Ok, this is just a random story about Larry Stylinson. I've fallen hard for the couple, so I really wanted to write this. I hope you enjoy! This has hints of Niam.

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Louis PoV

"Harry! Get your arse up, the boys are leaving!" Louis yelled, shaking the boy's leg. Jeez, this boy is a heavy sleeper!

Harry rolled over and mumbled something. "Sorry what was that? I didn't hear you, and if you don't get up, I'm going to poor water on your head, and Niall will eat all of your breakfast! Now get up!" Louis said, and tugged at the blankets.

"I said; go away so I can get dressed! Jeez, I'm nude here, Lou." Harry said, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. Lou blushed at that, and said, "Oh, ok. But still, you need to get up. Simon called and said that he needed to tell us the plan for the concert tomorrow!"

Harry rolled his eyes and looked at Louis with his bright green eyes. Wait what? Bright green eyes? Jeez, I've got to get those thoughts out of my head. Louis thought. Yes, he was crushing on his best friend, but he didn't want him to know that.

"Boo Bear, are you with me? I said, can you get out of my room so I can get dressed!" Harry said, throwing a pillow at him.

"Oh, ok. But hurry!" Louis said, and quickly rushed out. I really wish I could stay and –no, get that thought out. He doesn't see you as more than just a friend. Be happy that you have that! Louis mentally slapped himself, and went downstairs, where the rest of the band was waiting.

"So? Is he coming soon or what?" Niall asked, munching on some chips. "Yes, Niall, he should be here soon. And may I ask why you are eating? We are going to eat soon." Louis said, grabbing for the chips, but missing as Niall danced away.

"So? I'm hungry now!" Niall said, eating another chip slowly, chewing loudly and grating on Louis nerves. "Well, at least chew quieter. You know that bothers me." Louis shot back, sitting and shaking his head.

"Sweetie, stop please. Can you wait until dinner? It should be within the next half hour, and I believe you can wait that long," Liam asked, gently taking the chips and putting them away.

They are so lucky, able to be themselves around us. Louis thought, as he watched Niall's eyes follow his boyfriend into the kitchen. I wish that was me and Harry.

"Okay, fine. But only for you, Liam." Niall pouted, but cheered up as Liam went over and hugged him. "Thanks, and it's about time Harry, we were about to leave you," Liam said, looking up and seeing Harry stumbling down the stairs. "What took you so long?"

Harry shrugged and said, "I had to do my hair. The way it was kept getting into my eyes." Liam just rolled his own pair, and took Niall's hand. "Well, we can go now. Zayn, can you please put that cigarette out? I know you are trying to quit, but it doesn't help if you keep at it." Liam said, holding his hand out. "So, give me your pack and I'll hold them."

Zayn looked at Liam's hand, and sighed. "Fine, here." He said, giving his pack to him and threw his lit one out the window. "But, thanks for telling me. It's just a habit. I know, a bad one, but I'm trying to stop." He added, seeing Liam's face.

"Yes, I know, but we're late, so let's go. Simon will get annoyed if we are too late," Liam said, and led the way out with Niall.

"Louis? Are you okay? You're a bit quiet." Harry asked, jolting Louis out of his trance. "I'm alright, Harry. But are you okay? You never used to sleep that much before." Louis answered, taking his hand.

Harry shrugged and yawned. "I'm just mainly tired. We've been traveling a lot, and I hardly got any rest." He said, and squeezed Louis's hand before letting go.

Louis experienced a small feeling of disappointment as Harry let go, but tried to ignore it. "Well, as soon as dinner is over, you are going back to sleep. You need it; you look like a walking zombie some mornings."

Harry gave him a look but just turned and stumbled down the stairs. Louis was close behind just in case he fell down them. Careful, careful, careful… Louis thought as he saw Harry stumble halfway down. He reached out but before he could grab him, Harry tripped and tumbled down. "Harry! Liam! Niall, catch Harry!" Louis shouted as he raced down. Liam caught Harry but almost fell, as Harry was unconscious. Niall steadied them both.

"Harry, please please please be alright. Come on Harry, wake up," Louis said, close to tears as he took him from Liam. He cradled him and pushed his hair out of his face. "Come on, come on, come on," he muttered.

He felt Harry stir in his arms. "Lou?" he heard Harry say faintly. "Hazza! You're awake! Liam, help me get him to the couch. Harry, do any of your body parts feel as though you can't move them?" Louis asked, gently lifting him and Liam led them to the couch in the lobby.

