Promise, Broken, Lies

Promise. Words said, words given to mean truth, to come alive.

Broken. Like tiny shards of glass. Hammered into skin. Into hearts. Into minds. Twists around and watches you bleed.

Lies. All hidden behind veils, behind shadows that curl and cling and so thick so thick so thick shadows. All gone, lost, they ran away and left nothing behind.

Nothing left to do but scream. Nothing but pain. Nothing but agony.

Drilling in minds. Drilling holes. Leaving gaping wounds where there are no wounds and should never be wounds. Wounds in the wrong person. Misplaced.

A promise broken.

Never forgotten.


* This story is intentionally vague. However, to clarify, it's about the promise the Alliance made to River, that it would be the very best school for her and the most challenging, and how instead, when she got there, it was all a big lie. Instead of the schooling she so desperately wanted, they played with her brain and hurt her for their own twisted purposes.