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Percy POV

Me and Thalia's laughter died into a choke, and we were silent for a minute. Leo coughed. Annabeth groaned.

"Great. Now what are we supposed to do?" after a moment's pause, she added, "We should probably go back to the Burrow. You know, the Weasley's." Right. Of course Annabeth had already asked them what their house was called. But the golden trio weren't just going to let the matter slip so easily.

"What did he do?" Hermione asked. "Just then?"

Welcome to Percy Jackson's Ways to Lie! After hanging out with the annoying Stolls, they actually gave me good advice. So, what did Hermione ask?

"What did he do, just then?" Right!

*Play dumb.

"What?" I asked, blinking. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"I clearly saw Nico disappear. He can't apparate-he's underage. Besides, that didn't look like apparation at all. More like... being swallowed by shadows." Annabeth gave me a look which said-Nope.



"Oh, gods! Look!" I pointed wildly at a store selling pranks. "Isn't that, er, Ron's brother's prank store shop thing?" The wizard's eyes seemed to brighten for a split second.

"Oh, yeah, that. Fred and George will give you a jelly bean. Don't-" he caught Hermione's warning look.


*Play dumb in a oh-I-didn't-know-that kind of way.

"Oh, you mean Nico di Angelo? He did what?" I put on a thinking face. "Swallowed by shadows? I didn't know he could do that! I swear! I-"

I didn't even have to finish the sentence to notice that the wizards weren't buying it.


Last trick- *Rely on your girlfriend.

"I honestly don't know what he was up to. But, by the look on Annabeth's face, I bet she knows!"

Annabeth blinked twice, and rolled her eyes with a look of feigned sarcasm. "Sorry about Percy," she shrugged. "what he was trying to say was that Nico is a necromancer."

"Oh, right!" I exclaimed. The other demigods face-palmed, as if to say, there it goes again. I ignored them. "Explains his name. Nico-mancer." I laughed dryly. Annabeth rolled her eyes again and shot a playful look at me.

"Oh, please. You don't even know what the word means." Ron and Harry were looking at Hermione, somewhat guiltily. She sighed.

"Well, necromancer; a noun. A method of divination through alleged communication with the dead; black art. It's magic in general, especially that practiced by a witch or sorcerer; sorcery; witchcraft; conjuration." we demigods rarely showed any signs of appreciation, except for Leo's slow clapping. But, seriously, who does she think she is? A walking dictionary? I looked over to see Annabeth's reaction, but instead of gnashing her teeth and narrowing her eyes, like my competitive girl, she looked... suspicious.

But for Harry's and Ron's reaction, their's were a completely different story. They started freaking out like mad, and Ginny, who'd been surprisingly quiet and observant (good sign), had to calm them down- but I had the sinking feeling even she wasn't buying us.

"Oh, bloody hell! Is You-Know-Who coming back? So fucking soon?"

"But-but that can't be! Nico- he's Voldemort in disguise! Somebody fucking contact the Ministry of Magic! Get the-" Ginny slapped a hand over Harry's mouth and pecked his cheek. He instantly shut up.

Piper was the one who got straight to the point. "Well, it's enough chitchat. You guys do realize we're right in the middle of a street crowded with wizards and witches, looking at us?" Her charmspeak flowed through us, making me, the demigods and the wizards freeze momentarily, then nodd. Piper sighed, but she did have a point. Wizards and witches were huddling up and pointing to us, mainly Harry.

Ever have one of those times where your so absorbed in a conversation when you completely forgotten somebody that wasn't there? Well, when Mrs. Weasley suddenly shouted, "Well, back to the Burrow!" it scared the living daylights out of me and I, instinctively, reached for my sword, but then I remembered that I left it at Ron's house- the Burrow. I cursed.

Oh well, I thought. It's the wizard world anyways.

Hermione POV

Yes. Those "exchange students" were officially, properly absurd. I mean, who could be more un-wizard like than them? Precisely. Although it was rude, I stared at them even when we arrived at the Burrow. Fortunately, Nico was eventually found, hyperventilating in his room, but that just brought up more and more questions. I mean, how was he eighty-something? Was he really a necromancer? Or... You-Know-Who in disguise-no. That wasn't a possible option. He called all the exchange students to his room, and stayed in there for half an hour before they sauntered back out with worried expressions. Ron, Harry and I tried to eavesdrop on them talking, but only caught a few words, because they were speaking in incredibly low whispers:

"O,..., accept...offers/offering." That was unmistakably Percy's voice. There was a moment of silence, and another voice, one that I didn't recognize, rang out.

"Oh, Percy," his voice felt somewhat old. "How's Hogwarts? Bought all-" the exchanged students shushed him and whispered something that I couldn't make out. Then his voice dropped to a whisper. "What...traitor? Wizard? Son of...? ...about... isn't it? ... have to... careful... trust."

"We will, and I'll ... him... or...him about... The ...," I heard Piper's voice, then,

"BYE," followed by slow clapping. Leo. We heard footsteps, and we scattered away, leaving me to wonder what they were talking about. Son of...? Were they swearing, or did I miss an important name? I blamed myself for not hearing clearly. And, a traitor that they mentioned... who? I had a feeling our questions would be answered soon, but for now, at least we were well on our way to Hogwarts.

And, I later realized, our troubles.

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