Harry groaned, but said, "No, but my arm and ankle hurt like crazy." Louis quickly checked the said areas, and saw that his ankle looked swollen and bruised, but wasn't broken. His arm looked swollen also, but he could tell it also wasn't broken.

"You should be fine, but Niall, can you go get some braces from my room? We need to bind his arm and ankle." Louis said quickly, not taking his eyes from Harry. He heard rather than saw Niall rush out of the room.

"Boo Bear? What happened?" Harry asked weakly, looking exhausted. "I'm guessing you were really tired and you tripped. You fell down the stairs, Hazza." Louis said softly. "You really scared me."

"I'm sorry; I guess I haven't had time to sleep much. Can I sleep now?" Harry asked, pleading with his eyes up at Louis. Louis's heart melted, and automatically knew that he wouldn't be able to say no. "Of course, but just for a little while." He said, and Harry's eyes immediately fell shut.

"Lou, I have the wraps," Louis heard Niall say, holding some Ace bandages and a couple of ice packs. "Good, here, can you hold his leg? I don't want to wake him up." Louis said, taking one of the bandages and gesturing to Harry's leg.

Liam and Niall worked together to get Harry's foot elevated so that Louis could wrap the Ace wrap around his ankle. After it was secured, he started on his wrist and got that secured. "Okay, I think he's good, but did someone call Simon? I don't think we'll be able to make it today, Harry needs rest." Louis said, gently picking him up and looking at the other three.

Zayn held out his phone saying, "I just called, and he said that he understands and said to come in tomorrow. Will he be okay by then?" Louis nodded and headed upstairs with the curly haired youth. Don't worry Harry; you'll be safe with me. I love you Louis thought as he opened the door.

He carried him upstairs into Harry's room and set him onto the bed. "Goodnight Hazza, I'll wake you up when lunch is ready." Louis whispered into his ear and he saw Harry sigh and turn over.

Louis walked down to the lobby quietly, and saw the other boys waiting nervously. "He's okay, he's sleeping right now, but I'll wake him up when lunch is ready. You guys want to stay here for the day?" Louis asked, and the others nodded and Niall said, "Sure, what's for lunch? I'm hungry."

Liam rolled his eyes and as they headed up the stairs to Louis's and Harry's flat, Louis heard Liam say affectionately, "Honey, you are always hungry." Louis smiled and thought, I wish Harry and I could be like that. Maybe someday- no don't think like that, you know Harry's straight. He doesn't even know you like him. Be happy he's your friend. He scolded himself, not noticing Liam's concerned expression as he looked at Louis.

"Hey, Niall? Zayn? Can you guys go make some sandwiches for lunch? I need to talk to Louis," Liam said, squeezing Niall's hand and looking at Zayn.

Niall looked a bit confused, but said, "Sure, come on Zayn, let's go make some sandwiches." And then they both walked out of the room, with Zayn saying, "Hey, Niall, don't make a mess this time. I don't think Louis and Liam feel like cleaning up after you again. I definitely know that I don't want to."

Liam smiled softly at Niall's cheerful laugh and then turned to Louis slightly concerned. Louis didn't like the knowing smile on his face. "What?" Louis asked, slightly defensively. Liam cocked an eyebrow and said, "You like him, don't you. Harry, you like him."

Louis blushed and said, "No! He's only my best friend. I don't like….." he trailed off as Liam shook his head. "Yeah, sure, but I know this as much as you guys knew when I liked Niall and he liked me. So, are you going to tell him? Because I know for sure that he likes you. You can see it in his face when you walk in, he lights up. And you can see it as his eyes follow you as you walk by. And-"Liam was cut off when Louis covered his mouth with his hand.

"I got it, Liam, but I still don't think Harry could like someone like me. It doesn't help the fact that I'm almost 3 years older than him. Besides he's straight, right? So, how could he like me?" Louis said, a bit sadly. He hadn't wanted to think of the reasons why he could never be with Harry. But Liam brought them forth, and now he couldn't get rid of the ever extending list of reasons why he could never be with Harry. He shook his head.

"Lou, I can tell. He likes you. He acts straight because he thinks you are, so maybe try to find a way to let him know your real feelings without being too obvious about it," Liam said, taking Louis hand. "Don't worry; I'm sure it will work out."

Louis nodded a bit unconvinced. He had heard what could happen if the person was being told didn't return the affections, and he didn't want that to happen to him and Harry. "Okay, I'll give it a try. But will you talk to him? Just don't mention me, just see if he does like me?" Louis begged looking at Liam pleadingly.

