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Third Person

Right before the War Against Gaea, rumors began about Chiron assigning the seven about a new quest. I hope not, practically everyone was thinking. A new quest would mean more possible deaths and more loss, and a quest right before a war?Were the gods joking?! But nevertheless, Annabeth was eventually told to deliver the news of the seven, plus Nico and Thalia, meeting in the Big House. Darn it, thought Annabeth as she stepped in Percy's room. How in the name of the gods was she going to deliver it?

Annabeth crept into Percy's cabin slowly, knocking on the door. "...Percy?" Percy looked bored, sitting on his bunk, but supressed a smile when he saw Annabeth.

"Hey, Wise Girl," He said, smiling, but once he took in the frown on Annabeth's face, he frowned too. "What's wrong?"

Annabeth looked nervous. "You know the rumors of another quest coming up?"

Percy, being the usual Kelp Head that he is, didn't get it at first. "Yes. So?"

Annabeth sighed. "Well, it's real. And it includes us. Again."

Percy cursed. "Damn it! Why does it have to be us?!"

Annabeth sighed and stared at him. "Well, maybe because we're the 'Heroes of Olympus', the 'strongest demigods', and whatever title we have right?" Note sarcasm. But even so, Annabeth wanted a rest, badly. Perhaps, once they finshed this quest, they would finally get a break. They sat in silence.

After what seemed like forever, Percy broke it by saying, "I'll spread the news to the rest of the people."

Annabeth nodded, already tired. "Tell them to meet at the Big House."

Before leaving, Percy pulled Annabeth into kiss, and they stayed like that for a good 30 seconds before pulling away.

"See you later, Wise Girl."

"See you, Seaweed Brain."

Percy stared at her for a moment, then turned to leave the room. Annabeth smiled tiredly before standing up and heading towards the Big House.

Once they were all gathered in the Big House, Chiron walked in (or, should I say,clopped in) to greet us.

"Demigods," he began. "You must be surely aware that I am about to assign you a quest." He paused. "This quest is indeed very special. Have you heard about wizards and withces?"

Annabeth hesitated before making a reasonable guess, "Are they Hecate's descendants?"

Chiron smiled wisely. "Quite right, dear. They are descendants of Hecate, born with magic. They are either purebloods, which means they are fully wizard/witch, or half-blood," the heroes jumped a bit at this, "which means half wizard/witch half-" he stopped, mumbling about something. "muggles, they call them."

"Like mortals for us, I suppose?" I'll give you three guesses on who said that.

"Correct again," Chiron stifled a laugh. Percy poked her playfully, and Annabeth shot him an annoyed look. But there was a hint of happiness in her expression.

"So," Chiron continued, and they all snapped back into attention. "Once the population of wizards and witches grew and grew, they decided to build a school just for wizards and witches. The one located in England is called Hogwarts." There was a pause, but it didn't last long. You could say that 80% of the demigods there laughed outright, and the loudest one was, you guessed it, Leo Valdez.

"H-hogwarts? What kind of a name is that?" Nico asked incrediously.

"They probably all have hog's warts," Leo managed through his laugh. Annabeth and Piper exchanged a shock expression on Leo.

"Leo!" they said simultaneously. "That is so offensive!"

Leo traced over what he just said, and blushed slightly. "Whoops."

Percy rolled his eyes, "The headmaster was probably on drugs when he named-"

Annabeth cut him off with a glare. Chiron frowned, but got over it and continued.

"We will need more demigods for the war, am I right?" Note sarcasm.

Everybody nodded. Despite the situation, Chiron was being sarcastic-very uncharacteristic of him. But nevermind, he nodded back.

"So, I have heard from my old friend Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts, that there are a few demigods in Hogwarts."

There were a few snickers around the room. Leo was trying not to laugh again. Thalia sighed.

"I have to say, what's up with the names?"

Ignoring the rude comments, Chiron finished off with, "So, heroes, you are assigned to a quest for the search of demigods. Sounds easy, but you will have to reconsider. The also have an emeny, called Voldemort," practically everyone snickered, "and you'll also have to protect three children-your age, about. Their names are Harry, Hermione and Ron. One thing: Don't spill your cover. Our school is called Dephli School of Magic. Your headmaster is Mr. Brunner. Got that?" The demigods nodded. "It is time," he whispered. "you must consult the oracle," he smiled for once, "which is, in fact, Rachel."

The demigods were weirded out. Hazel and Frank, who hadn't said anything since the conversation started, stared at each other strangely and Annabeth felt slightly sorry fot them. They hadn't got used to Camp life yet... yet. But still, this wasn't the right time to explain. The demigods arose from their seats and scrambled off.


Rachel was walking back to her place; a cave to be exact. She spied nine shadows behind her, and when she heard her name from a very familiar voice, she turned to find, the seven (although she needed to remember two more names *wink wink*), Nico and Thalia were running after her.

"Hey, Chiron asked you to tell us a prophecy again," Percy said sarcastically.

Rachel narrowed her eyes dangerously. "You're kidding. A quest now? Out of all the time,Why now?"

Leo shrugged, still trying not to laugh. "He wants us to gather more demigods in Warthogs and kill Voldy-Moldy and, sorry ADHD I forgot that part," he mumbled.

"Hogwarts," Annabeth corrected. "And Voldemort. He wants us to protect Harry, Hermione and Ron." Everyone, including Rachel (even though she was slightly confused) rolled their eyes. Typical Wise Girl.

Once they explained the idea to Rachel, there was silence. Rachel looked slightly green.

"You're probably gonna speak a prophecy right now," Annabeth observed. Rachel turned as red as her hair, but she was still green. She laughed dryly. "Let's first get it the-" She doubled over, and her eyes and mouth started to sprout green smoke. She began to rasp in the voice of The Spirit of Delphi while Frank and Hazel were trying not to scream (and failed):

Heroes travel to the world of Hecate,

Tell the truth and keep it private,

To work together and fight the war,

The loss and glory will not stay far.

Everybody paled. Rachel could hear mumurs of "No" and "This is not good" coming from the demigods.

"So," Annabeth tried to stay positive, "Let's figure this out. Telling the truth? Chiron told us not to tell them who we actually are. But I think we might be forced to, perhaps because they were growing suspicious." So, Wise Girl telling the 'predictable' future. Wow.Percy thought giddily, then, after a while, snapped back into attention, but he had missed a whole lot. He blamed it on his ADHD.

"...loss? Doesn't that mean somebody's about to die?" Leave it to Nico to kill the mood.

"It does mention glory, though," Annabeth quickly put in, glaring at Nico. Nico gave her his ulimate-death-glare and everybody around him flinched, but Annabeth didn't. Percy gave her a seductive look.

"It won't stay far..." Hazel muttered.

Their comments died away just as Chiron trotted in the room. "Forgot to tell you," he said, smiling. "I can imagine your reactions, espiacally you two, Percy and Nico." the two flinched. "We're going to Britain on airplane."

Percy and Nico's mood was going from depressed to shocked to angry to frightened. Then all Hades broke loose.

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