Both of them had an music instrument which they were very beloved to them. She had her rare Etwhal while he opted for a much more conventional metal chain. With them they would make only the most perfect melodies for their audience. While she liked open audiences, he was more into private concerts. But being ten thousand people or just one person, it was pure ecstasy listening to their voices

"(no) More!"
"(no) More!"
"(no) More!"

And of course, an encore was a must when they finished playing. Who could ignore those magnificent souls? One more song, which was most probably unexpected for them, they would go insane when they find out there was more.

He always played in his private place, while she preferred going from theater to theater along the continent. But in the end they played were they played because they found a place with a good acoustic for their shows. Maybe a normal listener would not notice, but a trained ear like his or hers would definitively feel a huge difference. You have to give your audience the best music, but if they can't listen to it properly then there is no point in playing.

Maybe it was because she used more fitting clothes than him? She was a woman after all so it was obvious she would have a better taste than him regarding clothes. She also had the advantage to be one of the more beautiful beings he ever saw in his afterlife, well if he were alive he would consider her beatiful... Perhaps. Maybe it was that? His appearance isn't exactly like hers but it wasn't so bad, right? And his clothes did match his place, after all what's better than a warden suit in a prison?

They weren't so different... So why people hated his concerts but loved hers? She was an icon of hope while he played the role of misery, or so he heard...

"Miss Buvelle, do you think we are different?" asked the warden.
"Well Thresh if you put aside the soul matter I think we are very much similar" Is what he heard on his mind.