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Gods & Monsters

Chapter One

The Cullens and Hales were considered elite in the city of Seattle and in the run-down town of Forks; both located in Washington. They were the first thing anyone heard of when they arrived at Forks High School for their first day of school.

They were considered gods amongst monsters.


"You have to look out for them, to make sure you never get in their way."

Bella's ears were listening but her brain was not processing. Jessica, a girl who decided to "take her under wing, because she looked like a defenseless Plain Jane", was talking her ear off. Jessica was in one word a bitch. In two words a vindictive bitch. The Cullens and Hales had denied her entry into their group when they had first arrived, and now Jessica did whatever she could to keep everyone away from them. She would do whatever to get revenge on the Cullens and Hales for denying her.

"Jessica are you finished talking?" asked Bella, trying her hardest not to tell Jessica to go suck a dick and leave her alone.

"Bella, you have to understand, you are a Plain Jane, an easy target for the Cullens and Hales, because they will try to destroy you." The bell rang, signaling the beginning of the school day. Jessica waved Bella off and walked towards her first period, with a swing in her hips.

Bella shook her head. That girl is entirely too desperate, she thought. She looked down at her schedule and saw that her first period was a simple class: environmental science. The late bell rang, ricocheting on the walls and lockers. "Fuck, late on my first day. Way to make a good impression Bella," she muttered as she walked into class. Everyone stopped what he or she was doing to stare at her.

"Mr. Banner?" Bella asked, as she walked towards the desk, with an older, teacher-looking man sitting behind it.

"You must be Isabelle!" Mr. Banner stood from his seat and circled the desk to give her hand a firm shake and sign her slip.

"Isabella," muttered Bella. "Actually it's Bella."

"Bella," whispered Mr. Banner. He smiled at her and finished filling out her slip. Bella couldn't help but fidget at the pairs of eyes boring into her back. She took the paper from Mr. Banner and turned to look at the class.

"Where should I sit Mr. Banner?"

Mr. Banner absentmindedly looked around the class. "There." He pointed towards a seat that had someone sitting beside it: a bronze-haired, green-eyed god. Bella hoisted her bag higher on her shoulder, and with her head held high she walked towards the one empty seat.

She sat down, attempting to ignore the person beside her. The god beside Bella cleared his throat. Bella turned and was dazzled. He gave her a crooked grin, and her face went up in flames.

"I'm Edward Cullen." His voice was rich and beautiful and gruff all at once. Bella bit her lip. Why would this…this god, be talking to her? Jessica had just called her a "Plain Jane" that was an easy target for the Cullens to get rid of.

Her body began to shake. She took a deep breath and controlled her body. "I'm Bella, but I'm pretty sure you already knew that. It doesn't seem often this run-down town gets anyone new."

Edward let out a chuckle. "You are right. It is true that I already knew who you were, but that doesn't mean I can't have you still introduce yourself to me. Your name shall be pretty Izzy."

Bella said nothing. She turned from him and began to pull out her notebook to begin taking notes. Today, turned out to be a note-taking day in class. Bella's notes consisted of the following:


1. Habitat loss

2. Alien species

3. Over-harvesting

4. Pollution

5. Climate Change

6. Edward Cullen is staring at me

7. Shit I just wrote his name in my notebook

8. I'm so bored


1. In a habitat that is not its own

2. An exotic species is the same as an alien species

3. Get moved buying & then release them, black market trade, shipping & transport

4. Edward is probably an alien with those good looks

5. That crooked smile 3

6. Hate being a virgin

The bell rang signaling the end of first period. The rest of Bella's day continued without any surprises. Her thoughts were filled with a bronze-haired, green-eyed god. It was time for lunch and she walked in, bombarded by the noise and chaos that seemed to always be present in cafeterias.


Bella turned toward the source of the voice and saw that it was Jessica. Shit. Bella smiled a big, fake smile at Jessica and made her way towards the table.


Someone else was calling her name. Who else in this god forsaken town would want her to sit with them? She turned toward the source and saw that it was coming from Edward Cullen. She turned toward Jessica and saw fury in her eyes. Fuck, Jessica was pissed. Bella waved at Jessica and made her way towards Edward and his table. There were four other people there and Bella's heart went into overdrive. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit! She arrived at the table and smiled.

