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Silence was the only response she received so Lucy tried again.


The snore that came back at her had her scrunching her nose in irritation. She should have known she was going to have to resort to this. Sighing, she raised the hand that wasn't trapped between her and her bedmate to pinch the slumbering dragon slayer's nostrils shut. She started to count to ten in her head and as expected, by the time she reached four the pink-haired man was sputtering and jerking himself up into a seated position.

She watched in slight amusement as he whipped his head around, his dark eyes looking for whatever it was that had attacked him in his sleep, before finally coming around to settle on her. Her lips twisted into a smirk when he glared at her in irritation, his eyebrow raised in question.

"Sorry. I have to pee and you weren't moving."

He echoed her earlier sigh as she sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed, preparing herself to stand up. She felt his body hit the mattress behind her and giggled when she heard his mumbled apology. Within a few seconds, he was back to snoring while she was up on her feet and moving down the hall to the bathroom.

After relieving herself, she sighed in contentment and decided to make a detour on her way back to their bedroom to her favorite room in the house as of late. What would that be you ask?

Why, the kitchen of course.

She felt the smile grow on her face as she finally reached her destination; the fridge. Opening it up, she had to squint and give her eyes a minute to adjust to the bright light the spilled into the otherwise dark room. Once the food finally came into focus, Lucy couldn't help but lick her lips at all the options she had to choose from.

Her eyes settled on the huge pot sitting at the bottom. Her stomach growled and she felt her child give her a swift kick in agreement. "I know little one, I know."

As carefully as she could, Lucy reached in and grabbed hold of the pot's handles, hoisting the thing up and out of the refrigerator and onto the counter nearby. Quietly, she removed the lid and instantly frowned as she looked at the contents. There wasn't much left of the otherwise ridiculous amount of chili she had made earlier, but that was expected. Between Natsu and her amped up appetite as of late, she was actually surprised that there was actually anything left at all.

Shrugging, she scooped up what was left into a bowl and set it in the microwave to warm up. While she waited for her food, she placed the now empty pot into the adjacent sink and filled it with water and soap. She'd clean that in the morning. That is, if Natsu would let her.

Turning to back to the machine, she popped the door open just before it beeped, smirking to herself as she took the bowl out and fished silently for a spoon. She had gotten really good at stopping the microwave just before it alarmed. Mavis knew Natsu had unreal hearing and seeing as he's been doing a ton of missions as of late, she didn't want the sound to wake him. The last thing Happy needed was two cranky parents walking around.

Finding what she was looking for, she slowly headed to their small dining room table. The smell wafting off of the bowl in her hands was absolutely delicious. Taking a rather large spoonful, she practically shoved the thing in her mouth, groaning in appreciation as the various spices hit her taste buds. Before, Lucy couldn't stand the taste let alone the smell of spicy foods. Now, however, she absolutely craved them.

"Gosh kid. It's obvious you've got your father's appetite." She felt her baby move once more and smiled as she continued to finish her chili, her mind beginning to wander.

Absentmindedly rubbing her stomach, she thought back to when she had told Natsu about their soon to be newest addition. As soon as they were awake that next morning, Natsu had insisted that they head to the guild to let everyone know the great news. In reality, the fire mage had wanted to rub it in Gray's face that not only did he get a girlfriend before him, he was also going to have a kid before him too. Naturally, a fight broke out after that, but Lucy had been so happy about everyone's reaction that she hadn't even cared.

Everyone at the guild was ecstatic about the news, especially Mirajane who promptly fainted when Lucy confirmed that it wasn't a joke. The squeal that came out of that woman after that could probably be heard all the way in Enca.

Surprisingly, Levy hadn't rubbed the fact that she was right in Lucy's face. Instead, the blunette had promptly claimed the title of godmother, instantly starting a war between her and the other women in the guild. Unfortunately, that was still an issue that hadn't been resolved yet. At the moment, her unborn child had five godmothers and two godfathers until everyone could come to an agreement. More than likely, that wasn't going to happen.

