee length and had like... a whole shitload layers, each one overlapping each other, like frills or whatever. "Seriously?"

"Unless you want the other one," he pointed to a green dress with black stripes; it, too was sleeveless.

"I hate you," she groaned as she stood up and pried the dress from his grip.

"I know you do," his reply was obvious; he always said that. "And don't forget your heels."

"No," she looked back after she pulled on her dress, "you're kidding. You know I can barely even walk without tripping, and heels? Oh hell no."

"Is there something you'd rather wear then?" he sighed, not even bothering to argue with her and how it'll look better in heels or who knows what. Emma's gaze moved from his ocean blue eyes to her black boots. "What did I expect?" he muttered to himself as he followed her gaze, "go ahead. I don't care. You just have to wear that dress."

Emma stuck out her tongue at him, "then put on a suit."

"You're acting like I'm like you and dresses, but with suits," he stood up and racked the closet, "but I'm not." Killian pulled out a black and white suit with a black tie and tossed it to her, "do that for me, won't you love?"

Emma just stared at the tie, she did not know how to tie a tie. Was she supposed to do? Like, google it or something? "How, exactly, may I ask?" she looked at him and put the sting around her neck. "Like seriously. You picked the wrong person."

"You know what? I'm going to teach you," he sighed, finishing buttoning his shirt and made his way to her. "Here," he crossed the two ends and moved it swiftly, she couldn't see what happened, but when he finished, he pulled the small side and it turned into a tie. "See?"

"Not really," Emma admitted and he sighed, pulling the tie from her neck and onto his before adjusting it and just looked at her. "What?" she asked innocently, letting out a laugh and ran over to grab the coat- thing, whatever that people wear when wearing a suit.

"You're really just stupid," he said, tilting his head, "take no offence. And do something with your hair." Emma's brow's furrowed and she walked into the restroom, followed by Killian. Her hair was perfectly fine. What the hell?

"So what am I supposed to do?" she turned to look at him, "mess it up or something."

"Well, if you insist on messing it up, I know a fun way of doing so," he smirked and she saw his gaze on the bed. "But I would have said for you to curl it," he shrugged as she combed her hair.

"I don't curl my hair," she looked up at him, "don't you know."

"Didn't you have it curled when I met you?"

"Yes. But now isn't that time, is it?" she hissed back.

"It's your friend's wedding. She's about to become your sister-in-law for goodness sake, I'd think it'll be nice to do that."

"I don't have a hair curler, or whatever," Emma sighed, putting down the brush and she spotted Killian pulling out his phone. "What are you doing?"

"Ain't it obvious?" he looked at her. "Hey Ruby? Yeah. We're coming. I was wondering if we could stop by so you can curl Emma's hair. She really wants it." He covered her mouth so Ruby couldn't hear her, "yeah. we'll stop by." Killian removed his hand from Emma's mouth, a winning smile on his face, "done." He popped the e and dragged her into his car and to Ruby's apartment.

"Emma," Ruby tackled her with a hug as soon as she opened the door. "So glad you're finally girly for once. Goodness me, you're so much better in dresses. Wear them more often." Emma scoffed and shook her head as Ruby dragged her into the bathroom to curl her hair.

"You know I didn't want to be here," she sighed as Ruby plugged in the curler- or whatever it was called. "Killian forced me."

"Well, I didn't hear you on the phone complaining, did I?" she challenged.

"Because Killian covered my mouth..." Emma started but Ruby just shook her head, "it's alright to admit you want to be girly. There's nothing wrong with it."

"I-" Emma stopped dead on her tracks, there was no way she would win anything against Ruby, especially about herself being girly for Ruby would deny it. "Whatever," she crossed her arm, "done?"

"Just a second," Ruby finished up and played with her curls before finally nodding and pulled the plug. "See, you look so much better."

"Actually, that depends on who you ask," Emma replied, brushing away her newly, slightly curly hair from her face. "Because I swear I look worse."

"You look fine my dear," Killian called from the door and she looked back to see him leaning on the doorway, "better, even."

"I highly doubt that," Emma rolled her eyes and walked past him. "Can we go? Or not?"

