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I've ventured into writing fan-fiction before, but it never turned into anything more then a few chapters, and its been several years since I did that. Because sometimes I truly am the queen of writers block. I cannot write anything to dramatic for the life of me, it only makes my writers block worse. I'm a bit of a comma freak, and my grammar isn't that good. I'd like to mention ahead of time, that for now, I'm not sure when I can update because I do not have internet at my home, but a relative of mine does, so it will probably be a week or more before I can update this, and for that I am profoundly sorry. Also, I'm not that good of a planner, but I do have a few elements in my head that I want to work into the story, so, if I should ever ask for suggestions, please don't hesitate to give them... but please, only give them, when I ask for them. I except constructive criticism, something that will help better me as a writer, but I don't except bashing, in fact I ignore it and delete it.

The season finale broke my little shipper heart. In my mind, Klaus has stayed in Mystic Falls, there is no baby, Silas was never awoken, and Kol never died. Like I said, if I write to much drama, I get writer's block big time. I will be switching back, and forth between Klaus, and Caroline's points of view, and I will mark it when that happens, so you don't get confused.

Other than that, I hope you all enjoy the beginning to my story, and Happy Reading to you all!


She fascinated him beyond reason.

He felt himself ensnared by the light that emanated from within her very soul. Her smile alone always seemed to send a surprising shiver through the very depths of him. Her biting wit and dry humour never failing to engage him. Her inner strength, loyalty, and caring nature, only added to the sweet dish that was Caroline Forbes.

Another part that he never failed to notice, was that she didn't seem to realize the innate sensuality she posessed. The ability to ensnare any male's attention wherever she went. He found it to be quite the conundrum.

Did she really not notice the blatantly sexual stares of men?! He noticed, and it infuriated him. She was his! At least, in time she would be, of that he was certain.

He had caught himself on numerous occassions, doing just that. Staring.

Staring as the sun glistened of her sun-kissed hair, or at her hips, as they swayed in a naturally enticing way, when she walked, or danced. He could keep going on about all the things that he noticed about her, but there were not enough words in any language to describe her radiance.

When he was not staring, he was listening. Her laughter held a musical lilt, that he could always clearly hear, even in the most crowded of rooms. Her sigh of frustration, when her anger was aroused, never failed to capter his attention. She was a true beauty when she was angered. Vampirism suited her well.

Whatever grace she had, had as a human, was amplified ten-fold.

Any trait she'd posessed as a human was amplified for that matter. For that is what becoming a vampire did. It heightened everything, not just ones emotions. Sure, being a vampire had it's pro's and cons, just as everything did in life, but she dealt with it all in stride, and came out all the stronger for it. It wasn't something that suited many, not by a long shot, but she seemed to take to it as naturally as a babe took to its mother's breast.

When he wasn't around her, he caught himself thinking of her. Wondering what she was doing, who she was with, and if she was safe. From the time he'd first met her, he'd had the insane urge to protect her from any sort of harm... physical, or otherwise.

She distracted him like nothing had ever done before. It surely was an inexplicable thing, no question about it.

He was the Original Hybrid for heaven's sake, and was the most formidable and dangerous creature on the planet.

But one look from the blonde baby vampire's entrancing eye's, and figuratively speaking, he'd been brought to his knees.

He knew that because of the werewolf venom in his system, his bite could kill any vampire... but his blood was also the only way to cure it. He found it to be quite the useful bargaining chip, when he needed it to be.

He had saved her life twice thus far, with his blood, but he had also been the reason behind needing to cure her in the first place. He could not honestly say he regretted the second time though. He regretted the situation and circumstances leading up to it, but had all of that not happened, he might never have had the chance to discover what he had, that day. Something he'd only ever suspected, but never gave much thought to.

She was his mate.

True, vampire's and werewolves were enemies, most of the time, but being half vampire himself, it seemed to cancel out the natural enmity his werewolf half might have otherwise felt. All wolves, even the werevolves of the world, mated for life. It didn't matter that vampires didn't, after all, he had been born a werewolf, so most of the traits associated with the species, one's he had initially dismissed because of his vampiric half, applied to him.

No wonder he had always felt the need to protect her... why he'd always wanted to rip the hearts out of any man who dared to even look at her. It seemed though, that that particular urge was significantly lessened when he knew that a man looking at her was nothing more then a friend. He suspected some of his wolf traits were tampered to a degree, by his vampiric half, and for that he was thankful.

She had gotten under his skin so easily. Her being his mate, explained so much.

He was not sorry he had forced his hybrid Tyler to leave Mystic Falls upon the threat of death if he did not immediately leave, and if he should he ever return. He had only spared him because she had asked him to. Now knowing that she was his mate, he recognized the innate desire he had to please her. But his mercy only extended so far. Even for her.

With the insolent mutt now gone, he was less of a distraction for Caroline, which was all the better for him; for he planned to use the mongrel's absence to his advantage. He wanted her with him. Yet he knew he had to tread carefully. He had to gain her trust, and friendship, before he could even think of wooing her... but he thought of all of that anyway. He simply could not help himself.

She was his one true weakness. If any of his enemies ever found out about her, they would not hesitate to use her in order to get to him.

Heaven help anyone who attempted to harm even a single strand of her golden hair. There would be no where they could run, nowhere they could hide, where he could not find them. Storm cloud's would shroud the world in darkness, mountains would crumble, earthquakes would ravage the land; such would be the equivalant of his rage.

No one, and nothing, could ever keep him from her.

Yet, with nothing more then a glance from her, he knew, that if it was what she wanted, he would stop. Not even his family had quite the same effect on him that she did. He found himself going against everything he knew, every instinct he had, hell... she had him going against his very nature, and it scared him to death.

That was something he would never admit to out loud... that the way she made him feel, scared him.

He never thought he would feel any emotions such as the ones coursing through him. After all, he was not the easiest man to get to know, or get along with. The feelings playing havoc with his heart and mind were new to him... And, as with anything new that presented a challenge, even if said challenge was also within himself, he planned to face it head on.

He would meet this challenge, and fight to conquer it. He would fight for her!

And never should it be said that Niklaus Mikaelson ever backed down from a challenge!