Henrik was currently sitting in his Aunt Bonnie's study room, one of the many rooms in his family's lavish New Orleans mansion. The year was 2516 and as it was soon to be his 500th birthday; his mother was going to performing the spell to make him into an Original Vampire. Although no one really bothered to threaten his family anymore due to their great power his parents felt it necessary to make him harder to kill, as he was finally being allowed to go out into the world on his own for a while.

"Henrik? Are you okay baby boy?" His mother, Caroline asked coming into the room.

"Yeah I'm great mum, just looking through some of Aunt Bonnie's grimoires, practicing my attack magic for the real world" He smiled, his parents were so over protective of him it was ridiculous, he was 500 years old for goodness sake and his mum still called him baby boy. He would never dare to question it though, he loved to see his mum happy, and she was scary as hell when she wanted to be.

"You'll be just fine sweetie, your father and I have taught you everything we know and we're always only a call away if you need us. You know I can always sense if you're in trouble and I can always teleport to you if necessary"

"I know I'll be okay mum I guess I'm just nervous, I'll miss you guys so much! How is Aunt Bekah gonna cope without me? I'm her favourite! What about Uncle Kol? Nobody else puts up with him but me! Let's not even mention Dad he'll be all moody while I'm gone!"

"You don't have to worry about us baby, we all got along just fine before I had you, you just made us a lot happier" Caroline smiled, she loved her son so much it hurt, she couldn't believe it when last year he'd asked if he could explore the world on his own for a while. Even though technically she was stronger than anyone in the house, she knew Nik would lash out worse than anyone if their son was ever hurt. He was the best father anyone could have; kind, protective, loving. She thought back to the night it all started, 504 years ago…

Caroline, Tyler, Bonnie, Stefan, Damon, Elena and Alaric were on their way to the caverns beneath the school to put the veil back up and defeat Silas. Silas was waiting near the torches and everyone charged towards him. The plan was to dessicate him using the same technique they had used on Klaus. During the fight, just as Tyler was about to leap on Silas, Silas dodged and the bite intended for him got Caroline in the collarbone.

"I'm so sorry Care! We'll sort this out after okay, can you still fight?"

"Yes Tyler it's not like I haven't had a werewolf bite before."

Everyone went back to containing Silas, and while everyone held him down, Caroline slipped her hand around his heart. While the veins in his skin started showing, they travelled from his up Caroline's arm and into her body. While the veins covered her collarbone, the werewolf bite held itself. Silas' body turned to ash and Caroline passed out.

When Caroline awoke, she lifted her head to see all of her friends sitting by the bed.

"What happened guys? Did we beat him? How am I alive? Did Klaus come?" Caroline asked. More and more questions came to mind while they all sat there speechless, unsure of where to begin. Finally Bonnie spoke up.

"Care, I need you to stay calm okay. When you passed out, none of us could figure out what was wrong with you, so I consulted the witches and…you're not gonna believe this but… You seem to have inherited Silas' powers."


"That's not all Care, I think it must have something to do with the bite you had as well because, you're also a hybrid."

Caroline remembered that day like it was yesterday. Craziest day ever if you ask her. "All right sweetie, I've gotta go I promised Kat I'd help her paint her room today so I'll come check on you later." She kissed his head and left the room.

Henrik went back to the grimoire he was reading and found an interesting spell called 'To return to ones destiny'. Hmm this sounds interesting he thought. He began to chant, calling on his own witch powers. As he was chanting he noticed the room around him began to fade away and the next thing he knew he was unconscious