So I got an idea of doing a story with some great magical battle from a recent review I got, and I thought I'd give it a try! Please tell me if I should continue!

Arthur POV-

Sunlight suddenly broke into my vision as Merlin opened the curtains with his routinely "Rise'n Shine!"

One hand flew up to cover my groggily opening eyes from the blinding sunlight, while the other reached for a pillow and chucked it at Merlin.

"Not your best aim," I heard Merlin complain. I could just imagine him staring down at the pillow, hands on his hips, beholding a look of detest.

"Would you like a better one?" I mock-asked. I lifted my hand from my face so that the dark-haired man was in my sight, and before he even had a chance to reply, I grabbed a bigger pillow and threw it at his face.

Target achieved.

I heard Merlin splutter as the object reached its destination and he smacked it away.

"Well, you're the one who has to pick it up, so don't smirk it me if it ends up on the ground." I stated solemnly, my own grin appearing.

I chuckled as my man-servant's smirk was wiped off his face and he bent down to pick up the pillow. Merlin was muttering in the process, and I caught a few words here and there, "Royal... prat... lazy... try... clot pole."

I just threw the covers off me and went to get dressed.

As we were walking down the Castle halls, on our way to the Council Chambers, I remembered something.

"Oh, Merlin, I need you to go and pick out some flowers for a bouquet to Gwen. I'm planning to surprise her this evening. " I said with a smile.

"Yes, Sire." He nodded and headed off.

Merlin POV-

As I reached the forest, I felt a pull in the pit of my stomach , notifying me that something was wrong, but I just shrugged it off.

I picked out a couple tulips, daffodils, roses, carnations and lilacs.

Checking over said flowers, I nodded in approval to myself, hoping the King would like them, and made my way back to the castle.

After a couple steps, however, I heard a twig snap from behind. Spinning around, I found Morgana stepping towards me. I dropped the flowers and stepped backwards, accidentally stepping on the flowers, cautiously saying, "Morgana..."

Ignoring me, her eyes flashed gold. All the colour left my vision immediately, and I felt myself falling to the ground, sight swallowed into darkness.

I guess I shouldn't have shrugged off my funny feeling.

Arthur POV-

I was on my way back to my Chambers, when I felt the sudden urge that something was wrong.

Quickening my pace, I pushed open my Chamber doors, hoping to see Merlin awaiting me with the flowers I requested; but found found myself to no avail.

"He should be back by now..." I muttered to myself.

I entered the Physician's room, and said, "Gaius, do you have any idea what is taking Merlin so long, just to collect a few simple flowers? I sent him out about an hour's worth ago, but he hasn't returned yet."

"I'm afraid not, my Lord." He replied.

"Thank-you Gaius." I nodded to him and left the room.

I decided it was best to go and check on him. Who knows? Maybe he decided to take a nap in the Stables again, instead of doing what he supposed to do.

But as I reached the stables, I found my hypothesis to be wrong. So I made my way to the forest.

I walked past trees, shrubs, fallen leaves and quite a bit of twigs, when I finally found something out of place.

It was a squished pile of freshly picked flowers, lying on the ground next to a red neckerchief.

Merlin's red neckerchief.

"Merlin...?" I cautiously questioned, slightly hoping for him to jump out from behind a tree and scare me.

Nothing happened.

Instead, I found a scroll of parchment nailed to a nearby tree.

Grabbing hold of the scroll, I opened it and found a letter.

Dear Arthur,

I have taken you precious man servant to the Valley of the Fallen Kings.

If you wish to see him alive again, I would suggest you meet me there, by dawn.


I stood there, staring at the note in shock for a second, then turned and ran back to the castle.

Merlin POV-

I awoke with a massive migrane, and instinctively took in my surroundings.

I was in a messy hovel of some sort, filled with bookcases piled high with magical books and jars of many different substances and creatures.

I tried to move, but found I couldn't. At all.

I must be imobilized or something, I thought to myself.

I flinched my fingers, cocked my head and flexed my arm, but nothing worked. I couldn't move a muscle.

However, this wasn't the worst part. For, sitting in a chair across the room, watching my every move, was Morgana.

How was it!? Please let me know what you think! Should I continue?