Spooning the last bit of food in her mouth, Lucy sat back and placed both of her hands on her stomach, rubbing small circles in a soothing manner. She frowned as she heard Natsu's snores reach her all the way in the kitchen. That poor man was exhausted and there was nothing she could do to help him. Since she announced her pregnancy, she hadn't been on a mission more strenuous than filing books or paperwork in the guild. Natsu in the mean time had been doing a ton of high paying missions with anyone that was willing to go with him. He would often come home exhausted or extremely injured, more often than not both. She hated it, and she would let him know how she felt, but Natsu would just smile and rub her stomach. It was all for her and the baby, he would always say.

At nine months, Lucy felt like she was about ready to pop. She was supposed to be on bed rest until the baby came, but Lucy being Lucy wouldn't have any of that. She was determined to at least keep the house clean, but alas, her husband was just as stubborn as she was and apparently their child was too considering they were due last week. Lucy couldn't keep the girlish smile off of her face as she recalled her last thought.

Yes, Natsu was indeed her husband now. She was no longer Lucy Heartfilia, but rather Lucy Dragneel.

When she had told Natsu that day, he had insisted the minute they were in bed that night that they should get married. Lucy surprisingly didn't think it mattered. They were already mated, so what was the point of getting married if they kind of were already? The answer that he gave her only reminded her of why she fell in love with him in the first place. He had wanted it, because he knew that she wanted it as well. She couldn't deny that she had been planning her wedding since she was a young girl, so when he insisted that she have her special day, she couldn't resist any longer. With the help of their nakama, they were wed in a ceremony that could only be of Fairy Tail proportions by the end of the week. It was a day she would never forget.

A sharp pain brought her back to reality for a moment.

Shifting in the chair, she rubbed her stomach with a bit more pressure to ease the slight pressure she was feeling. Looking down at the empty bowl, her eyebrows met in confusion at what it could possibly be. Maybe she ate too fast? It wasn't an uncommon occurrence as of late, but she hadn't felt anything like that before. Maybe it was a false contraction. Her doctor said she could possibly experience those since she was over the due date but not to worry.

She waited a couple more minutes to see if she felt it again. When nothing happened, she rose from her spot at the table and deposited her bowl in the sink. She was probably just tired, something that was all too common lately. Slowly she waddled her way back down the hall to her bedroom. All she needed was some sleep, that's all. She would be good to go in the morning and up making breakfast for her boys.

Hmmm. Jalapeño pancakes didn't sound to bad actually.


A few hours later, Lucy found her eyes popping open once more against their will.

The uncomfortable feeling that she felt during her midnight snack was back again in full force, and this time it wasn't because she had stuffed her face at record speed. She glanced at the clock beside her and frowned when she registered the numbers. It was only four in the morning; she hadn't even been back to sleep for three hours.

Slowly, she tried to sit up in the bed when a strange feeling in her stomach stopped her cold just as she felt herself suddenly sitting in what felt like a puddle. Had she just wet herself? No, she hadn't felt like she needed to go a second ago. Her eyes widened as she realized what had just happened.

Shit, her water just broke.


She didn't even wait for him to snore back a reply as her hand came down to smack him in the head. Instantly he was up, his head whipping around just as it had earlier, but this time she was not amused.

"What the hell Lucy!" He looked past her at the clock then turned his glare back to her. "I wasn't even holding you down this time!" He paused suddenly, his hand feeling the spot in between them as a slightly surprised look settled on his features. "Did you just piss the bed?"

She wanted to strangle him right then and there, but fortunately for him she was entering the beginning stages of shock.

"My water just broke, you doofus."


Finally she gave in and reached out to grasp a handful of his shirt, shaking him back and forth as she screamed her earlier answer at him once more. All of the color drained from his face before he was up and out of the bed running around in circles. At that moment, Happy decided to float sleepily into the room.

