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Arthur POV-

"What do you mean Merlin's been kidnapped by Morgana!" Gwaine yelled, hitting his fists down on the Round Table, for I had called a meeting.

"Here, if you don't think he's been kidnapped, why don't you tell me the other possibility from reading this," I handed Morgana's note to him.

I watched as Gwaine re-read the note over and over and over again, till he slammed it down on the table in frustration, and ran his hands through his hair.

"Well, we can't just sit here and do nothing! We all know what we have to do." He stated, looking everyone dead in the eyes.

And he was right, we had to go to the Valley of the Fallen Kings.

Merlin POV-

I watched as Morgana stood up and made her way over to me. She muttered a few words, and I fell to the ground, free from the curse. "So, you're finally awake are you?"

"What do you want with me Morgana?" I harshly replied, as I rubbed my aching bones.

"What's wrong Merlin?" She mock-asked me, pretending as if she actually cared.

I didn't reply.

"Well, if you're not going to answer my questions, then I guess you'll have to face the consequences, won't you?" She asked.

I stayed silent.

The witch's eyes flashed gold, and I screamed in agony as a pain I never thought imaginable coursed through my body.

The pain was gone as soon as it had come, but then came the side effects. My vision was instantly blurry, my migrane got worse, and a few cuts magically appeared on my skin.

I'm going to die by Morgana's hand.

Arthur POV-

The knights and I just left Camelot on our way to the Valley of the Fallen Kings, daring to hope that Merlin would be okay. I had picked my best knights to join, because they are also Merlin's friends. They were Sirs Leon, Elyan, Gwaine and Percival. We packed lightly, but did pack lots of battle gear, since it is no coincidence that Morgana took Merlin, obviously to lead me in to a trap. But I didn't care, I wouldn't let my best friend die. Especially by Morgana.

"We have to hurry, there isn't much time!" Gwaine stated.

And he was right, the sun was nearly gone.

"Come on!" I yelled to them, tugging on the reigns of my horse, making him go faster.

Merlin POV-

The pain slowly eased away, as Morgana asked, yet, another question, "Why are you so loyal to Arthur?"


"Dale dolor de Merlin", she chanted.

Another scream escaped my mouth as more pain came, this one was worse. Much worse.

A large gash appeared on my fore arm, blood gushing and stinging beyond belief. The pain soon subsided, leaving me gasping for air.

"Answer me." Morgana demanded.

I looked up to her, glaring, and said, "I- believe in the world- Arthur will create."

"Good, now, do you know who Emrys is?" I shook my head instantly. "Well, now, it seems to me that you are lying, my dear Merlin. Who. Is. Emrys?" She replied harshly. I just glared at her. The witch smirked. "If you won't answer me, then I seem to no longer have any use for you." She turned around, grabbing a knife, and just as she was about to plunge it in to my guts, my magical instincts took over, and I sent her flying backwards through the air. Morgana flew straight into a box across the room, and went temporarily unconscious.

That didn't last long, though, for within a minute she was rubbing the top of her head and groaning in pain. Morgana looked at me and carefully stood up. "Since when do you have magic Merlin?" She pestered.

"That is none of your business", I stated, standing up myself.

"Maybe not, but it could prove useful," she grinned, and I found myself soaring backwards, my back hitting a bookcase, I could feel cuts appearing everywhere on my body, the worst on my leg, and I fell into nothingness.

Arthur POV-

We finally reached the Valley of the Fallen Kings, and dawn was soon upon us.

"Did she tell you where in here you're supposed to meet her?" Sir Leon questioned.

I shook my head, looking around. "There's a set of hoof prints on the ground leading over there, let's follow them." I stated, pointing at the west.

The knights followed in pursuit of me, as I headed in said direction.

The tracks proved useful, for not too long later, we entered a clearing where Morgana stood in the middle.

"It seems you did find your way, Arthur." She sneered.

"Where's Merlin!" Gwaine yelled from behind me.

"Oh, right. How could I forget?" My half-sister mused.

A flash of gold, and suddenly Merlin appeared by her side, grasping a tree to help him stay up. His face was contorted in pain and there were cuts and bruises all over his skin. I felt a rage of anger course through my body.

"Merlin!" I yelled, about to run forward when Morgana stopped me.

"Ah, ah, ah. I think there is something you should know first."

Merlin's legs gave way and he landed in a heap upon the ground.

My fists clenched into balls and I said, through gritted teeth, "What?"

"Our dear friend Merlin here... has magic."

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