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Tabane Shinonono's POV

I was walking in my lab, humming happily to myself, about to go speak with my fiancé Ajukee.

Better known as Ajuka Beezlebulb.

He saved my life. It would have been a stupid way to die, anyway.


Tabane Shinonono's POV

I was working on my newest invention. I had already been working on it for a whole week. One whole week! After it was finally completed, I tested it out. It was designed to be a portal in between dimensions. The portal was deigned to open on both sides, which meant that people from our side could travel to the other dimension, and the people of the other dimension could travel to our dimension, if they were people.

Things went wrong almost immediately after activation.

After I opened the portal, I was immediately shot with some sort of energy. It left deep cuts all over my body. I remember feeling intense pain and having one final thought before blacking out.

I thought I was going to die.

Ajuka Beezlebulb's POV

I felt my new prototyped defense system go off. I had designed it so that every time it went off, I would continue to be notified until I had acknowledged that I received the notification.

I then decided to hurry to the coordinates the defense system had sent to me, because, after all, I had set it to only fire at enemies. Who would trespass on my territory?

When I got there, I was met with quite the strange sight. A girl, with strange objects on the top of her head, was lying on the ground with deep wounds, most likely due to my defense system. I then turned the system off, since there was no 'hostile' movement. When I say 'hostile,' this means anyone not marked as friendly, and I didn't want this girl getting any more hurt than she already was.

However, the woman wasn't what drew my attention. Sure, she was rather cute, but there was something much more… interesting is what I would say… next to her.

There was a big portal right next to her, and through that portal was a lab, which had numerous very complex looking machinery. However, if I wanted to learn about the lab, then I would most likely have to reincarnate this dying woman.

I really want to learn all about all those machines. So, reincarnating her as a devil it is. I took out my pawn piece, and I put it inside her. 7 more pawn pieces soon followed.

Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light and the 8 pawn pieces were on the ground, only they were now mutation pieces.

"There's no way… how could this woman have so much worth that 8 mutation pawn pieces couldn't reincarnate her? This means that she really is powerful… or those machines are as good as they look… or both," I thought.

I decided to have a go with my mutation 'queen' piece. There was a bright flash of light, and the piece was now in her body. I transported her all the way back to my residence, and started using demonic magi to speed up her recovery.

I was going to have a meeting with Sirzerchs at the Gremory residence soon. Perhaps this time, I shall bring a gift. These newly acquired 8 mutation pawn pieces should be a good enough gift for Sirzech's younger sister, Rias.

Flashback end.

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Choose 4: Charlotte, Cecilia, Houki, Sarashiki Tatenashi (the student council president), Laura, or Rin.

Also, right now in highschool dxd timeline, it is before the main plot. So Rias has not made Issei her pawn yet and Issei has not encountered Raynare yet. In the IS timeline, it is before the whole phantom task arc, but Ichika knows Tatenashi already, but not her IS.

Pairings will probably be (unless there is an overwhelming disagreement)

Ichika's harem: The 4 girls that you guys choose, and Akeno.

Issei's harem: Rias (alpha), Asia, Koneko, Ravel, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweise (I'm fairly sure I got her name wrong, please correct me. Also, she will not show her love for Issei that much.) and anyone else you guys want (except they have to be within the DxD universe, be mostly alive through the whole canon, and be female).

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