Don't Care

So, Gohan has kept up his training. Can now easily reach SS3. Yes, stronger than Goku. Mirai Trunks is back, to stay and is going to school with Gohan. Kind of a play off 'Vihan" if you will. Yes, Gold Fighter. No Saiyaman. Anyone ever wondered why Videl never tried to just trap Gohan changing, flying, w/e. If she did, while Gohan being more confident in himself, would he care? My fic, my rules.

Cell, he could deal with. The pain of his father's death, he could deal with. An arrogant prince, he could deal with. A threat to the Earth/Universe he could deal with. But threats? No. There were two people, maybe three, who could get away with threatening Gohan and all he cared about and lived. One, was his mother. He loved her out of this world. Her threats broke him like a vase hitting the ground. That and her frying pan of doom. Just where did she get that from anyways?

Two, was his God Aunt Bulma. He also loved her out of the world. He was sure that his mom's frying pan and her spatula of pain were made in the same place.

Three (maybe) Vegeta. He was the second strongest and his occasional sparring partner. He was more focused on training than anything and he carried his threats if Gohan was too distracted.

The last time someone younger than him threatened him, was three years ago when Goten and Trunks 'threatened' to pour ice cold water on him to wake him up. The resulting beating they got from him put a very quick end to their 'mess with Gohan antics'. And I mean, a very, very, quick end.

But this blue-eyed, twin pig-tailed girl was someone he could not deal with. She actually tried to blackmail him and reveal his secret. Not just his, but Mirai's as well.

"Where's your proof?"

Videl was stumped. She had assumptions, nothing really concrete. The Gold Fighter had a similar scar that Gohan has on the left shoulder. The Gold Warrior had the same watch that Mirai has on constantly. When she goes off to fight bad guys, Gohan sometimes disappears depending on how bad the situation is and doesn't return until a few minutes before Videl gets back which seems to correlate to the scattered sightings of the Fighter.

"Well, I have you both on tape changing on the roof!"

"Well, let's see it." Mirai smirked.

Yeah, now they got her.

"That's what we thought. Do us a favor Videl, stop following us around."

Three months later

The friendship that was Mirai, Gohan, Erasa, and sometimes Sharpner (when he wasn't being stupid) was going good. The latter two knew when they were pushing the boundaries of the best friends but when Videl got to her old tricks, well, sparks flew and she was left standing angry. Even the Gold Fighter was barely around anymore. When he did show up, he fought and left. Even those being negotiated with. In a few seconds, no matter what the issue was, it was dealt with and he would leave. But today she managed a 'thank you' before he flew off. He nodded and left.

But that was early this morning, now at school it was a different story. Hercule was coming to give a presentation on how strong he is and how he beat Cell and to show his new movie: Hercule: Defender of the World.

It was the best recipe of disaster.


Hercule waltzed into the auditorium to thunderous applause. People actually loved this fool? Sure he spared the Z-fighters mess of the press but then he dissed their sacrifice? They lost a good friend, a father, a hero. Hercule claimed that what they did were tricks. That they were fake martial artists. And he got rich off of them.


Let's just say that the only thing that saved Gohan was the fact that he slept throughout the whole thing. He didn't see his dad die. He didn't see Hercule 'swat' away 'Vegeta' and 'knock him out'. When Gohan woke up, that's when things got bad.

"When I when out there to battle field, there were a couple people out there. Then a few more showed up flying on ropes and using jet packs. Some of them even tried dying their hair blond to prove their strength. What fools."

The crowd roared.

"Cell pushed me out the ring cuz he was afraid of me winning. WHOA YEAH! But… But as a show of good sportsmanship, I let the tall blonde guy get some in. He and Cell were terrible! I mean they had smoke machines and mirrors set up around the arena to try and confuse us! Such terrible martial artists. Appearing and disappearing and flying! What silly tricks."

Mirai was getting mad but it was nothing to where Gohan was. Gohan was fuming. No one, no one made fun of his dad.

"Then the blonde guy let's his kid fight for him. What a weakling."

Gohan's hair flashed yellow for a second. It caught Videl's attention. Gohan wore a mug of sheer anger and it was getting worse.

"G, calm down bro." Mirai tried to snap his friend out of it.

"I'm trying my best."

"I felt bad for the kid, who I called the Delivery Boy. He was in a real man's fight. My fight. But he too used those same tricks. When they weren't working he yelled some more. Using bigger fans to cause the wind to blow and small explosions to make earthquakes. I feel bad for the kid. Already using those fake tricks when he should be learning from me, THE CHAMP!"