"Ne… what's going on?"

Natsu stopped searching for whatever he was looking for long enough to shout back "THE BABY'S COMING!"


Happy flew smack into the doorframe as he tried to rush back out of the room. Shaking his head, he tried again and this time succeeded, calling back that he was going to run and let the others know what was going on.

By now, Lucy had calmed down enough to think clearly and remember their plan. Her contractions were far apart it seemed, as she had yet to have another one, but since her water had broken she needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Too bad for her, her husband was busy running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

With a deep calming breath, she slid herself off of the bed and changed into a fresh pair of sweatpants seeing as she had just ruined the ones she had on. Once she was changed, she calmly reached down beside the bed and grabbed her overnight bag that they had packed just for this instance. As soon as Natsu came close enough to her, she smacked him with it.

"Natsu! Calm down!" He stopped long enough for her to start barking orders at him. She needed him to be calm so she could too. The smack she had delivered seemed to do just that, at least for the moment. "Grab your coat and let's go."

She began to waddle down the hallway, her hand on her stomach and was surprised to find Natsu already waiting for her at the door with her coat in his hand. She forgot how fast he could actually be sometimes.

Gently, he took the bag from her and helped her into her coat before throwing his own on with his ever-present scarf. Once they were properly bundled, they walked outside and after Natsu had locked the door, he gathered her up in his arms. She was about to ask him what he was doing when suddenly he took off at full speed down the street, making her scream so loud that she more than likely woke up the entire neighborhood.

So much for keeping calm.


"Do you have any sixes?"

"…Go fish."

Nastu sighed as he threw his hand of cards down, his bleary eyes looking warily at the clock on the wall.

"Natsu, honey, get some rest. I don't think this baby is coming any time soon."

He tore his eyes away to look back at his wife, a frown forming on his face as he really took a good look at her. She looked more exhausted than he probably could ever feel. "I should be the one telling you that." A small smile graced her lips as she leaned back in the hospital bed, her own hand of cards lying forgotten on her thighs. "I'll rest after the baby gets here."

Sighing he rose off of the bed and stretched, his back popping in several places.

They had been there for almost six hours already, and it looked as if they were going to be there for another six. His child seemed to be a stubborn one, which he could honestly say came from both him and Lucy.

Honestly, when Lucy had informed him that her water had broken, he didn't think they would have been here this long. Well, now that he thought about it, he guessed he wasn't really sure what he had expected to begin with. This was the first birth he had ever witnessed.

The nurse had been in earlier with the doctor and they had informed them that Lucy wasn't dilated far enough to have the baby just yet. At the look of pain on his wife's face, Natsu had asked just how far she had to be and almost fainted when the doctor showed him a chart. All he could think of after that was how it must hurt like hell and Lucy was probably pissed at him for putting her through this.

He looked back over to her to find she was chewing on some ice in an effort to cool herself down and distract herself from the pain. She had so far refused any pain medication and Natsu for the life of him couldn't understand why. If his body were trying to adjust itself to allow something the size of a watermelon through a hole the size of a pea, he'd be screaming his head off for relief. For that, he truly admired the celestial mage.

"Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Are you sure you're ok? You don't need anything for the pain?"

Her face twisted in what could only be brief agony while the monitor behind her lit up with movement. She had had another contraction apparently, and they seemed to be getting closer together. At the concerned look he was sure was on his face, Lucy waved him off as she put a hand on the swell of her stomach. "I'm fine honey, really. Don't worry right now. Why don't you go see how Mira and the others are doing?"

He gave her another look but she waved it off again, placing her hand on the almost hidden feline next to her on the bed. "Go on, don't worry. I have Happy here with me to keep me company. Besides, if anything happens I'm sure a nurse will come and get you." He was about to say no when she gave him a look that promised pain if he didn't get moving.

He quickly gave her a kiss on the forehead before reluctantly heading out of the room and down the hall towards the waiting area.

