Chapter 1 - Goddess in impractical shoes

Disclaimer – They do not belong to me. Buffy is owned by Joss Whedon and Walking Dead is owned by Robert Kirkman.
AN – This will be a series of shorts that are very loosely connected. Mostly focusing on Buffy/Daryl interactions. Will stick to some Comic and some TV series cannon, the rest is my own.

"Sophia!" Daryl raised his voice slightly, in hopes that the missing girl was nearby where she dropped her doll. He kept searching the perimeter calling for her when a crossbow bolt zipped past his head, then was followed by the sound of a walker dropping heavily to the ground behind him. He whipped his gaze to the section of forest where the arrow came from, his own crossbow raised in defense.

"Which one are you?" A hard female voice rang out from the cover of the trees.


"Dale, Shane, Rick, Glenn or Daryl? Which one are you?" The voice got louder as it got closer and he could barely hear the footsteps.

"I'm Daryl, and you seem to have me at a bit of a disadvantage." He heard two sets of footsteps coming closer out of the woods.

"Soph, he who he says he is?" The voice was softer as she spoke to her companion.

"Yes!" There was no mistaking that voice ringing out and Daryl moved closer to the other bank.

"Okay then, we are coming out, my weapon is down." Daryl lowered his crossbow slightly until he saw Sophia burst through the woods and into the water to launch herself at him.

"Found your doll." He handed Sophia the rag doll and she clutched it to her chest, not caring that it was soaking wet. He was checking her over for injuries and momentarily forgot about the woman with that was her.

"That doll is why we were backtracking. Glad we did now. Soph, you be a good girl now and mind your mom. Try to stay out of trouble, okay?" Sophia wiggled out of Daryl's arms and ran up the shore bank.

"You can come with us!" Buffy smiled down at the girl and patted her head affectionately.

"You know as well as I do that established groups do not take to outsiders. I am okay on my own, was alone before I met up with you and I kept you safe didn't I?" She tweaked the girl's nose making her giggle.

"You could, you know. You saved the girl and kept her alive to come back to her momma. Plenty room where we are right now, pitch a tent and stay to yourself. If you want." Daryl rubbed a hand over the back of his neck as he said this. She looked at him then down at Sophia and sighed.

"One week. Trial run. You get that Soph? I am not promising to stay." The young girl nodded and Buffy sighed as Daryl hopped up the side of the river bank.

"Buffy." She held her hand out to shake and he accepted. He had at least 4 inches on the girl as he looked her up and down, sizing her up. Her hair was wrapped in a bun with metallic chopsticks holing it up. Sensible satchel style bag with what looked like power bars and bottled water. Crossbow slung over her chest, on one hip was a quiver of arrows, the other hip held a pistol with silencer attached, and on her right calf was a sheath with a dagger in it. As his gaze continued down he stopped short. He took back his estimate at having only 4 inches on her, he had to have at least 6.

Peaking out of the bottoms of her leather pants were black leather boots with 3 inch heels. Daryl ran a hand over his face and sighed. Buffy looked at him, saw where he was looking and grinned.

"Just because it is the end of the world doesn't mean I have to have ugly shoes."

"I will never understand women. All of you are insane, even before the end."

"Come on, let's get this girl back to her mom, can you drive a motorcycle?" Daryl raised an eyebrow at her.


"Good, you can drive and I will spare you the damage to your manhood by having you sit in the back." She gave him a small grin and reached for Sophia's hand to lead her back the way they came from.

"If you have a ride why are you way out here?"

"I was on a scouting mission a few days back, found Soph here hiding in the woods. We have been making our way back to where I left my bike. We get there, are putting things in there and she realizes she dropped her doll. We went back to find it. Simple as that."

"Simple as that? There ain't nothing simple about coming back into the woods to find a damn doll."

Buffy stopped and turned to look at him with a deadly serious look on her face. "In a world gone mad, harsh and cold, the fact that a little girl wants her doll to play with is the most important thing."

"Sorry ma'am." They walked in silence for another hour or so until they came out farther down on the congested highway. Once they got to the street Buffy let go of Sophia and crouched down to look under the cars where her bike was parked. Daryl pulled his crossbow into position and looked for walkers overhead, they kept Sophia safe in the middle. Once determined it was all clear Buffy walked over the bike and pulled out a helmet to place on Sophia. It was a bit big on the girl, but it would help. Satisfied she helped the girl into the sidecar of the motorcycle. Hitched to the back was a custom trailer to hold more gear.

"Seems you lucked up in this rig."

"No luck needed. It was the last gift the man that was practically my father ever gave me. The sidecar was a funny addition my sister made." Buffy said this as she opened the back and loaded her satchel in there. "You need to store anything?" He shook his head and she closed it up, securing the lock. "Here you go, you wreck her and I kick your ass." Daryl smirked at her when she tossed him the keys and climbed onto the bike once she was seated behind him he started it up and started driving them back to the farm.