"Hey Edward."

Edward threw a crooked smile her way; making her body respond in ways she didn't even understand. Was she horny? Edward moved over on the bench and patted the seat beside him. She carefully sat down; tempted to leave this table and never look back.

"Glad you could come Izzy." Edward grabbed her hand and kept it in his. Bella was feeling really lightheaded. "This is my 'family'," he said, putting the word family in quotes. Bella sat there waiting for him to explain further. "This is my sister Alice Cullen and her boyfriend Jasper Hale." Edward pointed to a girl who was small in stature but had the biggest smile on her face. Her hair was long but still managed to frame her delicate face beautifully. Alice's boyfriend was good looking; he had unruly blonde locks, and vibrant blue eyes to accompany them. Jasper looked like the kind who kept to himself; he was one of the quiet ones. It was strange to see them together. They were complete opposites of each other.

"I'm Rosalie Hale," spoke a beautiful blonde bombshell. "And this is my boyfriend Emmett Cullen." The big bear sitting beside her grinned at Bella. Bella's heart was going crazy. What the hell did these people want with her? Were they going to pull a prank on her? I should have never come to this stupid town.

"Izzy we're not going to hurt you." Bella looked up at the source of the voice: Jasper. "The people you should be worried about are those people," he said nodding over towards Jessica's table, where she was fuming in her seat while her current all-American boyfriend, Mike, was attempting to calm her down.


Before anyone could answer Bella's question or figure out what was going on, Jessica had risen from her table with her plate of food in her hand, which consisted of ravioli, corn, and apple cobbler. Jessica made her way deftly towards the table where Bella was sitting and stood in front of her.

"Hey Jessica," said Bella, greeting the person that welcomed her into Forks High School. Nobody saw what was coming and nobody could do anything to stop it.

"I hate you Bella." Jessica threw her plate of food at Bella and squirted her apple juice in Bella's face. Bella stood from her seat on the bench beside Edward and stood in front of Jessica.

"You desperate bitch," whispered Bella. Tears were streaming down her face but nothing could be done now. Bella gave Jessica a murderous slap that resonated through the entire cafeteria. Bella walked towards the exit with her head held high but with tears still falling.


"Iz?" spoke the blonde goddess that was slowly creeping into the girls' bathroom. She heard sniffling and dry heaving, and she had her answer. "Izzy, are you okay sweetie?"

"How can I be okay? I just got covered in crappy school food by a person I thought was supposed to be my friend. Yeah, she was a bitch, but she was the one person that had talked to me. She took me under her wing to protect me from the people who wanted to destroy me." Bella stood up from her seat on the ground and opened the door so Rosalie could see what a mess she was.

Rosalie gasped seeing the full effect of having a plate of food thrown at you. "Come here Iz." She held her hand out and hugged her tightly. "She had no right to do that to you. She was just being covetous about wanting to sit at our table, but don't worry, Alice is giving Jessica a nice talk to." Rosalie paused and grinned at Bella. "That was a very nice slap by the way. I would have never thought you had it in you."

Bella let out a smile giggle. How could Rosalie put such a positive twist on something so bad? The Cullens and Hales were turning out to be nothing like Jessica had described them. "Thank you Rosalie; for coming to check on me and comforting me. I don't want you to take care because you feel bad. Please don't take me up as your charity case." Bella made her way towards the sink, she grabbed towels and wet them and began to rub at her clothing. "I can't go back to school like this can I?"

Rosalie shook her head. "No. You can't." Rosalie stepped forward and took Bella's hands. "Bella I know that it may seem that I'm not nice or that I'm a coldhearted bitch, but I'm not. I genuinely want to help you. Also, don't call me Rosalie, call me Rose like all my close friends do." Rosalie…Rose, smiled at Bella and kissed her cheek softly. "Alice and I have spare clothing in case of any incidents, aren't you lucky? Stay here, okay? I'll be right back, and I'll bring Alice with me."

With a flourish of her hand, Rose had left Bella in the bathroom to become her superhero.