As much as he hated to admit it, he needed to get up and move around, if only to keep his wits about him. He generally hated hospitals; the smell of the sick mixed in with various sanitizers always did a number on his nose. Lucy's scent had helped with that matter but now that he was out and away from her, there was nothing to block it out. Well, except coffee.

Coming into the waiting room, he stopped as he surveyed the various people that littered the chairs. Mirajane, Gray, Juvia, Erza, Levy, Gajeel, Wendy and their Master all sat in various stages of consciousness and he tried to stifle a laugh at the scene. Apparently he wasn't too successful as Mira was the first to snap to attention at the sound of his snort.

"Is the baby here yet?"

The others seemed to wake up a bit more as Natsu shook his head and headed over to where the complimentary coffee was. Man, he hated the stuff but it was the only thing that was keeping him awake and sane at the moment.

"Geez flame-ass, that kid must really take after you! They're as stubborn as ever!"

Natsu couldn't help but laugh as he sat down in one of the empty chairs and took a sip of the vile liquid in his hands. Everyone around him, now up and alert thanks to his appearance, fell into easy chatter as his mind began to wander.

A couple years ago, he would have never thought he would be in this position. He had thought that he would still be wandering somewhere looking for the only family he thought he had, his surrogate father Igneel. But alas, here he was sitting in a hospital waiting room with his extended family waiting for his own family to get a bit bigger. The thought put a goofy smile on his face that his almost-brother/rival just had to comment on.

"What's with the creepy smile?"

Natsu looked up to find that everyone's gaze was focused on him and he blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"Thanks you guys."

At the confused looks, he decided to elaborate. "Well, um… yeah. For being my family and whatnot, and helping me with mine." It was true. He had thought of all of them as some kind of family, but with the announcement of his child on the way and everyone's responses, the idea of all of them as one big family was cemented. They had all been so helpful and supportive, he couldn't imagine being apart of any other family.

The silence that greeted him was a bit uncomfortable. He opened his eyes (when had he closed them?) to find Master standing in front of him. "You and Lucy are a part of Fairy Tail my boy, and that means you're family, so there's no need to thank us for anything."

Natsu was about to open his mouth and respond when he was cut off by a nurse that had seemed to appear out of thin air.

"Mr. Dragneel? Your wife is calling for you. It's time."

His eyes went wide as they swung around looking for a clock. When they finally landed on one, he noticed that he had been gone for well over an hour. Where had the time gone? Shaking his head, he was up and racing down the hall as his family's cheers echoed after him. He practically skid to a halt in front of the hospital room before bursting inside.


Instantly he was at Lucy's side, her hand gripping his as she panted and looked at him with wide eyes. Instantly he froze at the sight as he realized suddenly that this was really happening. They were really about to be parents.

"Alright Mrs. Dragneel. I need you to start pushing on my signal and stop when I tell you to. Are you ready? Alright PUSH!" He watched in amazement as Lucy clamped down on every muscle in her body, especially on his hand, as she did just as the doctor instructed her to. At the faint popping noise, he was sure she had managed to break some of his fingers. "Okay stop! Good job Lucy, you're doing great. Okay, ready to go again? Alright, PUSH!"

Again, Lucy did as the doctor instructed and Natsu couldn't help the slight whimper that escaped him as she squeezed even harder than before. Damn, his wife was strong!

Everything after that seemed like a blur. He was dimly aware that the room was slightly crowded, Happy hovering somewhere behind him. Lucy was panting and screaming, mainly at him, but the doctor and nurses didn't seem to be fazed by it. Before he knew it, Lucy was on her final push and the doctor stepped back and stood with the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life squirming and crying in his hands.

"It's a girl!"

The choked sob that came from Lucy broke him out of his daze and he looked down to see her looking up at him with tears in her eyes. "A girl…" He watched as they brought his daughter over and placed her in Lucy's slightly shaking arms. She was crying and a bloody mess, but he didn't care about all of that. All he cared about was she was healthy, and she was finally here.

