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Everybody stood on the back porch looking to Jasper and Emmett. Carlisle placed Bella gently into a rocking chair. She was annoyed that she had to depend on others to move around but knew that in a few months she would be back to normal. "Okay Adi lets show them what you can do." Behind Emmett was an Agility course. With a simple wave of his hand Jasper sent Adi to the predestinated starting point. Bella noticed that the Agility course had obstacles that she knew weren't on any Agility course she had ever seen. She saw a rope hanging from a tree branch that hung over a large water filled pit, a hula-hoop like ring that was on fire suspended at least 25 feet in the air, and some other insane obstacles that even the bravest human would never do.

"Jasper, if you hurt my dog I will hurt you. Got it?" Bella said giving Jasper the most intimidating look she could muster.

"Don't worry darlin; she won't get hurt I promise. Everybody that is still human please take a set of earplugs. The AR-15s are really loud and I don't want mates coming after me because you're hearing was damaged. Before you put them on let me explain how this is going to work. Adi is waiting for me to tell her a number. We have set up 30 different obstacles for her to complete. We have numbered them and taught them to Adi. I will give Adi her first number but to show her true brains we're going to let you all pick numbers. This will ensure that the course is run at random. No here is a list of the courses that she will go through. Would one of you hold it and mark off each obstacle as she completes them?"

Bella took the list and looked through them. "DIRECTIONAL LIVE FIRE!? What in the fuck does that mean?" Jasper and Emmett had the good graces to look ashamed, but Emmett "recovered" first. "Babe, she won't stay hurt if she is hit by a bullet. I would never let anything happen to her."

"Em if you know what's good for you, you will make sure that is true. If she so much as limps slightly after this, you will be sleeping in an actual dog house that you will build first." Bella said her voice shook with fear for her dog.

"I don't sleep Bella." Emmett said with a grin that was quickly wiped off his face with one look from Bella. "I'll…um… just go set everything up."

Jasper shook his head at his brother. He knew that Bella would freak about the AR-15 being shot at her dog, but she needed to see that Adi would never be anywhere near the bullets long enough for her to get hurt. "Okay Bella you see the map and list of what is on the course. On a normal agility course there would be 14-16 obstacles for beginner and advanced dogs, and 17-20 obstacles for master level dogs*. As you can see we have set up 30 obstacles. The height standard for the obstacles weren't really hard for Adi so we elevated the height on the jumping obstacles. Bella I know it looks very dangerous and for a normal dog, hell even a human it is very dangerous. Adi, she's special and I know you know that, but you need to see this for yourself. I promise after this demonstration you won't worry about her getting hurt. When I give the signal to Adi she will start the course so I need you all to, quickly, come up with an order in which you will give a number and start picking those numbers. I will give you a minute and go help Emmett set things up."

It was decided that Bella would give the first number and then the rest of the order was figured out. After everyone selected their numbers they turned to see Emmett and Jasper sitting next to Adi, and all three seemed to be studying the group. Jasper and Emmett stood, understanding that everyone was ready for the demonstration, and each went to different spots in the yard. "Alright Bella get ready with your first number." Jasper didn't look at Adi or even move in her direction but she seemed to know that it was time to put on a show and she took off towards the course. Bella shouted "25!" as soon as she saw the puppy in motion. After Adi managed to avoid arrows coming from nowhere and everywhere at once, everybody understood that this was going to be the most amazing thing they have ever seen. Adi was about to finish the last obstacle called to her, the live directional fire, when she turned to the side of the course growling. A bullet skimmed her fur, but she remained unfazed. The vampires all realized that something was wrong in the woods and Emmett quickly disarmed the AR-15. Carlisle approached Adi's side and commanded, "SHOW YOURSELF! We are more than capable of taking you out, come out with your hands in the air and we won't attack you." There was a rustling and two vampires slowly walked into the yard with their hands held above their heads. Charlie, Ben and Angela were trying to convince Bella to come inside to get away from the unknown vampires.

"Stop, look at their eyes!" Bella said dislodging herself from her father's grasp, as best she could, being immobile still. "They are animal feeders." Sure enough everyone looked into the new Vampires eyes and saw that they were a muddy color. They had obviously chosen the animal diet recently.

"Please stay back you four, they haven't been on our diet long and I don't want to take any chances with them." Carlisle said, "Who are you?" He directed to the two strangers.

