Chapter 1: Lesson

"You cannot escape me, Kain," Golbez said, towered above the Dragoon. He kicked the bound man over harshly. "You would do well to remember that." He knelt down, removing the dark helmet from the man before him, letting his gauntlet-covered hand caress Kain's cheek. "You will never be free of my control."

Kain pulled away from the touch as best he could; he had betrayed his friends again. He had taken the crystal from them to give to this bastard, and he hated himself for it. Yet, at the same time, he felt that, given the chance, he would do it again. The cold metal stroking his cheek broke him from his reverie, and he looked up at Golbez, a questioning look in his blue eyes.

"I believe I know how to make you behave yourself." Golbez dragged Kain up into a standing position by the bonds wrapped around the Dragoon's wrists. He ignored Kain's feeble attempts at protesting, pulling the younger man into a cold, barely-furnished bedroom. "By the end of this, you will be begging to stay with me." He, very slowly, began detaching the pieces of Kain's armor, throwing it to the side of the room.

Kain tried to pull away; he was trapped, though, pinned against the headboard of the bed. He struggled as every last bit of armor was pulled off of him, leaving him in the very thin clothes he wore under. Even that didn't last for long though, as Golbez literally ripped his clothing apart, leaving him completely naked. "Stop," he growled, trying to maneuver around and fight back, until Golbez's plate-covered hand came into contact with his cheek.

"You do not give the orders here, Kain." Golbez grabbed the Dragoon's chin roughly, forcing the man to look at him. "If you try that again, I may not be quite so lenient." He let go, giving a slight shove as he began to deal with his own armor; unlike when he removed Kain's, though, he made sure his was close to him. He pulled his helmet off, letting his white hair spill over his armor. His purple eyes locked with Kain's, a cruel smirk playing on his lips.

Kain just stared as Golbez continued to pull the armor off; God help him, the murderous bastard looked exactly like Cecil. Except with more muscle. He didn't struggle as Golbez pressed him back against the bed, his mind awhirl with too many thoughts to process. He knew that the man in front of him was not Cecil, but the similarities were too uncanny. When Golbez's lips touched his, he couldn't stop himself from responding. He was surprised that the other man was being so gentle with the kiss; he found that it wasn't that different from the stolen kisses with Cecil.

Golbez pressed his tongue against Kain's all-too-willing mouth, exploring the cavern when he received no resistance. His hands trailed down the Dragoon's chest, one moving at the way to Kain's stomach, the other stopping when it reached the younger man's nipples. He pinched one of the nubs roughly, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger, eliciting quite delicious whimpers from the man.

Kain arched up into Golbez's touch. He had never felt anything quite like what his master was doing to him; sure, he had wanted to get this far with Cecil, but it had never happened. His eyes took in Golbez's features, as the other man pulled out of the kiss for air. His mind replaced the image in front of him with that of Cecil. Perhaps, once Golbez had won, he could beg his master to allow him to keep Cecil. Then he could have this whenever he wanted to.

Golbez sneered, slapping Kain's cheek. "You are thinking of him?" he demanded. "You will do no such thing. He's too obsessed with that White Mage. He will never want you, Kain. Especially after I claim you." Golbez chuckled. "Besides, I don't think I will be willing to share you with him. You are mine. Do you understand that?"

The Dragoon nodded, whimpering as Golbez's mouth latched onto his neck, sucking and biting roughly. Golbez was marking him, showing that he belonged to the other man. A moan escaped his mouth as he found that that thought aroused him more. His hips bucked up against Golbez, silently begging for more.

"Eager now, aren't we?" Golbez's words were murmured into Kain's skin, making the other man shiver. His mouth travelled down, latching onto the previously abused nipple, sucking, biting, while he used a hand to give the other the same attention.

Kain writhed under Golbez's ministrations, wincing as he ended up struggling against the bonds, hurting his arms still tied together behind him.

Golbez chuckled as he continued, enjoying the sounds he was causing to come out of the Dragoon's mouth; the other man was at his mercy, and, once again, under his control. He could do as he pleased now, and Kain would remain his. He pulled away from Kain, looking at the flushed, lithe body beneath him. He reached a hand around behind Kain, pulling the hair-tie out of the man's long blonde hair, before pulling Kain down in front of him.

Kain stared for a moment before he realized just what his master wanted from him; he eyed the large cock in front of him. He leaned forward, letting his tongue flick out over the other man's penis, teasing it. He wasn't prepared, however, to have it thrust forcefully into his mouth, hitting his gag reflex. He choked around it until Golbez pulled out with a laugh. When he managed to catch his breath, he saw it looming in front of him again; this time, he slowly slid it into his mouth.

Golbez smirked as he leaned back in the bed, pulling Kain down, making sure Kain's mouth never left his member. He carded one hand through the other's long, blonde locks, moaning softly as Kain's head bobbed up and down over his cock. "For this being your first time, you are fairly talented," he said, letting his head fall back as he moaned. His eyes closed as he was swept up in pleasure. "Very good." He could feel the pressure building in his cock as Kain continued. Without so much as a warning to the other, he came, filling Kain's mouth and forcing the other to swallow his seed. He pulled his member out of Kain's mouth, but forcing Kain's face to stay there as his seed spurted onto the Dragoon's face.