Liam sighed, and said, "Sure, Lou. Maybe when he wakes up, is that alright?" Louis nodded smiling, and then led the way to the kitchen.

Niall and Zayn were throwing food at each other, Louis guessing that Niall started it. He tended to do that. "What is going on here?" Liam said his voice stern. Uh-oh, Liam is being Daddy Directioner again. They are in some deep shit now… Louis thought and subtly stepped away.

Niall and Zayn quickly stopped what they were doing, and looked at Liam sheepishly. "Sorry, Liam, Zayn was teasing me for making my sandwich the way I wanted, and I threw some bread at him," Niall said, and Zayn nodded. "Then he threw some back, and it turned into a war. Sorry."

Liam rolled his eyes, and then said, "Okay, whatever. As long as you clean this up, you won't be in too much trouble, but you guys are getting a lecture later."

Louis blinked in surprise, but didn't say anything because at that second, Harry came down the stairs, blinking sleep out of his eyes. "What's all the noise going on down here?" he asked his voice thick with sleep. Niall and Zayn looked even guiltier, probably regretting waking up Harry, who really needed his sleep.

"It's nothing, Harry, just Niall and Zayn being the usual prats," Louis said, walking over and putting his arm around him. "Are you still tired, or do you want to eat before you go back to bed. Simon gave us the day off so you can rest. How's your arm and leg?"

Harry yawned, and said, "My leg's throbbing, but I can walk on hit. I can barely move my arm, but that's alright. I'd like to eat first though. Then I'll sleep." He blinked for a second and then frowned. "What happened to Simon if he let us get the day off. He's not usually like that."

Louis chuckled. "Yeah, I know, but he also knows that Modest works us too hard. But he's also our leader, so he can tell us that we can have a day off." Louis explained, and helped Harry to the table. After he was settled, Louis went over to the fridge and fixed a sandwich. "Here, eat, and then you can go to bed."

Harry ate slowly, while Louis sat with him and watched Liam direct Niall and Zayn as they cleaned. Niall grumbled the whole time, and after about 15 minutes, he sent Liam puppy eyes, and said, "Li-li, I don't want to clean. I did my stuff, can I go now?"

Shit, he knows Liam's weakness for Niall's eyes. Louis thought wryly as he watched Liam waver. Zayn glared at Niall and said, "No, if I'm cleaning, you are cleaning. You started it, so you can finish it."

Liam hesitated and finally said, "Sorry babe, but you have to clean. It wouldn't be fair to Zayn if you didn't have to clean and he did."

Niall grumbled some more, but didn't argue. "Liam really needs to get over being Daddy Directioner," Harry said quietly into Lou's ear. He had startled him, and he turned around to see Harry smirking and finished with his food. "Yeah, I guess he does, he is a bit uptight," Louis agreed, and then gestured to Harry's plate. "Are you done mate?" he asked.

Harry yawned and nodded. "Yeah, I'm going to go to bed now. Wanna come with?" he asked, and then tried to stand, but he put weight onto his bad ankle and fell into his chair again.

Louis rolled his eyes and said, "Sure, let's go, I'll help you." He put his arm around the younger boy's waist and helped him up. "Hey, I'm going to bring Harry to bed, I'll be down in a bit," Louis said, and the others waved and turned back to what they were doing.

Louis carried Harry up the stairs and set him on the bed. "Hey, mate, can you stay while I sleep?" Harry asked, as he lay down on the pillows. Louis felt a small ball of happiness when Harry said that, but asked him, "You sure, mate? I don't want to crowd you…." He trailed off as Harry started shaking his head and patted the bed next to him.

"I don't mind, and I want you to sleep here with me. C'mon mate, you won't bother me," Harry said, his green eyes bright and pleading. Louis sighed, knowing that he wouldn't be able to refuse. "Fine, but only for a little while."

He crawled into the bed and pulled Harry into his arms. "Thanks, Boobear. Good night," Harry said sleepily, and curled up and fell asleep quickly. Lou looked at Harry's sleeping form and couldn't resist the impulse to lean down and kiss the younger boy on the forehead. "Goodnight Hazza," he whispered, and then closed his eyes. He fell asleep listening to Harry's soft breathing and the last coherent thought he had was, I wish he knew how I felt, so we could do this more…

A/N: sorry if this is weird, but I am really in love with these couples, Niam Hayne and Larry Stylinson. Anyway, this was a random story, but I ain't giving up on my Drarry Fanfic. Anyway, thanks for reading, and I should update both soon! But I have to work on it at home now….. :D thanks everyone!