Just for a Minute

The night is lit by a thousand pinpricks in the sky. The stars glimmer, shine bright. Though there is the absence of the moon, the light the stars provide is enough to splash across the streets below. On one such street, Sophie allows Nate to slip his hand into hers as they walk home.

"Beautiful night," Nate says.

"Mmm," Sophie agrees.

They turn their heads and smile at one another. Then, they continue walking, hand in hand.

They near a park; it's empty, just trees and a bench by a small river. "Do you want to stop for awhile?"

"We should get home."

"Just for a minute."

She smiles. "Just for a minute."

They slow down and she sits on the bench. He is soon to join her and put an arm around her shoulders. Beneath the stars, the rest of the world seems to vanish. It is just them. Them and the stars and the cool shimmery night.

They share no words, just looks and touch. Lips meet lips and then foreheads meet.

Above, the stars smile.