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Gods & Monsters

Soon she walked through the door, her body wet to the bones. She stripped down to her underwear and tank top balling up the rest of the clothing and dumping them in the washer room starting up a wash. The movement of the washer echoed throughout the house, giving Bella chills.

She ran up the steps and changed into a pair of sweats and a shirt that was too large for her small frame. She was drowning in it and she had never been more comfortable. She walked down the steps into the kitchen to grab an apple off the fruit basket. She bit deeply into it and curled up on the couch throwing a blanket over herself.

Bella was biting into the apple again, when she heard her phone vibrate on the kitchen counter. Bella wanted to ignore it and wallow in her own misery but decided to get up and see who on Earth continued to bother her. She slid her phone open and saw she had several text messages and a few phone calls also.

All the phone calls were from Charlie, which meant that he already knew what occured earlier. Bella touched her bruised jaw gently, wishing the reminder could disappear. She didn't bother calling him back. She knew that he would understand that she needed her space after the fight. The text messages were from unknown numbers and one number she knew all too well.

Bella? I heard what happened...text me? -R

Bella read the text again and noticed the R at the back of the message. That meant that it was from Rose. She saved the number and continued to the next text.

Edward is a mess right now. He has no idea what happened to you. Please call him and put him & us out of our misery! -J

Jasper,thought Bella. What were these people thinking? Were they really worried about her or had they been the ones who set Jessica free on her? She read the next message while taking another bite of her apple.

Bellaaaaa! Caaallll me & tell me what the hell is going on! -A

Alice. Of course this message was from Alice. It oozed her personality...if that was possible.

Bells call us or Edward. Like ASAP -E

Bella looked at the E at the end of the message. She noticed that Edward's name was in the text meaning the number belonged to Emmett. She made sure to save all the numbers before taking a deep breath and checking the message she dreaded to see: Edward's.

Iz? I heard what happened between you & Jessica. Do you need me to come over? Do you wanna be alone? Please tell me if you're alright, I'm losing my mind here. -E

Her heart began to flutter. He really does care about me. A smile began to ghost on her face. He knows I'm a monster now. He probably wants to come over to say he wants nothing to do with me anymore. The smile evaporated off her threw the rest of her apple in the trash can and shut off her phone. She didn't have the energy to deal with the Gods and Goddesses of Forks. Her life was a disaster and she had to assess the damage on her jaw and face.

She walked into the bathroom and gasped when she saw her face. Jessica got a good hit on her. The side of her face, where she landed on the concrete, was scraped but the blood had stopped coming out of it. She turned her face and her eyes began to water with tears.

There was a bruise the color of night on her jaw. It was starting to turn purple at the edges. She wanted to prod it with her fingers but knew it would only hurt if she did.

"Charlie is going to have a cow when he sees me," mumbled Bella. She knew she wouldn't be able to hide it so she decided to leave it be. Her jaw was beginning to stiffen so she decided to get the icepack from the freezer.

Once it was in her hands and she was comfortably back on the couch she set it gently on her jaw and turned on the T.V. The only thing she could find flipping through the channels were corny afternoon reruns. She decided to watch a movie being given on Disney: The Hunchback of Notre Dame. She remembered seeing the movie when she was a child and remembered loving it. Her heart used to feel bad for the Hunchback but she rejoiced for his acceptance into the village. How he stood up to his master and became the man he was meant to be.

Bella was falling asleep when the movie ended but was interrupted when her phone began to ring. She stood up and answered the phone without checking who it was calling her.

"Hello?" she questioned, her voice full of sleep.

"Izzy!" cried the voice on the other line. Edward! Bella's eyes shot open. "Izzy why haven't you replied to any of us? We've been worried!" Bella said nothing. What could she possibly say that would everything that happened better? "Izzy please...answer me. I know you're there."

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

"Why are you sorry?"

"Because I ruined everything."

Before Edward could respond to that, there was a knock at the door. She moved towards it and opened it. She gasped. Edward was standing at her door looking like her knight in shining armor.

"You could never ruin what we have my pretty Izzy," he said into the phone while looking deeply into her eyes.

Bella did the thing that she had told herself several times throughout the day to not to: she threw herself into Edward's arms with no regard of the rain pouring on to them and began to cry. She cried for everything. She cried for her being two people, Bella and Izzy, for pushing Edward away and for letting herself get into a fight with Jessica. Her whole world was falling apart and she could do nothing about it.


Edward settled Bella on her bed and was about to get up when Bella gripped his shirt and whimpered. Edward settled down alongside her and folded his arm under his head. Bella watched him with heavy eyes. He leaned down to kiss her forehead but Bella stretched and made him kiss her lips instead. Bella pressed her body against his and their bodies became molded, you couldn't tell where one began and the other ended.