Chants of 'Hercule' and 'tricks suck' echo's in the hall.

It was a good thing that Gohan was doing his best to stay calm because if Hercule didn't watch what he said next…

"Come on Gohan, let's get out of here before someone ends up dead.

Mirai led Gohan down the bleachers when they were stopped.

"Hey! Where do you two punks think you're going?!"

Mirai shot Hercule a glare but the vicious look Gohan gave could have made Cell crap his pants and disintegrated his children.

"Out. Don't bother stopping us." Gohan hissed. The pair left and went up to the roof. Videl in tow. What would make Gohan lose it? Why did his hair flash yellow? Shouldn't he be glad that her dad saved the world?

When she got to the roof…

"Then her dad gets bold and starts calling all of us tricksters and fools. Just who the hell do they think they are?!"

"I know G, I was there."

Us? What was Gohan talking about? He isn't a trick user is he?"

"It's bad enough that my dad is dead. It's bad enough that my little brother has to grow up with his father. But when that oaf and his daughter start mocking him, start branding us as false and fakes and dissing my father's sacrifice! I shouldn't have been foolish! I shouldn't have let the power get to my head!"

"Gohan, calm down!"


From her corner, Videl felt the wind pick up and there was bright yellow glow.

"I'm responsible for your death too, Mirai! I would have been responsible for the destruction of the world!"

The glow died down.

"I'm responsible for all that Hercule spouted because the world doesn't know that I defeated Cell."

Videl gasped. Gohan defeated Cell? Yeah right. He was too nerdy to even pick up his fists. He got lucky in his spar against her. Her dad defeated Cell, not him. She ran around from behind her cover to make herself known and correct Gohan. What she saw surprised her. The Gold Fighter was standing there with Mirai.

"Where's Gohan? Why are you in his clothes?!"

"Stop your yelling!"


Gohan felt anger build up in him and he took a step towards her. Mirai got in front of him to keep him from making a mistake.

"Easy. Calm down. You could end up killing her."

"Killing me? He can't even touch me! I'm the second strongest person on the planet!"

That's when Mirai transformed in front of her, catching both Gohan and Videl off guard.

"Although, I stopped caring Gohan."

With a sigh, Gohan reverted to his original form, finally calm. Videl was ecstatic.

"I knew it! You two are the Golden Fighters! Wait, that means you both are trick users! You're fakes! Frauds! You…"

"SHUT UP!" Gohan bellowed.

"You know nothing about us. Nothing of what we've been thru. All because your mind is so small that you don't understand it, can't do it, doesn't make us frauds or fakes. We are martial artists. We are stronger than you can even imagine. You're father isn't the strongest on this planet. Our little brothers have strength that he can't even touch."

"You lie!"

"Really? Care to test that? Even the weakest among our group is way stronger than your father. Hell, my mother can sweep the floor with your father easily. Do you know where your father was during the Cell games?"

No answer.

"He was hiding scared. We warned him not to fight and Cell sent him into a mountain. He did show one act of bravery when he threw 16's head to me. But after that, forget it. And the years after were even worse. It was always, 'I beat Cell' this. 'I beat Cell' that. Oh, my personal favorite: 'Uh… I have cramps!'"

Mirai had to laugh at that which earned him a look from Videl but he kept laughing either way.

"You're a fool!" Videl threw a punch at Gohan who simply caught it.

"You fail to realize that I can break your hand by tapping it."

"Let me go." Videl tried to pull her arm free. "Let. Me. Go."



"Geez, ever heard of please?" Gohan let her go. "Not that I can complain properly. She's all demand and take with no manners. Always trying to get her way.

"Yeah," Mirai responded.

"You know, I hate the both of you. I'm revealing all of this to the world. You will be ruined!"

"How? We already saw the camera. Go tell the world. See if we care." Gohan smirked.

"Wait, what?" Videl was speechless.

"Oh so now you have nothing to say?"

"Yes I do. Teach me to fly and do those tricks." Blackmail was good.


Or not.

"Excuse me?"

"No, I won't teach you how to fly or do those 'tricks'."

"Neither will I. We've watched the way you act towards to us and other people. Always treating others like they are under you and us as criminals"

"Because you keep secrets!"

"We are allowed to have secrets!"

"Forget it Mirai, let's get out of here." Gohan turned to leave.

"What about the crime G?"

"Satan City's finest can handle it. Oh wait, they can't. They have a 17 year old girl fight for them. Shame really."

With that, the boys left leaving behind a bewildered and angry Videl. No one crossed her and lived. She grabbed her camera from the hiding spot and rewound it. It caught the whole thing.