"We're not going to be late," Killian pointed out, and she glanced back to look at him, and saw Victor walk out of Ruby's room. He was here the whole time? "It's only..." he paused to look at the clock, "7:40."

"Well, I want to be there early, maybe?" she shot back as Victor tackled him from the back and wolf whistled.

"I don't think I've ever seen you this fancy ever," Victor greeted him, but gave Emma a quick hug. "I mean seriously. How much pressure did she put you through, dude?"

"No much actually," he replied, "I think I put her through more pressure making her wear a dress and all that shit." Emma nodded, watching the two boys interact and sent glances at Ruby every few often and she just shrugged. After a few minutes, Emma interrupted them:

"Can we just go now? I think I'd like to be there early, thanks very much," Emma looked up at the two boys and they just nodded. Ruby hung on to Victor and lead him out and Emma just walked past Killian so he would know to follow her.

"Calm down, you do know we're not going to be late for their wedding, don't you?" Killian asked, finally catching up to her when she was just making her way to the parking lot.

"Don't the friends and family of the bride and groom have to be there early?" Emma pulled on her seat belt as Killian drove them to the place of the wedding. It was in a church or something; Emma didn't know because she didn't go to church, obviously. So if she died, when she died, the devil would automatically know pull her down because she went when she was a child and she then just stopped. That and because she said a whole bunch of bad words and did bad things and the last time she went to confession was probably like... when she was, what? 17?

"Good point," she heard Killian mutter, "why didn't you tell me earlier?" He parked the car in the parking of the church and she followed him out.

"Emma!" Mary Margret looked beautiful- flawless. She was wearing- well, a wedding dress, and her hair was longer, and she had flowers stuck in her hair. "I thought you would have come earlier, you know? But I'm not complaining," she hugged her and then Killian as David stepped out and Emma almost tackled him to the ground with a hug.

"Chills, sis," he said, slightly nuzzling her head and went to hug Killian. "C'mon. Mom's waiting."

"She's still here?" Emma asked, twining her hands with Killian's and walked into the church.

"Emma," Ruth- her mom came out and pulled her into a hug.

"Mom," Emma breathed out, returning it, "I thought you left."

"I was going to," she admitted, "but they said their wedding was going to be soon, so I decided to stay." Emma nodded, and her mom added, "and Ruby's is on the 23rd next month. When is yours?" She looked up at Killian who just shrugged.

"Oh, come on," she complained, "I want to be here for my daughter's wedding."

"You can always stick around here," Emma suggested, "we'd get married one of these days." A smile broke on her face as Ruth started laughing. "I mean, here isn't bad, is it?"

"Not bad at all," Ruth replied, "can't yours be in the month after Ruby's?"

Emma glanced up at Killian, who shrugged again. "We haven't been planing it," she admitted, "so if you stay, we're bound to get married soon."

"When's soon?"

"Um.. New Years?" Emma laughed, it was the day they met.

"Yeah," Killian agreed, "New Years sound good. Stick around Ruth."

"I'll come back for Christmas and stay for your wedding, how's that?" she compromised and the two of them nodded as they heard Ruby's heels tapping on the concrete as she ran to give a hug to Ruth.

"Fair enough," Killian shrugged, draping his arm around Emma's shoulder and lead her in with everyone else. "New Years day, seriously?"

"Why is that bad?" she looked up at him, and he shook his head.

"Nope, just wondering," he pecked her lips before pulling her to their seats. "How many?" he asked Mary Margret and David.

"Um.. not a lot, that's for sure," Mary Margret laughed and they walked to the row behind the first and sat down there.

"So what'd you plan?" Emma was slightly surprised when Killian asked the question because they both sat in silence for quite a while, her head resting on his shoulder.

"What do you mean 'plan'?" Emma asked, slightly lifting up her her head to meet his gaze.

"You know.. our wedding?"

"Oh," Emma looked down, a smile threatening to show on her face. "I haven't really thought about that," she admitted, "I mean, maybe we could like.. do a wedding on a ship or something, like pirates. I dunno, just random ideas were being tossed around in my head."

"You know, wedding on a ship ain't bad," he commented, kissing her temple. "I'd say that's a great idea. How many people?"