Bella pulled back from Edward and moved to straddle him. She began to unbutton his shirt and kissed down his chest. Edward hissed at the feeling of Bella's lips on his body. Edward sat up and pulled off his shirt and turned so that he was hovering over Bella. Edward pulled Bella's shirt off and marveled at her.

"You're so beautiful Bella," he whispered, sure to use the name Bella. Bella took in a shuddering breath and closed her eyes letting her hands explore Edward's torso. Bella had no idea what she was doing but she let her body take over, she wanted to please her body and please Edward as well.

Bella moved from under Edward and straddled him again and made quick work of his pants; pulling them down until they were on the ground under the bed. Bella took in a shuddering breath when she saw Edward's prominent erection create a tent in his boxers.

Edward pulled Bella up to him and pressed his forehead against hers. "We can't Bella," he whispered. Edward didn't want to ruin what he had with Bella by having sex with her when neither of them were ready for it. He didn't want her to be one of those girls. The girls who were used for a quick fuck. He wanted to go slow with Bella. Edward wanted to make his pretty Izzy feel beautiful.

Bella shook her head. "I want this Edward." She pressed her lips firmly on his and kissed her way down his jaw and neck.

Edward couldn't handle the different sensations going through his body. He didn't mean for this to happen when he decided to visit Bella. He didn't want to stop either.

Bella had no idea what she had to do but it seemed like Edward knew exactly what to do. He had to know that she knew nothing of what to do that she was just letting her lust lead her. "Edward...I'm a virgin."

His eyes snapped open and he scooted up and looked into her chocolate eyes. "Why didn't you tell me Izzy?" he whispered against her lips.

"Embarrasing," she mumbled.

Edward shook his head but said nothing. He would talk to her later when she was more stable. He tightened his arms around her and rocked her until she fell asleep in his arms. He settled her down in the bed and began to collect his clothing that littered the floor. He looked back at Bella after he dressed and saw that she was still only where her bra. Edward grabbed his old Darthmouth sweatshirt and pulled it over her head. He kissed her forehead and walked out quietly.

He pulled out his phone and saw that Charlie called him. Edward dialed his number and looked around the living room while he answered.

"Chief Swan here." Charlie's voice was gruff and full of stress.

"Chief? It's Edward."

"Edward!" Chief breathed out. "How is Bella? Should I leave work and go home?"

Edward cleared his throat, listening to the stress woven through the Chief's words. He was worried for his only daughter. "She's sleeping. I put her to bed and she should be fine until you get home." Edward pinched the bridge of his nose remembering Bella's marred face. He couldn't believe that Jessica had dared to put her hands on Bella. On his pretty Izzy.

Charlie spoke again. The emotion was thick in his voice. "Thank you so much Edward."

"Anytime, Sir. Would you like me to stay with Bella until you come home?"

"If it isn't any trouble, please."

Edward told the Chief that it would be no trouble, and the Chief thanked him profusely. Edward plopped down on the couch and rubbed at his eyes. He wanted something to be done to Jessica, but what could he do? He ran his fingers through his hair and pulled. All he could do know is be here for his pretty Izzy and make her feel better about what had happened.

"Edward?" called out a hoarse voice from the top of the stairs. He stood up and saw his Izzy waiting for him. He moved quickly and reached her at the top.

"I thought I put you to bed." He grinned down at her. Even in her state, she was beautiful. She reminded him of a warrior princess.

She blushed and grabbed his hand. "Lay with me," she said, not leaving it up for discussion.

Edward followed behind her obediently. They arrived back at her room. Bella laid on her bed and pulled Edward on top of her.

Edward looked down at her and rested his weight on his arms instead of on his pretty Izzy. He peppered kisses all over Bella's face and neck, being extra careful around her scratches and her bruise. Bella felt a chill running down her spine. Her heart grew at Edward's caresses.

"Who were you talking to downstairs?" she whispered, cupping Edward's cheek in her palm.

Edward turned his head and kissed her palm. "Your Dad." Bella's eyes went wide. Charlie knows? she thought. How is it that Charlie wasn't bursting through the door right this instant wanting to know what happened with her and Jessica? Edward saw the question flashing in Bella's eyes and answered her. "Chief couldn't leave work because he had files to go through, and so he called me to check in on you because somehow he knew that we were friends and he wanted me to make sure you were alright and not currently having a meltdown." He kissed the tip of her nose, causing her to scrunch it. "But as far as I know...no meltdowns." He grinned at his pretty Izzy with a boyish smile full of mischief.

She sighed and turned her body over to lay on her stomach. Edward settled on top of her and moved her hair to the side so he could pepper kisses on her neck. "I don't know why I let Jessica goad me into fighting her. I had her blood on my hand and I'm probably suspended from school, or even expelled. I left the school grounds before the teacher that was coming outside could get me."