"I'm such a disaster," muttered the Plain Jane watching herself in the bathroom, attempting to redeem something from her appearance.



The pixie pushed the door open and made her way inside with clothing overfilling her arms.

"Oh! I didn't know you girls had your entire wardrobe here," said Bella, trying to figure out if all the clothes Alice was carrying was a joke.

"Well we didn't know what your style was, so we brought a little bit of everything. Choose whatever you like." Alice stepped back after setting all the clothes on the benches present in the bathroom.

Bella gaped at the clothing. That clothes probably costs double, maybe triple, of what mine cost, thought Bella. She made her way carefully towards the clothes and picked the simplest items in the pile: a Dartmouth sweatshirt, a pair of simple jeans, and a black tank to wear under the sweatshirt. Bella decided she was keeping her black Chucks. She took the clothes into a bathroom stall and promptly changed out of her own clothes; handing the soiled articles of clothing to Rosalie to be disposed of.

Bella walked out of the stall feeling better than she had with food on herself. Rosalie and Alice clapped at her arrival.

"C'mon Iz, let's go back to the guys, we're all skipping class to make sure you're okay, and don't worry, the office staff are perfectly okay with us not attending class and helping the Chief's daughter." Alice was currently having a dire case of word vomit, and it never seemed to end with her.

"The guys?" asked Bella. She walked out of the bathroom with Alice and Rose and turned the corner to see Emmett and Jasper talking to Edward who was pacing.

The men must have heard the three girls walking down the hall because the all turned to the source of the noise. Edward was the first to move.

"Izzy! I am so sorry! I just wanted you to sit with us, I didn't think Jessica would turn into a psycho bitch." Edward grabbed Bella's hand almost desperately.

"Edward it's fine. I'm fine, see?" she said, pulling at her new Dartmouth sweatshirt. Edward grinned. Bella didn't know that was his sweatshirt that he had given her.

"I'm glad you like my sweatshirt, Bella." Bella blushed fifty shades of red. Shit! This is his? Her whole body tensed.

"If you would like it back, I can have it dry cleaned in Port Angeles so you won't have to do it yourself," mumbled Bella. How embarrassing, thought Bella. Could her day get any worse?

Edward grabbed Bella's face softly and looked into her deep chocolate eyes. "The sweatshirt is yours Izzy, think of it was a welcome to Forks gift." With that, the once prized sweatshirt that belong to Edward Cullen, now belonged to the Plain Jane, who now had a name: pretty Izzy.


"You guys don't have to stay here. I'm walking home since I can't stay here at school. I'll call my dad when I get home to make sure he doesn't worry." Bella was in the office signing herself out.

Edward tugged on the hood of her sweatshirt. "I'll take you home if you want. I had to leave anyway."

Alice bounded towards them and grinned. "Bella, go with Edward, we promise he won't attempt to murder you on the way. He can be trusted even though he is a guy." Edward glared at his sister. He was trying to get Bella to trust him, not go and file a police report for a restraining order.

Bella let out an adorable giggle that bubbled in her throat. "Edward, I'm sure is a pretty nice guy." She turned to him. "Thank you for the offer but I don't want to be anymore of a bother. I'll walk home like I said before."

Bella grabbed her paperwork from the receptionist, Mrs. Cope, and continued through the door towards the parking lot, saying goodbye to the gods and goddesses in Forks High School. Rosalie grabbed Edward by the collar of his shirt.

"You better go after her. She's the best thing that's ever happened to this school because she's different. You have better not let her slip through your fingers because if you do, you will never see the light of another day, Cullen." Rose pushed him towards the door, watching him with her arms crossed over her chest. The four of them – Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper – watched as Edward ran to catch up to Bella.

"Izzy! Don't make me beg because I will! Just let me give you a ride, nothing more I promise. No funny business." He looks so adorable, thought Bella, who was having an inner war. Should she go with this guy she had just met today? He seemed so nice and sweet and not the kind to try something more. Even though Bella really wanted him to be the kind to want to try something more.

She sighed, "Fine, I accept your offer." She stepped back and allowed him to lead her towards his car, where she would be riding, right next to him in a confined space. Oh dear.

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