The male was the one to speak, "My name is Hillel and this is my True Mate Yael. We have been feeling a protective pull towards this area and couldn't resist. We have been in the area since before Christmas. I believe that a few of your shape shifters has caught our scent in the past. When we heard that the Romanians were coming and their reason why we knew that we had to stick around. We also decided that a change in diet was in order; since She doesn't like the idea of drinking from our human brethren. It hasn't been easy which is why we only now just showed ourselves. We need guidance, and are hopeful that you will help us." Hillel and Yael were both eyeing Adi knowing that this was no ordinary dog; they had watched the amazing dog run the crazy course. Everybody, sans Adi, turned to Bella to see what she thought.

Bella shrugged one shoulder, the one that didn't hurt to move, and said "I don't see the harm. If they are lying to us, they really would stand no chance against all of you, the wolves and now it seems Adi is a protector too." She turned to Hillel and Yael, "Don't make the mistake in thinking that I am soft. If I think for one second that you pose any kind of threat to my family and this town, I won't hesitate to send my Emmett after you. Got that?" Both vampires nodded their heads and Bella smiled. "Alright then come on over here and meet everybody."

Hillel and Yael met everyone and explained their history to the group. "We lived in Israel until a month ago. We are both 100 years old or near there any ways. We were both turned during a skirmish that took place on their land. A couple of rouge vampires smelled the blood and couldn't resist the call. While they were feeding they didn't notice that a fighter was alive and well and had heard stories about vampires. He was able to torch the vampires before they realized what was going on. They were feeding on us at the time and never finished, obviously. The man who burned the vampires thought that everyone was dead and went to work burying the bodies. Because he was closest to us, we were the first two buried. I don't know why neither of us made a noise, but we woke from the burning buried in our graves. The man and his brethren had taken the land as their own and were still celebrating when we woke. They stood no chance against our newborn hunger. We decimated the men and took our land back. We never really had to travel far to feed. The odd stranger would show up at our "residence" and we would feed. Word got around that there was something strange about the land and people, who entered, never came back. People thought that the spirits of the fallen had risen to reclaim the land. We lived this way until we started feeling a pull. We left in the middle of the night and swam all the way here. We hung around on the outskirts to see what the pull was, but we learned about your wolf friends early on. We avoided them as best as we could and learned about Bella and what She is to become. We knew that if we showed up with red eyes we would be killed without hesitation. We didn't plan on meeting you until we had everything under control, but your puppy here had other plans."

Adi, for her part, looked very please with herself. Carlisle turned his attention to the Romanians, "I thought the Protectors weren't supposed to feel the pull until after She was changed. What's going on?"

"I don't know, to be honest with you. According to the legend they shouldn't feel it until She is changed but they are. Maybe Bella is stronger than we thought. Has anybody called your Edward to see if he hasn't felt a protective pull? I know that you thought him a Protector." Alice was already dialing Carlisle phone for him.

"Carlisle! Is everything okay? Is Bella okay? Why are you calling me?" Edward frantically spat out.

"Relax Edward, nothing is wrong. I just wanted to ask if you have felt any kind of pull. Maybe a protective one?" Carlisle asked calmly.

"Well yes but the group I'm with says to ignore it for now. They said that it doesn't need to be answered at the moment. I will apparently know when I am needed. Why do you ask?"

"It is something we will talk about later when we, and you, are ready to have you home. Good bye son." Carlisle hung up the phone without giving Edward the opportunity to respond. "For those who couldn't hear the other side of the conversation, yes Edward is feeling the pull." Bella looked like she was about to start freaking out. "Don't worry Bella, he isn't coming. The group he is with seems to know what is going on but are holding him off until they feel he is needed. Seems like they are really wise Vampires." Bella visibly relaxed when she registered that Edward wasn't coming back yet.

"Let's go inside and give the food eaters something to put in their bellies." Esme said cutting the small tension that was in the air. Emmett went and scooped Bella off the rocking chair and turned to head inside. Bella looked over Emmett's shoulder to call for Adi when she gasped. Everyone turned to see what the matter was. They saw Adi sitting, wagging her tail next to a message that had been pawed into the ground.


A single paw print was at the end of the message.

"We need to teach her to spell properly." Emmett said, seemingly unfazed.

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