Emma shrugged, "not a lot, that's for sure. I like to keep things small. I don't know about you."

"I just want my friends, like 5 of them only. Nothing much, really," he glanced back, "8 sharp." 15 minutes and barely any people are here. They're coming last minute or they're all just hanging around in the back.

"It's beginning," Killian whispered, shaking her awake and she looked up to see a person playing wedding music. Emma looked around, not so many people; Ruby, Victor, and someone she seen at family gatherings when she was younger, but didn't talk to them was sitting next to her, and she looked back and just a few rows were filled. Not a lot, that's for sure.

Emma only watched the two of them walk down the isle and then she tuned out. The bishop- or the person that wed them, whatever they were called. Emma didn't actually know anything, like anything at all. She just saw him talk- well, his mouth move for a very, very long time, reading something from a book or whatsoever and Emma tuned back in when she heard him say:

"Do you, David Nolan, take Mary Margret Blanchard to be your wife?"

"I do," David replied firmly.

"And do you, Mary Margret Blanchard, take David Nolan as your husband and will love him forever?"

"I do," she replied, a smile grazing on her lips.

"I present you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride," the bishop- person said and they lean in and kissed and everyone cheered and clapped. They all stood up to congratulate the newly wed couples and left while Emma and Killian stood far away, waiting for them to leave so they can congratulate them without having to hurry.

"You should open your presents," Emma said, pointing to the huge pile; they had forgotten to give them some, but there are plenty of other times for that.

"Alright," Mary Margret started, "but let me change." She left and came back with some clothes and make her way to the bathroom. Emma couldn't blame her, wedding dress- normal dresses were killer enough. David walked back hand in hand with Mary Margret, both in normal clothes. "So," she rubbed her hands together, "which one first?"

Emma shrugged and Mary Margret and David picked up the presents and started opening them. Emma only saw them each open a present, David got a baseball signed by Babe Ruth, and Mary Margret got a set of perfume before Ruby pulled her away. "I need your help," she said, her eyes wide.

"What? What happened?"

"I don't think I should-" she stopped abruptly.

"Should what?"

"You know... What if I loose him too. Remember what happened to Peter?"

"Ruby," Emma sighed, she couldn't believe she had to comfort Ruby again about Peter. "You were only 17, you weren't there. Ruby, you would have helped him if you could but you weren't there. It had nothing to do with you, and if you could go back and tell him not to drive that day, you would have. But Ruby, the car crash was not your fault."

"Yes it was," she wined, Emma almost let out a sigh. Every time Emma said something about the car crash not being her fault, she would decline and say it was. Emma never asked why though, so she figured she'd better do that now before she broke up or postpone her wedding with Victor.

"How was it your fault?"

"I texted him, right?" Ruby looked at her, tears threatening to fall from her eyes, "well, he was driving and I didn't know that. So he answered me, but he didn't break in time or something. If I never texted him, it wouldn't have happened."

"Ruby, listen to me," her tone was commanding, but also soothing, "it was his choice to answer the text while driving. Not yours. And the crash wasn't your fault either, alright?"

A tear fell from Ruby's eyes as she nodded and Emma wiped it off gently with her thumb and pulled Ruby into a hug. Emma felt Ruby's tears falling on the shoulder of her dresses, but she didn't care; what she needed to do now was comfort Ruby. "Shh, Ruby it's not your fault," she pulled back for a moment and Ruby closed her eyes and let out a sigh.

"Alright," she said a few minutes later, "thank you, Emma."

"Not a problem at all," she replied, placing a kiss on her cheek before leading her back in where they were cleaning up the wrappers and box of the presents.

"Emma," she looked up to see Killian and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into a hug. "Something wrong?"

Emma glanced to check on Ruby, who was quite far from where they were in Victor's arms. "Ruby had this... let's say... problem."

"Which was?"

"Well, she was afraid to marry Victor because the last person she loved died," she looked over at Ruby again, then to her new sister-in-law and her brother and mother.

"Wait. She was in love with him for a while, why didn't she ask you before?" Killian's eyebrows scrunched together.

"I have no clue," she shrugged. "I'm waiting for my invitation!" she called as Ruby left with Victor and all she did was glance back, a smile on her face.

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