Edward leaned down to her ear and whispered, "You broke her nose. She won't stop ranting about it on Twitter. I think she might want a rematch," he said with a chuckle.

"Not funny Edward." Bella flopped back around and looked into Edward's eyes. "I became a monster for attacking Jessica when I knew she was perfectly harmless."

Edward's eyes widened. He couldn't believe what Bella had told him. She believed she was a monster for defending herself against Jessica's attack. He wanted to make her feel better but he didn't know exactly how. He began to think long and hard and finally came up with an idea. "I know exactly what will make you feel better baby." He grinned at Bella, but his eyes were filled with lust.

Bella blushed and was thinking the same thing as Edward. I already know what will make me feel better...you buried inside me, she bit her lip at the thought of Edward taking her as his own. Edward moved from over her and but on his shoes quickly. "Are we going out?" she asked. She didn't want the world to see her with bruises and such on her face.

"Yep," answered a preoccupied Edward. Bella tried to look over his shoulder to see what he was so busily typing but he turned off his phone before she could even catch a glimpse. "Stop trying to ruin your surprise," scolded Edward. He held out his hands. She gratefully took them.

"Well since I have no idea where the hell we're going, should I change?" They both looked down at what she was wearing: the Dartmouth sweatshirt, and a pair of soft sweatpants.

Edward answered her question. "You look perfect." He leaned down and hovered over her lips. His tongue peeked out to wet his lips. Bella looked back and forth from his lips to his eyes. She couldn't contain the need she felt for this boy. She had never felt anything like it. Not with anyone. She closed the distance between them and pressed her lips against his in a delicious kiss that ignited their bodies in flames.

His tongue swiped her bottom lip, begging for entrance. She opened her mouth and allowed Edward's tongue in. She moaned into his mouth feeling her body turn into mush. They fought for dominance (a weak fight on Bella's part) and Edward won quickly. Bella began backing up until the back of her knees hit the bed. She craved to throw herself across it and let Edward have his wicked way with her. Then she remembered that Edward knew she was a virgin. He would probably never want to have sex with her now.

Edward pulled back and they both took in a gulping breath. "Stop tempting me into taking you right this instant and forget all about your surprise." He pecked her lips once more and moved away from her. "Put some shoes on."

Bella raced to her closet and pulled on a pair of Uggs and tied her hair into a rather messy bun. She grabbed Edward's hand and walked out the door with him.


"Does Charlie know you're kidnapping me?" she asked in a teasing way.

"If you come willingly it doesn't mean I'm kidnapping you. It means we're running away."

She giggled at his words. Running away...as if. "So where are we running off to?"

"A place that always makes me feel better." Edward stopped the car in front of something that Bella did not expect. The house was timeless, graceful, and probably a hundred years old. It was painted a soft, faded white, three stories tall, rectangular and well proportioned. The windows and doors were either part of the original structure or a perfect restoration.

Edward and Bella stepped out of the car and walked towards the house. "This is where you live?" Edward nodded and opened the door. Bella was amazed walking in.

The inside was even more surprising to her, and less predictable, than the exterior. It was very bright, very open and very large. This must have originally been several rooms, but the walls had been removed from most the floor to create a wide open space. The back, south-facing wall had been entirely replaced with glass, and beyond the shade of the cedars, the lawn stretched bare to a wide river. A massive curving staircase dominated the west side of the room. The walls, high-beamed ceiling, the wooden floors, and the thick carpets were all varying shades of white. Before she could take anymore of the house in, she was bombarded with people and questions.

"Bella!" Alice and Rosalie came running towards her and hugged her inbetween them. She had to push them off her so she could catch her breath. Alice gasped taking in Bella's face and Rose gritted her teeth.

"I am so going to kick that bitch's ass for even thinking she could get away with hurting you Bella." Rosalie touched her face lightly and grimaced when Bella winced.

"Aw Bellsy." Emmett came forward and opened his arms for Bella. She smiled at the big bear and walked into his arms. He gave her the kind of brotherly hug she needed to make everything okay. "We'll get her back for you don't worry."

Bella nodded but said nothing. Jasper came up to her. He kissed her cheek with the bruise, hugged her lightly and moved away. She smiled at him.

"Is this the famous Bella?" said a female voice, unfamilar to Bella. Bella looked over to the source and gasped. A beautiful woman with chestnut hair smiled at her. "Hello dear. I'm Esme, mother to Alice, Emmett and your Edward." She pulled Bella into a hug that made her feel the love of a mother. "My husband Carlisle isn't here right now. He had to run to the hospital for an emergency but he should be back for dinner." She began to lead Bella to the kitchen and turned to look at her. "You are staying for dinner right? Charlie already called and said it was fine if you're worried about that."

"Then I guess I'll stay for dinner then."

Esme grinned and continued to cook a feast for the girl that had stolen her son's heart.

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