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Arthur POV-

We arrived in Camelot about an hour and a half later, and headed straight to the Physician's Chambers.

We found Gaius concocting strange smelling potions when we burst through his doors.

"You found him!" Gaius exclaimed, beaming. But his face soon fell once he saw the condition of his ward. The old man immediately got his bed ready and said to me, "Set him here, Arthur."

I did as I was told an gently lay Merlin down on the waiting bed.

"I'm not sure what Morgana did to him, Gaius," I started, "he had all these cuts and bruises when we found him. And he- he was limping. He couldn't hold himself up."

Gaius felt for a pulse and stated reassuringly, "Well, at least he is alive, Sire. I believe he will be fine after a few days of rest and treatment to his wounds."

I let out a breath, as the Physician poured a potion down Merlin's throat and wiped his forehead with a damp cloth.

"Th-there is one more thing, Gaius." I continued nervously.

Gaius nodded impatiently while to tending to the wounds of the injured one. "Yes, yes, what is it?"

"W- well, Morgana-" I decided to cut right to the chase, "Did you know about Merlin's magic?"

A cup dropped from the older one's hand and created a clanging sound as it reached the floor. Gaius turned to me, slight shock written on his wrinkled face. "Excuse me, my Lord?"

"Did you know about Merlin's magic?" I repeated slowly and calmly.

"Yes, Sire. I did," He replied quietly.

"And for how long, have you known exactly?" I questioned.

"Since Merlin's arrival in Camelot, Sire."

I took a sharp intake of breath at his statement. One of my arms rested across my stomach, holding onto my other side, while me second hand held my shaking head.

"I just- I don't know what to do anymore!" I threw my arms in the air, "First, I find out that my best friend has been lying to me about him having magic. Then I find out that one of Camelot's most trusted men is helping him! It's like there's no trust anymore!"

Gaius was looking at me sadly. "Sire, please let me explain-."

I cut him off, "Silence! I just... need time to myself."

Gaius bowed and muttered, "Yes, my Lord," as I exited the room.

As I made my way through the halls of the castle, I passed a hopeful Guinevere, but I ignored her and walked on by. Once I reached my Chambers, I slumped into a chair, thinking. Thinking about Merlin, and Morgana, and Gaius. About magic and sorcery. About friends and foes; traitors and allies; who to trust and who not to; what to do.

I ran over the events that had taken place over the past couple of days:

Merlin was kidnapped by Morgana. The knights and I rode out to rescue him. We found him. Morgana almost killed me. Merlin stopped her. Merlin... he has magic. He's been lying to me. He is some mighty and powerful warlock named 'Emrys'. Morgana fears him. Merlin is badly injured. Morgana disappeared. Merlin is with Gaius.

I don't know who to trust anymore. It seems that the ones I trust the most have been lying to me this whole time.

My thoughts slowly started to wither away and I found myself slipping into unconsciousness.

I woke up to the sun shining bright through my windows as I found myself still sitting in my chair, head resting at an awkward angle on my desk.

I stood up and walked towards my mirror sleepily. There was a red mark on my cheek where my hand had been all night, half my hair was completely fine while the other was a total mess. I splashed a handful of cold water in my fae, shaking my head roughly, water spraying everywhere, letting the sleep fade away.

I dried my face with a red linen towel and combed my hair.

Once I had finished, George entered, bringing my breakfast since Merlin was still getting treated.

After breakfast, I made my way down to the training with the knights.

They all looked glum and sad, especially Gwaine. I cleared my throat loudly, gathering their attention. Leon looked nervous about something.

"Look, I know that the past few days have been especially rough for some of us, " I looked to Gwaine, then back to everyone else, "But we need to forget t for now. After training, you may go and see Merlin, if you wish."

They nodded and formed a line. In front of every one was a hay filled dummy to practice their sword skills.

Gwaine was up first and ran to straight at it, chopping its head off. A servant came up and replaced it with a new one.

Percival stabbed its heart area. Elyan jumped and brought his sword down right on top of the dummy. And Leon did a spin attack, slicing the top half off.

We then practiced our blocking, and our skills with other weapons such as the bow and arrows and a mace.

I looked at the mace and a shiver crawled up my spine as I remembered that day, little more than a year ago, when I lost Merlin who had a major wound from one.

I shook the feeling and memory away and continued on practicing.

After practice a few of the knights left to visit Merlin, as Sir Leon came up to me.

"Sire. I am afraid I have some unpleasant news."

I stopped and looked at him. "What is it, Leon?"

"I've heard from some villagers near Cenred's lands that Morgana is gathering warriors. She's preparing for a battle, Sire."

All the blood drained from my face.

"And her target is... Merlin, Sire."

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