His thoughts were cut off as Lucy placed her lips against his, her happiness evident from the kiss. She pulled back and he saw that she was outright crying now, happiness showing as bright as the sun. It wasn't until she raised a free hand to wipe at his cheek that he realized he was crying too.

"I love you."

He kissed her again before pulling back and resting his forehead against hers as he glanced at the miracle in her arms. "I love you too."

Before he knew it, the nurses had taken his daughter to be cleaned off and were shooing him out of the room to fix Lucy up. Excitement pumped through him as he raced down the hall, almost knocking over a nurse or two before coming to a stop in front of everyone's expectant faces.


The roar that erupted caused many people to stop what they were doing and look in their direction. Natsu didn't care, nor did his nakama, as they crowded around him with cheers and congratulatory slaps on the back. "Come on, you guys have to see her!"

There was no hesitation as everyone took off after him back down the hall.


A short while later found everyone piled in the hospital room ooing and aweing over the new addition to the Dragneel family. They passed the now snoozing child around, with Mira hogging her the longest, before finally returning her to her mother.

"Oh Lucy, she's so precious! What are you going to name her?"

Both Natsu and Lucy paused at Wendy's question, not sure how to answer. "Um… we haven't really thought about that yet, to be honest. Natsu and I thought she was going to be a boy, so we didn't even bother with girl names." There was a collective sigh to which the two of them could only shrug.

"Oh I know! How about Nashi!"

All eyes were on Happy, but his eyes were locked on his little 'sister' in Lucy's arms.

"Nashi? Where did you get that from?"

Happy looked at Gray, a smile on his face. "Well, she's part Natsu and part Lucy right? I just put their names together and got Nashi!"

There was silence as everyone took in Happy's simple answer.

Natsu's eyes were trained on his daughter as he bounced the name around in his head. "Nashi Dragneel..." Lucy looked up at him and he smiled. "You know, I kind of like it." Lucy was about to reply when the small bundle in her arms squirmed once more and yawned before opening her eyes.

Big, brown eyes stared back at them and Natsu noticed for the first time since she had been cleaned up that she had a few wisps of pink hair on top of her head. She really was a mix of the both of them with her father's hair and her mother's eyes. Slowly he saw a smile creep up on his wife's face.

"Nashi sounds perfect to me."

Natsu felt his face breaking out into his signature grin as he reached a hand forward and let a finger trail down Nashi's face.

"Welcome to the world little Nashi."

A few hours later found everyone gone back to the guild and Natsu alone with his family. Lucy was asleep in the bed, clearly tired from the day's events. Curled beside her leg was Happy who was also asleep, his tail thumping lightly against the mattress. He smiled at the sight of them before a slight movement in his arms caused him to look down just as Nashi let out a huge yawn. Looks like she got that from him as well.

"Alright, I guess I should let you rest too."

Quietly he walked over to her basinet and placed her gently into, pausing with his hands on the edge to look at her as she settled down to sleep. He still couldn't believe that he and Lucy were parents, that they had a daughter. It seemed like only yesterday when something like this would have been a far away dream.

He turned to look at his little family of Lucy, Happy, and their newest edition of Nashi from where he stood. Natsu had to hold back a laugh as he couldn't help but think this all started with a simple statement from Happy. Slowly he reached out and pet the now sleeping Exceed affectionately on the head, causing him to look up in sleepy confusion. "Natsu?"

"Thanks Happy."

"For what?"

"For everything."

Happy looked at him for a second in confusion before smiling tiredly and returning his head to it's resting position as Natsu climbed onto the bed as well, throwing his arm around Lucy.

Natsu was certain of one thing and one thing only as he slowly drifted off to dreamland. There was no way life could get better than this.

That is, unless they decided to give Happy another little brother or sister.


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