Kain closed his eyes, moaning softly as streams of semen landed on his cheeks and lips. His tongue flicked out over his lips, lapping up more of the fluid, finding its taste addicting. He looked up when Golbez's hold on his hair was relinquished. He tried to sit up, but it was difficult without the use of his arms.

Golbez pulled Kain up and into a bruising kiss, tasting himself in the other's mouth. He raised one hand to Kain's cheek, wiping his own seed of the Dragoon's cheek, before moving it back down and plunging two fingers into the other man's ass. His mouth swallowed Kain's scream as his coated fingers forced their way in, stretching the man.

Kain tried to pull away from the fingers invading him, but it was no use. Even as he tried, Golbez pinned him against the headboard of the bed again, making escape impossible. His blue eyes closed as Golbez's other hand moved to his dick, stroking it teasingly. He moaned when Golbez pulled out of the kiss, his body arched up against the other man.

Golbez forced another finger into Kain's ass, enjoying the pained sounds the other man made at the invasion. He pulled his other hand away from Kain's member, smirking at the whine that unintentionally escaped the Dragoon at the loss. He was already hard again, just from the sounds Kain was making – both of pain and pleasure. He removed his hand from Kain's ass, stroking his cock briefly, enough to let some pre-cum escape; after coating his member, he forced Kain down onto the bed. Without any warning, he forced himself in, making the other man scream.

Pain. That was all Kain felt as the cock plunged into him; his whole body arched up, tears stinging his eyes. When Golbez was fully sheathed inside him, his body slumped.

"You will scream my name by the end of this," Golbez whispered, leaning down and running his tongue up over Kain's jawline. "You will enjoy this, and you will beg me for more. You will beg me to do this to you again." He reached a hand behind Kain, finally releasing the bonds on the other man's arms, now that he felt the Dragoon was no longer a threat. He had finally broken the younger man. "No one is going to come and save you, because they don't care. Cecil has that White Mage whore of his. If they come, all they would come for is to kill you, the traitor." He let his mouth fall to Kain's neck, biting it roughly. "You are mine. You belong to me, and you always will. You will always be nothing more than my little whore."

Kain gasped, his aching arms wrapping around Golbez's shoulders. Golbez was right of course. Why would his former friends come for him? He had left them, betrayed them, but it was the right decision. He was meant to be with Golbez. One of his hands moved up into Golbez's white hair, clutching at it as Golbez started to move, giving sharp painful thrusts. A moan escaped his lips as Golbez kept going.

Golbez, however, stopped and growled. "Beg for it, whore. Beg me to keep going. Beg me to keep you."

"Please, keep going," Kain whispered, nails digging into Golbez's scalp and shoulder.

"Who am I?"

"You are my master. I belong to you and only you. Please."

"Good." Golbez began moving again, at a much slower pace this time, purple eyes devouring the site of the man underneath him. He had broken the once-proud Dragoon. An evil grin reached his lips as Kain whined. "Is something wrong?"

"Please, faster. Harder. Please, Master." Kain cried out as Golbez did exactly as he asked, setting a rough, painful pace. It felt so good, though. Besides, he deserved the pain. He had betrayed his master and gone back to those who didn't truly want him. His master wanted him, though. His body arched as Golbez grabbed his cock and roughly pumped it. His nails dug into the other man's skin, leaving bleeding crescents. "Ah! M-master!" He groaned as Golbez's nails trailed down his chest, leaving red welts down it.

"Scream my name when you release." Golbez bit down on Kain's shoulder, hard enough to break the skin. He moaned as the metallic taste of blood filled his mouth.

"Golbez!" Kain's body arched as he released, spurting his seed into Golbez's hand, and onto his own chest, covering the welts caused by his master. He sagged against the bed as Golbez continued pounding into him.

Golbez shifted, placing his hands on Kain's shoulders as he continued, pinning the spent Dragoon to the bed. He moaned as Kain tightened around him, sending him over the edge. As he thrust, his seed filled Kain; before he was finished, however, he pulled out, kneeling over Kain, letting his cum shoot over Kain's chest and stomach.

Kain watched Golbez, eyes half-lidded, as the other man stood and moved off the bed.

"Remember this," Golbez said, eyeing the man on the bed. "You belong to me, and you always will. Do not try to leave again, Kain." He reached down and grasped Kain's chin. "No one else would want you now, anyways. I have claimed you."

"Yes, master," Kain whispered. "I will be by your side, always. I will do as you command, no matter what that command is."

"Good." Golbez smiled. "And, what of Cecil?"

Kain's eyes widened at the mention of his former friend. "I…He is your enemy. If he refuses to join…he must be killed."

"Hmm…perhaps not. If we are able to do what we need to, perhaps I can let you keep him as a pet." Golbez leaned down and pressed a kiss to Kain's lips. "But only if you do not try to leave again."

"Never, master." Kain sighed, content, as he let his head fall back against the bed, falling asleep right as it hit.

Golbez smirked as he walked to the bathroom; he had pressing business to attend to, but he needed to clean himself up first. He chuckled darkly. He wouldn't have to worry about Kain's loyalty now, at least. Now, he just had to figure out how to deal with that annoying Cecil, who was so intent on ruining his plans. Now, though, he had the perfect tool, and he could use it however he wanted.